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The Tripura Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act,1960

The Tripura Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act,1960




1 Short title, extend and commencement
2 Definitions
3 Power to create, alter or abolish districts, sub-divisions, etc
4 Appointment of revenue officers
5 Collector and certain other revenue officers
6 Settlement officers
7 Subordination of revenue officers
8 Combination of officers
9 Notification of appointments
10 Sales
11 Title of Government to lands, etc
12 Right to trees, forest, etc
13 Assignment of land for special purposes
14 Allotment of land
15 Unauthorised occupation of land
16 Liability of land to land revenue
17 Alluvial lands
18 Land revenue in case of diluvion
19 Assessment of land revenue
20 Diversion of land
21 Remission or suspension of revenue on failure of crops
22 Responsibility for payment of land revenue
23 Receipt for land revenue
24 Definitions of revenue survey, settlement and term of settlement
25 Inquiry into profits of agriculture
26 Revenue Survey
27 Power to require assistance from landholders
28 Survey members and villages
29 Division of survey numbers into sub-divisions
30 Determination of revenue-rates
31 Preparation of statistical and fiscal records
32 Revenue rates how determined
33 Publication of table of revenue-rates
34 Confirmation of the table of revenue-rates
35 Rates of revenue to form part of settlement register
36 Introduction of revenue-rates
37 Duration of revenue-rates
38 Assessment on holdings
39 Additional assessment for water advantages
40 Continuance of survey operations and rates in force at commencement of Act
41 Power of Collector to correct errors, etc
42 Preparation of record of rights
43 Publication of the record of rights
44 Jurisdiction of civil courts to decide disputes
45 Correction of bona fide mistake in register
46 Register of mutations
47 Penalty for neglect to afford in-formation
48 Assistance in preparation of maps
49 Certified copies
50 Maps and other records open to inspection
51 Power to transfer duty of maintaining maps and records to settlement officer
52 Determination of village boundaries
53 Effect of settlement of boundary
54 Construction and repair of boundary marks
55 Description of boundary marks
56 Responsibilities for maintaining boundary marks
57 Collector to have charge of boundary marks
58 Penalty injuring boundary marks
59 Land revenue to be first charge
60 Payment of land revenue
61 Arrear of land revenue
62 Recovery of arrears
63 Notice of demand
64 Distraint and sale of movable property
65 Sale of immovable property
67 Sales to be by auction
68 Prohibition to bid at auction
69 Sale of perishables
70 Sale not to be excessive
71 Deposit by purchaser of immovable property
72 Failure to make deposit
73 Setting aside sale
74 Confirmation of sale
75 Refunds
76 Certificate of purchase
77 Application of proceeds of sale
78 Liability of certified purchaser
79 Precautionary measures in certain cases
80 Recovery of other public demands
81 Revenue officers to be courts
82 Place of hearing
83 Power to enter upon and survey land
84 Power to transfer cases
85 Power to take evidence, summon witnesses, etc
86 Compelling attendance witnesses
87 Hearing in absence of party
88 Adjournment of hearing
89 Power to order payment of costs
90 Use of force
91 Appearances before and applications to revenue officers. A
92 Correction of error or omission
93 Appeals
94 Limitation of appeals
95 Section
96 Review of orders
97 Stay of execution of orders
98 Power to make rules
99 Rights of raiyats
100 Reservation of land for personal cultivation
101 Procedure for reservation of lands
102 Permissible limit defamed
103 Land deemed to be reserved for personal cultivation in certain cases
104 Non-resumable land
105 Right to lease
106 Land left uncultivated
107 Relinquishment
108 Interest of under raiyats
109 Right to create a mortgage of charge
110 Right to make improvements
111 Maximum rent
112 Payment of rent
113 Reasonable rent
114 Compensation assessment roll
115 Receipt for payment of rent
116 Refund of rent recovered in excess
117 Suspension or remission of rent
118 Eviction under-raiyat
119 Restoration of possession of land to under-raiyat
120 Certain lands to be non-resumable land of under-raiyat
121 Compensation for improvements
122 Under-raiyat may remove building, works, etc., not deemed improvements
123 Restoration of possession of land in certain other cases
124 Relief against termination of tenancy for act of waste
125 Surrender of land by under-raiyat
126 Transfer of ownership of land to under-raiyats
127 Compensation to raiyat
128 Payment of compensation to raiyat
129 Under raiyat to pay compensation amount
130 Issue of certificate to under-raiyats
131 First option to purchase
132 Power to make rules
133 Definitions
134 Notification vesting estates in the State
135 Consequences of notification under section 134
136 Rights of intermediary to certain lands
137 Collector to take charge of estates, etc., vested in the Government
138 Decision of disputes
139 Appeal
140 Intermediaries entitled to receive compensation
141 Date from which compensation shall be due
142 Every intermediary to be treated as a separate unit
143 Appointment of compensation officers
144 Compensation assessment roll
145 Determination of gross income and net income
146 Compensation payable to intermediary
147 Disposal of claims of creditors
148 Appeal against the decision of claims officer
149 Preliminary publication of compensation assessment roll and disposal of objections
150 Contents of the order of compensation officer
151 Appeals against order of compensation officer
152 Final publication of the compensation assessment roll
153 Correction of bona fide mistakes
154 Ad interim payment of compensation
155 Mode of payment of compensation
156 Compensation due to maintenance holder
157 Compensation due to person incompetent to alienate
158 Inquiries to be judicial proceedings
159 Penalties
160 Application of Part III to persons becoming raiyats or under-raiyats under Part IV
161 Power to make rules
162 Exemptions
163 Definitions
164 Ceilings on holdings
165 Submission of returns
166 Collection of information through other agency
167 Procedure for determination of excess land
168 Selection of excess land in cases of certain transfer
169 Excess land to vest in Government
170 Publication of the final list and consequences thereof
171 Compensation
172 Manner of payment of compensation
173 Limit of future acquisition of land
174 Excess land not to be surrendered in certain cases
175 Power of Collector to take possession of excess land
176 Offences and penalties
177 Finality of orders
178 Power to exempt, etc
179 Definitions
180 Restrictions on transfer, etc
181 Partition of holding
182 Transfers in contravention of this Chapter
183 Penalty
184 Power to make rules
185 Recovery of amount due as arrear of land revenue
186 Protection against eviction or surrender in certain cases
187 Special Provision regarding Scheduled Tribes
188 Jurisdiction of civil courts excluded
189 Act to over-ride contracts and other laws
190 Court-fees
191 Village officers to be public servants
192 Power to exempt
193 General provision as to penalties
194 Protection of action taken in good faith
195 Delegation of powers
196 Power to remove difficulties
197 General power to make rules
198 Laying of rules before Parliament
199 Repeal and savings

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