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The Copyright Act, 1957

The Copyright Act, 1957





CHAPTER I Preliminary
1 Short title, extent and commencement
2 Interpretation
3 Meaning of publication
4 When work not deemed to be published or performed in public
5 When work deemed to be first published in India
6 Certain disputes to be decided by Copyright Board
7 Nationality of author where the making of unpublished work is extended over considerable period
8 Domicile of corporations


CHAPTER II Copyright Office And Copyright Board
9 Copyright Office
10 Registrar and Deputy Registrars of Copyrights
11 Copyright Board
12 Powers and procedure of Copyright Board
13 Works in which copyright subsists
14 Meaning of copyright
15 Special provision regarding copyright in designs registered or capable of being registered under the Designs Act, 1911
16 No copyright except as provided in this Act
CHAPTER IV Ownership of Copyright and the Rights of the Owner
17 First owner of copyright
18 Assignment of copyright
19 Mode of assignment
19A Disputes with respect to assignment of copyright
20 Transmission of copyright in manuscript by testamentary disposition
21 Right of author to relinquish copyright
CHAPTER V Term of Copyright
22 Term of copyright in published literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works
23 Term of copyright in anonymous and pseudonymous works
24 Term of copyright in posthumous works
25 Term of copyright in photographs
26 Term of copyright in cinematograph films
27 Term of copyright in sound recordings
28 Term of copyright in Government works
28A Term of copyright in work of public undertakings
29 Term of copyright in works of international organisation
30 Licences by owners of copyright
30A Application of Section 19 and 19-A
31 Compulsory licence in works withheld from public
31A Compulsory licence in unpublished Indian works
32 Licence to produce and publish translations
32A Licence to reproduce and publish works for certain purposes
32B Termination of licences issued under this Chapter
CHAPTER VII Copyright Societies
33 Registration of copyright society
34 Administration of rights of owner by copyright society
34A Payment of remunerations by copyright society
35 Control over the copyright society by the owner of rights
36 Submission of returns and reports
36A Rights and liabilities of performing rights societies
CHAPTER VIII Rights of Broadcasting Organisation and of Performers
37 Broadcast reproduction right
38 Performer’s right
39 Acts not infringing broadcast reproduction right or performer’s right
39A Other provisions applying to broadcast reproduction right and performer’s right
CHAPTER IX International Copyright
40 Power to extend copyright to foreign works
41 Provisions as to works of certain international organisations
42 Power to restrict rights in works of foreign authors first published in India
43 Orders under this Chapter to be laid before Parliament
CHAPTER X Registration of Copyright
44 Register of Copyrights
45 Entries in Register of Copyrights
46 Indexes
47 Form and inspection of register
48 Register of Copyrights to be prima facie evidence of particulars entered therein
49 Correction of entries in the Register of Copyrights
50 Rectification of Register by Copyright Board
50A Entries in the Register of Copyrights, etc., to be published
CHAPTER XI Registration of Copyright
51 When copyright infringed
52 Certain acts not to be infringement of copyright
52A Particulars to be included in sound recordings and video films
52B Accounts and audit
53 Importation of infringing copies
53A Resale share right in original copies
CHAPTER XII Civil Remedies
54 Definition
55 Civil remedies for infringement of copyright
56 Protection of separate rights
57 Author’s special rights
58 Rights of owner against persons possessing or dealing with infringing copies.
59 Restriction on remedies in the case of works of architecture
60 Remedy in the case of groundless threat of legal proceedings
61 Owner of copyright to be party to the proceeding
62 Jurisdiction of court over matters arising under this Chapter
63 Offences of infringement of copyright or other rights conferred by this Act
63A Enhanced penalty on second and subsequent convictions
63B Knowing use of infringing copy of computer programme to be an offence
64 Power of police to seize infringing copies
65 Possession of plates for purpose of making infringing copies
66 Disposal of infringing copies or plates for purpose of making infringing copies
67 Penalty for making false entries in register, etc., for producing or tendering false entries
68 Penalty for making false statements for the purpose of deceiving or influencing any authority or officer
68A Penalty for contravention of Section 52-A
69 Offences by companies
70 Cognizance of offences
71 Appeals against certain orders of Magistrate
72 Appeals against orders of Registrar of Copyrights and Copyright Board
73 Procedure of appeals
CHAPTER XV Miscellaneous
74 Registrar of Copyrights and Copyright Board to possess certain powers of civil courts
75 Orders for payment of money passed by Registrar of Copyrights and Copyrights Board to be executable as a decree.
76 Protection of action taken in good faith
77 Certain persons to be public servants
78 Power to make rules
79 Repeals, savings and transitional provisions
CHAPTER I Preliminary
1 Short title, extent and commencement
2 Interpretations
CHAPTER II The Copyright Board
3 Terms and conditions of office of the Chairman and members of the Copyright Board
4 Functions of the Secretary of the Copyright Board
CHAPTER III Relinquishment of Copyright
5 Notice of relinquishment
CHAPTER IV Licences for Translations
6 Application for licence
7 Notice of application
8 Consideration of the application
9 Manner of determining royalties
10 Extension of the period of licence
11 Cancellation of licence
CHAPTER IV-A Compulsory Licence for Publication of Unpublished Works, Translation and Reproduction of Work
11A Application for licence
11B Application-one work
11C Notice of application
11D Manner of determining royalties
11E Extension of the period of licence
11F Cancellation of licence
11G Notice for termination of licence
CHAPTER V Performing Rights Societies
12 Publication of statement of fees etc.
13 Determination of objections
14 Publication of alterations in the statements of fees etc.
CHAPTER VI Registration of Copyright
15 Form of Register of Copyrights
16 Application for Registration of Copyright
17 Correction of entries in the Register of Copyrights
18 Indexes
19 Inspection of the Register of Copyrights and Indexes
20 Copies and extracts of the Register of Copyrights and Indexes
CHAPTER VII Making of Records
21 Making of records
CHAPTER VIII Importation of Infringing Copies
22 Importation of infringing copies
23 Procedure for examination of infringing copies
CHAPTER IX Miscellaneous
24 Mode of making applications etc.
25 Mode of communication by the Copyright Board etc.
26 Fees
27 Right of audience
28 Costs
Schedule I
Schedule II
   International Copyright Order, 1991


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