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The Shipping Development Fund Committee (Abolition) Act,1986

The Shipping Development Fund Committee (Abolition) Act,1986




1 Short title and commencement
2 Definitions
3 Abolition of the Shipping Developing Fund Committee and consequential amendments in the Act
4 Consequential provisions
5 Continuation of suits, etc., against Central Government
6 Moneys, etc., of the Committee to be credited to the Consolidated Fund of India
7 Transfer of services of existing employees of the Committee
8 Power of Central Government to call for repayment before agreed period
9 Appointment of receiver without intervention of court
10 Appointment of directors and administrators
11 Effect of notified order
12 Powers and duties of directors and administrators
13 No right to compensation for termination of contract of management, etc
14 Application of Act 1 of 1956
15 Recovery of dues as arrear of land revenue
16 Delegation of powers to the designated person
17 Effect of the Act on other laws
18 Protection of action taken in good faith
19 Indemnification of directors, etc
20 Directors, etc., to be public servants

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