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The Central Reserve Police Force,1949

The Central Reserve Poilce Force,1949




1 Title
2 Definitions
3 Constitution of the Force
4 Appointment and Powers of Superior Officers
5 Enrolment
6 Resignation and withdrawl from the Force
7 General Duties of member of the force
8 Superintendence, Control and Administration of the Force
9 More henious offences
10 Less heinous offences
11 Minor punishments
12 Place of imprisonment and liability to dismissal on imprisonement
13 Deduction from pay and allowance
14 Collective fine
15 Arrest
16 Powers and duties conferrable and imposable on member of the force
17 Protection for acts of members of the Force
18 Power to make rules
19 Validation of Acts done before commencement Act
Schedule – Recruiting Roll

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