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Please Sign PIL Against Misuse of 498A

Todays modern indian women, in the name of LAW, misuseing Dowry protection Act IPC -498a to harass innocent husband, his old aged parents and his sisters, Even if he has not taken any dowry or demand any dowry.
Just because she is not able to adjust to husband home,
To have more Freedom,
To control her in-laws,
When husband find out her infedelity.
or Blackmail husband incase he divorce her, for her mistakes.

Under this section Authority charge Everyone who named,without any Enquiry,they jail old Aged parents of husband,
Full pregenent sisters of husband, and also breast fed children of her coz they cann`t seperate when mother was falsly charged in 498a.
it is not a law to protect women but harass more innocent women to protect one women.

The Dowry Prohibition Act, was enacted with the intention of protecting wives from marital violence, abuse and extortionist dowry demands, however, the actual implementation of these laws has left a bitter trail of disappointment, anger and resentment in its wake, among the affected families

The truth is, that there were adequate provisions in the IPC Sections 323, 324, 325 and 326 for use against anyone who assaults a woman or causes her injury. The Indian Penal Code was amended twice during the 1980s – first in 1983 and again in 1986 – to define special categories of crimes dealing with marital violence and abuse

In 1983, Section 498A of the IPC defined a new cognizable offence, namely, “cruelty by husband or relatives of husband”. This means that under this law the police have no option but to take action, once such a complaint is registered by the victim or any of her relatives. It prescribes imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and also includes a fine. The definition of cruelty is not just confined to causing grave injury, bodily harm, or danger to life, limb or physical health, but also includes mental health, harassment and emotional torture through verbal abuse. This law takes particular cognisance of harassment, where it occurs with a view to coercing the wife, or any person related to her, to meet any unlawful demand regarding any property or valuable security, or occurs on account of failure by her, or any person related to her, to meet such a demand.

During the same period, two amendments to the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, enacted in 1984 and 1986, made dowry giving and receiving a cognizable offence. Even in this case, where a person is prosecuted for taking or abetting dowry, or for demanding dowry, the burden of proof that he had not committed the offence was placed on the accused.

However, no punitive provisions were added for those making false allegations or exaggerated claims. There is, of course, the law against perjury (lying on oath). But in India, the courts expect people to prevaricate and lawyers routinely encourage people to make false claims because such stratagems are assumed to be part of the legal game in India. Therefore, the law against perjury has hardly ever been invoked in India.

Section 406, to be invoked by the woman to file cases against her husband and in-laws for retrieval of her dowry prescribes imprisonment of upto three years for criminal breach of trust. Often, highly exaggerated or bogus claims are made by unscrupulous families who demand the return of more than was given as ‘stridhan’, using the draconian sections 498A and section 406 of the IPC as a bargaining tool.

Furthermore, another Section 304B was added to the IPC to deal with yet another new category of crime called “dowry death”. This section states that if the death of a woman is caused by burns or bodily injury, or occurs under abnormal circumstances, within seven years of her marriage and it is shown that just prior to her death she was subjected to cruelty by her husband or any relative of her husband, in connection with any demand for dowry, such a death would be called a “dowry death”, and the husband or relative would would be deemed to have caused her death. The burden of proof is shifted to the accused party. The basic spirit of Indian jurisprudence is that a person is presumed innocent till proven guilty. However, in all these cases the person is assumed guilty till proven innocent.

The person held guilty of a “dowry death” shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than seven years but which may extend to imprisonment for life. By inserting a new section 113B in the Indian Evidence Act, the lawmakers stipulated that in cases that get registered by the police as those of “dowry death”, the court shall presume that the accused is guilty unless he can prove otherwise.

This is understandable in cases of death because the unnatural demise of a woman through suicide or murder is in itself proof that something was seriously wrong in the marriage. But problems arise when the same presumption applies to cases of domestic discord where the underlying cause of conflict is not necessarily the husband’s violence, abuse or economic demands but due to the couple’s inability to get along with each other.

The law was recast, heavily weighted in the woman’s favour, on the assumption that only genuinely aggrieved women would come forward to lodge complaints and that they would invariably tell the truth. In the process, however, the whole concept of due process of law had been overturned in these legal provisions dealing with domestic violence

With the police as well as lawyers encouraging female complainants to use this as a necessary ploy to implicate their marital families, making them believe that their complaint will not be taken seriously otherwise. It has become a distinct trend to include dowry demands in every complaint of domestic discord or cruelty, even when dowry was not an issue at all. This has created an erroneous impression that all of the violence in Indian homes is due to a growing greed for more dowry.

This tendency has received a further fillip with the enactment of 498 A, mentioning dowry demands seems to have become a common ritual in virtually all cases registered with the police or filed in court, misusing the provisions of sections 498A and 406. Even members of many women’s organisations themselves acknowledge such abuse. Things have come to this pass, not just due to police and judicial corruption/apathy but also because the laws, as they are currently framed, lend themselves to easy abuse.

All these amendments placed draconian powers in the hands of the police without adequate safeguards against the irresponsibility of the enforcement machinery. There are any number of cases coming to light where Section 498A has been used mainly as an instrument of blackmail. It lends itself to easy misuse as a tool for wreaking vengeance on entire families, because, under this section, it is available to the police to arrest anyone a married woman names as a tormentor in her complaint, as “cruelty” in marriage has been made a non-bailable offence. Thereafter, bail in such cases has been denied as a basic right.

This law has lent itself to gross abuse, because arresting and putting a person in jail, even before the trial has begun, amounts to pre-judging and punishing the accused without due process. Although a preliminary investigation is required after the registration of the F.I.R, in practice such complaints are registered, whether the charges are proved valid or not, and arrest warrants issued, without determining whether the concerned family is actually abusive, or they have been falsely implicated. Our laws do not recognise the possibility of daughters-in-law maltreating old in-laws or other vulnerable members of their husband’s family.

There are any number of cases where the problem is mutual maladjustment of the couple rather than abuse by the entire joint family. However, a host of relatives, including elderly parents, who are not necessarily the cause of maladjustment, have all been arrested and put in jail for varying lengths of time before the trial begins. There have been several cases where judges have refused bail unless the accused family deposits a certain sum of money in the complainant’s name as a precondition to the grant of bail.

There have been of instances where the main point of discord between the couple was that the wife wanted the husband to leave his parent’s home or an old widowed mother and set up a nuclear family. Since the man resisted this move, the wife used 498A as a bargaining device, without success though.

Indeed, there have been many cases where the woman uses the strict provisions of 498A in the hope of enhancing her bargaining position vis a vis her husband and in-laws. Her lawyers often encourage her in the misguided belief that her husband would be so intimidated that he will be ready to concede all her demands. However, once a family has been sent to jail even for a day, they are so paranoid that they refuse to consider a reconciliation under any circumstances, pushing instead for divorce, then they are in a fight to the finish. Thus, many a woman ends up with a divorce she didn’t want and with weaker, rather than strengthened, terms of bargaining.

Often, these highly exaggerated or bogus claims made by unscrupulous wives and her family fail to stand scrutiny and many cases do not go far because the charges are so exaggerated that the cases fall through. In many instances, out-of-court settlements are made, by presenting, with mutual consent, a joint petition/ in the High Court u/s 482 Cr. P.C., using 498A as a bargaining point by the woman’s family. But this in itself amounts to using the law as a weapon of intimidation rather than a tool of justice defeating the letter, spirit and purpose of the law depriving the truly deserving cases of her legitimate dues….

This Law no longer support Age old indian traditions, and marital harmony or solve the Problems of Marriage,than breaking it.

Please support our cause to SAVE Indian Families, institute of sacred Marriage and Our Society.


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1,910 thoughts on “PIL Against 498A

  1. These idiotic laws must be removed immediately. Even though I am facing mental and physical torture from my wife and in-laws. They are continuously threatening me and my family. It is really unfortunate that there is no law for the safety of husbands from domestic violence and marital abuse by wife.

    1. 498a is greatly misused by mischievous wife . This should be immediately stopped otherwise people will not have faith on marraige system. In all matrimonial disputes there should be maximum of 2 to 3 years of timeline.

  2. As supreme court commit the misuse of IPC 498A to take revenge from the innocent family and make them to pass through the trauma which can be heal. The parents who had already at the evening time of the life never did any thing wrong to such culprit person who filled those cases on them just because she wants to satisfy her unethical desire.

    This people never understand the situation of that guy who did every thing for his so called wife and that person filled multiple charges on him.

    That person might came out of this legal terrorisms but the trauma will follow him till the last birth. Being a husband in India you received judicial gift like time he wasted in trail, lose of money, depression, social damage, threats of kill, hyper tension and many more complications but they don’t care to deliver a justice in-spite of knowing a fact.

    The same judge has bias opinion for two different female (daughter in law Vs mother/sister in law) judiciary how pathetically biased to the wife can be assumed by this approach. Lets pray and support for all those who facing such situation because of this bias IPC.

  3. The 498a is a menace to India and mankind, this is seen by world as Legal terrorism and puts right face of India in the world that how law is misused in India to bring false charges against middle class working people. Please stop this torture to law abiding men and simple families.

    1. May be your part is right..but i want to make clear one more thing..there is no maladjustment… somewhere in laws made such a situation so that husband wife fights with each other and ofcourse no boy can ever doubt on his family that his own family want to break his relationship…in that case what wife will do if his husband itself not understands him.

  4. Please save innocent men and their old parents and their entire family ..these laws are weapons in vicious wife’s and there family’s for torturing and extorting life long savings from husband and their family’s.

    Scrap these laws and stop abuse of law and innocent people legally.

    Jai hi d

    1. Hi
      it is not entirely true that the case are false, or men are being implicated. It is true many men beat their wife regularly without any big issue, in some case even in front of their young children. just to show that I am a men and you are women. I can do whatever I want. Drink daily, beat wife, hurl abuses and do all nonsense which is not explainable here. So I still says more women than men are still suffering in India. I can claim at least in North India.
      We give our views based on what we see or hear in our society. Some written above about authorities may be true for the authority, however not true in case of women. So one should really see the % and give comments.

      1. IF YOU CAN READ

        Shocking! Indian wives rank third in beating their husbands

        82% women in India able to refuse sex to their husbands, finds govt’s family health survey

        you speak from your experience and you are beating and raping that doesn’t mean majority men do the same. Truth is always hidden and majority are influenced by Feminists propaganda

  5. 498A & dowry act are being misused by Indian women against NRI’s if they have an issue in adjusting to doing household chores abroad unlike in India. Filing of baseless claims with no evidence against aged parents (father, mother) and causing trauma from the fear of arrest is unimaginable. Fast track decision making, disposal and strong punishment against misusers would act as a deterrent against mis-use of this law. Civil matters should not be allowed to settle scores using 498a and dowry prevention act without evidence

  6. Misuser should be punished harshly with monetary compensations. As misusers implicate men’s family as well. Duties of both husband and wife should be laid down. If husband need to give maintenance then wife should also give back something. She also has some responsibility.
    Also parents should not be involved.

  7. There should be law to Punish mis users of law. Our Government is Feminists Government and they will not do anything

  8. Police, lawyers, mediators all making money with this scrap 498a, they know how to manipulate a girl if she comes to them to complain/discuss a small issue they manipulate her and make her lodge a false fabricated complain and later than turn that to FIR without any evidence just because to loot money from in-laws by threat them…and these threatening continues in court also…no one listen boys side
    Totally baised law
    Stop misuse of 498a , DV, scrap this law or amend proper and make proper law and mention in law that if girl misuse it she will also liable to punishment.

  9. Personal Law should be made by the society and supported by the movement, only then its misuse will be minimal. Its better to make movement and get responses from all sections of the society and then it should be finalised.

  10. Yes, I was a kind of a person where I don’t even know what is 498a until I fall into this crap. Frankly speaking I use to support women empowerment but never realized that more than justice its been heavily misused by so called “abala nari”. This is 21st century law need to be gender neutral and see the reality, punish the criminals who misuses the law. MIL and SIL are women too, family members of a men are human beings too. They do need justice when misused by abala nari.

  11. Yes, we need to stand and let’s try to meet at common place. Somewhere we need to start

  12. It is not good that parents of innocent men get harassed due to misuse of law by women. There must be law to protect men.

    I support Mynation and proud to be associated with it. I will always be a member of this organisational group even if my cases get closed.

  13. Yes Completly right.
    Even in some condition A direct complaint to court this is mentioned that fir has not been written so we are putting it directly to court. Where Only on the basis of coplainant and witness(maximum time interested witness) statement charges are framed without listenning to the Husband and his family.

      1. Sir why you lengthing the process for pil signature……..

        Please do it in simple way so that note singnatures cabe collected….

        Just published the place where we can come and signed d the pil….

        Please don’t make it lengthy and difficult….

        If you sent that paper inn one family court you will get thousand of signatures.

          1. I think this is worst law can ever made. Some arrogant wife’s file such cases and then husband had to suffer and run for bail and fight cases, now days they are going even a extent to charge 313 307 ans others without knowing the implications and destroying men’s life. It this doesn’t stop people will stop marrying in india.

  14. Respected Sir

    I need a information whether :-

    3) “A Man had no rights “ as no one listen Men grivance
    4) Now a Day to be a male gender means lost his family
    5) Male gender is lost gender
    6) No one Help Male gender i am writing for help regular to all from last month but no one come to help me
    7) Cunning Girl and her family harrsed my family and demand extortion
    8) They create our life hell only by misue of sec 498a and misuse of women law/rights
    9) Her family and her father and her freind s. Openly threat us to kill us and create false fir
    10) I had full evidence and handover to S.I and DSP at Hisar that prove that Content of Fir is false
    11) Can i had only option to kill myself as no one is listen me
    12) I am pray all delhi police and haryana police in email from last one month email copy attached
    13) My mother is 66 years old aged widow and her health is going down day by day
    14) Can A mother had any right to save from False sec 498a
    15) Can a men had any rights to sustain his family life to normla
    16) Only doing false case and demand extortion which lead to looted huge amount of money and self respcet and diginty of man and his family

    17) Can a boy or male is treated like a black spot on family and spoil its reputation due man had no right to live in this society

    18) Please tell what i do where we go

    Please help sir

    I am a normal person where had small dreams and small plans of life i am belong to normal business family and i not know any anti-social element ,you can there is no any civil and crimn case against me as we are god fear people we are not doing anything wrong in entire life.

    But i suffer and whole my family suffer due misuse of girls rights and misuse of sec 498

    Please help

    They all are thret me and my family to kill

    But i am sorry i had no right to take any action against her and family as no one is doin help for me as i am Male gender

    There is no right to male gender

    Please help

  15. Can the author include some important instances like those of Arvind Bharti suicide (Delhi) or Balvinder Singh (fourth husband) and that of Khurshid Anvar who committed suicide.

  16. My wife filed false against me and my family. Please let me know how I can fill the Pil against her and her family..

  17. Yes I strongly believe, most of the women are misuse this law. Law provide protection only for women but not for men. Not only 498-A, but D.V.Act also.

  18. Misuse of 498A should be stopped and Mens should have right to protest with FIR against false acquisitions of WIFE.

  19. I am sure each & every case of 498a is false women uses it as weapon my wife realize after 22 year of marriage after filing several cases of injunction Divorce etc l

  20. My DV AND 125 CRPC CLOSED TWO MONTH. AND sammon through the court and total amount 2 lacs

    Help me

  21. President of India, PM of India, Law Minister of India, Prime Judge of SC all of you are requested to you please make changes in 498A because the innocent peoples should not get the injustice. As the conviction rate in 498A is around 14%, so it is easily understandable to all that this is getting used by the greedy girls and her families. But the amount of mental pressure have to bear by the husbands family will not understand by anybody. Please do the needful as early as possible and save the people like me because we are also the child of our Mother India.

  22. Now it’s high time to abolish this legal terrorism and tool for extraction of money from husband by harassing them by grace of 498a. Immediate abolishing 498a is the need of time to establish the hormones in the sacred marriage.

  23. Yes.. I agree and is very much favor of this foundation.. You are doing a great job and I am happy to join this force..!

  24. How to sign the pil who can sign a PIL? i am also a victim and is this PIL is filed or yet to be filed?

    1. yes in 2010; as judges has fix set of mind and they have direction from Govt or women ministries not to entertain such petition and penalise if any, so lawyers also affraid to take lead, unless we have clear vision and justify SC may penalise

  25. I’m not here for any freebees. I’m here to contribute for this change, to abolish this draconian 498a law along with all other non sensical marriage laws in India, with all my possible means. Had there been any PIL filed ?who’s fighting it ? I want to share my shoulder.

  26. Hon. Supreme court has already said that failure of marriage is not a crime. Regarding family despute as a crime is the root of all the problem. I am also victim of 498 A. This black law mUST be demolish as soon as possible.

  27. 498A has become lethal weapon…destroying everything, specially your image in society. Every one talk about you. Whether he’s innocent or not. 498A has to be called off.. only 2% of 498a is genuine case and 98% false according to research. Then I don’t understand why they remove. Here there’s no scope for husband and his innocent family members until and unless you settle outside the court. It’s nothing but I call it as bribe which you give to your wife instead of officials to withdraw 498A. And what about innocent kids they get crushed between both.

  28. I agree. It should not be considered without
    any cognizable offences and should not involve family members on this misuse of 498a allegation.

  29. No comments… just one question-
    What about “basic human rights” for the husband in case of false allegations????

    Remember that ALL FORMS OF GENDER-BIASNESS (incl. FIR Defamations, Arrests, Chargings, Trials, Convictions etc- Convictions are Cover-Up to their Illegalities) Are ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL& CONSPIRACY AGAINST PEOPLE& NATION. These are NOT MERE LOSS OF NEUTRALITY BUT GRAVEST CRIMES AGAINST PEOPLE& NATION, ATTRACTING GRAVEST SEDITION CHARGES. Absence of Convictions of False Complainants& Early-Quick Constitutional-CrPC Reliefs By Judges are PROOFS.
    THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN due to their Conspiracy, UNLESS CITIZENS ASK ELECTED MPs (esp. PARLIAMENT SPEAKER/Prime Minister/Opposition Leaders), WHY THEY ARE NOT ACTING AGAINST SUCH JUDGES (Suspensions, Disciplinary Actions, Punishments incl. Dismissals & Severe Remand) FOR MISUSING CONSTITUTION/LAWS AS ABOVE. IF EVERYBODY ASKS, THEY WILL HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO ACT as per wishes of Supreme People. IF SPEAKER FAILS TO RESPOND PROPERLY IN 30DAYS OR SAY SILLY EXCUSES OF NO POWERS ETC (Remember Parliament/Speaker has tremendous Powers to summon/arrest/dismiss or even Hang them), LET PEOPLE FIGHT FOR AUTOMATIC RECALL OF ALL MPS (being Incompetent to Represent people, we had only incompetent MPs so far) WITH AUTOMATIC FRESH ELECTIONS IN 60DAYS (elections will only be Govt. Paid/ Infrastructures; it may be costly for parties).

  31. The core factor involved in misuse of 498a and 406 is selfishness and greed for quick wealth placated by marital maladjustment, vested interest for financial gain for the lawyers and corrupt police officers at the heavy cost of sanctity and sacredness of marriage. Even sincere police officers do not find time to cause thorough investigation before filing a petition in the Court u/s 498a and 406, due to long pendency of cases and unabated flow of complaints. They adopt ‘Pass the buck’ culture throwing the burden on the Judiciary which is again heavily burdened and cases running for decades. What is the solution? Scrap the 498a and 406 since it is gender biased.

  32. Please stop this and change the biased law as there is lot of misuse taking place in our society to men.

    This has to change for safety of men and their families.

  33. Really this is devastating and draconian law. Amendments need to be done to this law.

  34. 498a =legal terrorism.

    God knows how many families failed. Moreover judges know that wife who has more interested in gold than husband and children are not fit for family.

    Bail and not jail was rule but this is definitely not a case nowadays

  35. I am signing this petition, this law is getting misused by women especially educated women who want their husbands to leave their parents and be a slave to their wives. The provisions to arrest and detain someone without any investigation based on gender is something we should reflect as a society.
    Even is the wife wants to come back to the husband after false filing in 498A, she cannot as this is a criminal, non-compoundable section and the husband will never take the wife back in. Only way the husband may take the wife is that if she takes her false complaint as false and acknowledges her false claim. But this will not happen as making a false complaint is a criminal offence.

    So the wife is tuck in a limbo and has no option but to fight the case.

  36. I am signing this petition being concerned citizen.

    This feminist laws shows mindset of our society where one side we are talking about indian womens who are so powerfull , educated , reservation of women in all sectors of job.When it come to law judiciary system ask husband to maintain there so called fraud wifes.God has made both men and women equal with two hands , two legs and one mind each then why always husband need to maintain wife??Why dont goverment understand that in name of this laws so many innocent people get screwd up.Why dont they understand that this laws lead to distruction of families , so many kids losses there happy childhood when they loose there father because of arrogant nature of there so called there mother’s.They say behind every successfull family and men there is women and when such women for sake of there own grid and will keep their husband and childern at toss this laws are responsible for Spoiling life of small kids will this give back those small childern the childhood they loose?Most sufferes of this whole drama is innocent kids and our system talks about upliftment of kids , why dont Ngo’s for childern come forward to protest against this laws??Hope goverment , concern authrities as well as all Ngo should come forward to teach lesson to such females who are least concern for their husband , infact they should come out with law where if it turns out to be false case women should go through double impresiment.

  37. Very well written and valid points throwing light on most misused law 498a destroying innocent , educated families of men . I’m a victim of false 498a case and my whole family is suffering due to undemocratic gender based laws and injustice given to men in my country India. 498a is highly misused by today’s educated women to torture innocent men and his entire family . Indian government has to scrap this women biased law to save innocent families of men .
    I support this blog and this cause .

  38. The is a fantastic block. Please also see my post on LCI. All gender biased laws are unconstitutional.–133540.asp#.VsxaD9IrLIU

    Actually, these unconstitutional laws has become business of Corrupted Judges, Police, Advocates and wrong women. May be menz NGOs are also created and funded by them those shows false sympathy. Please see my link to understand the ground of PIL. We all need to sue PIL in Supreme Court to eradicates these laws rather boycott vote or joining or depending any NGO. Please sue and please Party-in-person (Without Advocate).

  39. sir,i want to be a active participant of your group.I am a defence officer who has been fighting against 498A and DPA since 2009.But the in-laws are so rich that they either influences the advocate or police even the judiciary that If i have not won then i havenot lost on any of the complaints filed by wife at behest of women laws.I want tp represent my entire story and evidences to media to get justice and punish the defaulters. That all these laws for dowry and domestic violence needs to amended to save onto usas weare also human beings with same morphological features less that we are males.Infact it is very sad to see that no law provides protection to us against the atrocities of wives and in-laws who have been ruing our mental peace,tanquility and traumatising us to suicidal tendencies as there is hardly ant scope of getting relief from judiciary also .
    rajat singh

  40. The 498a law is used either to extort money out of the husbands, or to make husbands fall in line with the terms of the in-laws and wives. In the latter case, most of the in-laws and wives are just minions who cannot stand on their own 2 feet and work for their living.

    On one hand we want to let our women work, and make use of our 50% of our workforce; on the other hand there are women who want to live it up on their husbands’ income!!! It is such an irony…..

    Some genuine women may not be able to get quick justice, because some selfish women, who dont think why the law made in the first place.

    Why don’t we have a law that treats both the genders equally; or scrap it altogether; or makes the wives and in-laws accountable for perjury? There is already a DV act to deal with violence against women. This is a Draconian law which the supreme court has said that was misused in most cases.

  41. I sign this petition being concerned citizen.
    I will Never Vote Parties which do not care such Citizens Sufferings, do not repeal such antisocial& unconstitutional laws retrospectively and not compensating victims of abuse of such biased laws from personal funds of misusing law enforcers, justice deliverers& misrulers.

  42. I believe immediately to protect our society to take right action to establish ; PIL Against Misuse of 498A, at least applicable among the women of Metro,Mega City Women rather then rural site.

    All media should habit also high light about “Male Victim by Notorious women” who Misuse of 498A from dawn to dusk” against any Male.
    I am victim during last 8 years.

  43. I am also a to be victim of the 498a, considering the acts done my wife I m sure she will surely file this against me and my family.. And I m ready to face it. Thanks to groups like this I have got enough strength to fight it.

  44. Yeah i am a victim of 498 A as well, they played a gamble and killed small children altogether thats so annoying and sarcastic, and given a demo to me as well

  45. I am also victim of false 498a..She didn’t appear from last two hearing…what will happen if she do not come court regularly..will the case go to my favour?? suggest me..plz.

    1. Sir i am central government employees and also i m a phisically challenged person.. i got married(arranged) last year & safertly sataying with my wife ( only 05 months).. my mother, father & one widow sister in my native place( my own house) . after 5 months my wife goes to her place, so many time i was recall her and send my parents to get her but she ddidt come.. after she compant to our SP office(District) cz my widow sister is as a women police constable in same area. again she harrasing to be put 498a case on me as well as my parents.. asking big amount.. but we trying to convence .. every time she abusing me i am not interted on you like cz i u are a handicap person.. my wife and her family many time they are telling we are put on 498a & domestic volilence case if u give huge amount we didnt put case…. sir i am a middle class and im low paid salary.. i have old age parents & one widow sister.. and i was barrow my marraige exp approximatly 2.lakhs till i am paying in my salary( i took society loan) for goodself give me your suggestion to solve this problem.. day by day i am facing mentally stress..


  47. There should be punishment and penalty provision in the law for the misuser. Also compensation for the victims of fake cases.

  48. Only sufferer knows the tragedy caused due to fake cases, I am one. The law is fully biased there is option for men. so it should be either fully scrapped or made gender neutral.

  49. This law is against the marriage itself. I am a victim, and after suffering under 498A, feel that marriage itself is a step towards 498A.


  50. 498a is a gender biased law and destroying a lot of families in India.
    This is just helping more criminals in the country and provoking false cases.
    if found guilty of filing fake cases, the complainant should be punished equally else the the number of false cases will keep on rising and keep on destroying innocence families.

  51. any one plz help me to get rid of from false498a..7 years and on no hope for finish the case..(sorry for my bad english)..tried everything right from rti and lawyer (02)..don’t know where to for justice..totally break down..

  52. I also victim of this law,it has been 7 years and still not finish(sorry for my bad English)..I also filed rti have lawyer who don’t even pick up my calls…don’t know where to go for justice.. totally break down..

  53. This law should be removed immediately so that innocent people are well protected and to avoid complete misuse of 498a by women.

  54. A lot of people suffer from the misuse of 498a by dirty minded dual faced third grade wives..who on the contrary roam freely after actually causing the harassment to the husband. This must stop at all costs. Police officers who do botched up investigations or rather file false investigation reports should be taken to task and punished. The entire family of such wives should be prosecuted for such false cases.

  55. Law should be equal for all beyond any discrimination. I also victim of the law. I want punish my wife but there is no law but she has more than a dozen law to torture me physically & mentally.
    I fully condemn the miuse of IPC-498A

  56. I support with this PIL . It is in interest of society and for people harmony. These biased law after fighting numbers of years court, most of time result in harassamnet of grooms family only. That too after so many years the women are released without any punishment / fine if the case is found to be fake and intentional . Even authorites do not think for waist of time and money of Honorable Court in this long lasting process. This money and time could have been utilised for other case only if this fake case was not registered. This is the time to wake up and raise your voice against Misuse of 498a . If people dont have fear of Punishment for wrong doings they will never bother for end results. So please come up and fight the wrong system.

  57. Why these governments are not paying heeds to this misuse.Are they waiting All the the jailes to be flodded with mens and only ladies left on the streets.

  58. This is understandable in cases of death because the unnatural demise of a woman through suicide or murder is in itself proof that something was seriously wrong in the marriage. – See more at:
    Sir, noting is understandable when innocent people are charged under sections by default, if the marriage is under seven years. What makes the systems not charge the accused under this law by default if the marriage is 7 years and 1 day old. Our system is prone to corruption. The Police, the face of government is totally corrupt. Once they arrest or threaten to arrest, the bribery process starts. They take bribes & charge cases also against innocent, so that the legal systems can milk the accused up the entire chain of command. If we say it is okay now, we wont be able to stop it when it reaches demonic proportion. Same with 498a, it was okay then but now it has gone out of control. Lawyers & Police are making HAY when 498a SHINES. Destruction of families & indivduals finances were never a concern of the Legal System. If it was the then no other cases other than divorce & maintenance would be allowed after filing divorce case. In our legal system women can file DV, 406, 498A etc as an afterthought after filing for Divorce. On hearing date the family court judge says ‘Go for Counselling’ on other date he says ‘Go for mediation’. Humanity is lacking. They dont see that a person goes through the trauma of break up of family, visiting lawyers, going to the police station, explaining to the other family members why they have been included in the DV and 498a cases, handling the issue at police station for the entire family when are summoned and arrested, exposing his intimate & personal life as his wife has decided to go public with both fact & more fiction. They expect the person to be in a frame of mind where he can discuss what went wrong in his matrimonial life when his personal life is in tatters due to the women he married.

  59. I support this Petition completely. STOP misuse of biased laws as 498A . When we are telling satyamev Jayate then why are we not going to see satya before framing anyone. There must be equitable and unbiased investigation then only the culprit must be braought to books rather than closing eyes to men. A similar law 498B must be there to protect the interests of men too.

  60. I support this Petition completely. STOP misuse of biased laws as 498A. Let women not marry men at all. Why do they marry men? Let women marry other women and stay happily. Nonsense biased laws.

  61. Now this is a well known fact that law makers have given a source to get created a mafia to earn money in which the whole team- starting from police, lawyers, judges is getting involved and commission for every one is being fixed for giving legal relief to suffering husbands. We have to fight this ‘gunda gardi’ unitedly.

  62. This law is used to blackmail the husband and in-laws for their own personal interests. Causing lot of suffering and trauma to innocents if they did not commit any mistake.

  63. This is so shameful..shame on govt and legal machinery to come up with such a gender biased tool…when already there are provisions in other places, why create another monster…this way even a sati savitri bahu will atleast THINK if not MOTIVATED to use this tool if things dont go her way in future..

  64. Beloved Indian Husbands,

    498a is a shame on our legal system. It is worst than POTA. Husbands are treated worst than a terrorist. It is human rights violation. Fake dowry cases are being used by prostitute 498a and their family for legal extortion. Do not pay these pimps in the name of settlement.

    Break right leg and right hand or both hands or both legs of the wife’s lawyer and wife . Remember wife’s lawyer is your real enemy. If we can scare the lawyers from taking up unscrupulous wive’s cases , the battle is won. Any handi-capped or leggi-capped lawyer will serve as a stern reminder to other greedy lawyers..
    Make them suffer whole life because if you kill them , they wouldn’t even know why they died. Pay someone to do it. It will be cheaper than extortion money demanded by greedy wives. There is no point in writing to the govt. authorities.
    ACT NOW.

  66. Yes the brides families are using 498 a for blackmailing and extortion now from Innocent husbands who never demanded dowry.

  67. Yes it is true that brides families are using 498 a for extortion and blackmail only. We support your initiative to unite families rather than destroying them.

  68. I understand women empowerment and protection of women from domestic violence and dowery culture…..BUT
    It dosent means that women/wives should misuse it to satisfy their demands.
    Accoeding to NRCB data conviction rate in 498a is only 2% this means 98% cases are false.
    Our constitute dosent provide any citizen neither men nor women , right to misuse of law.

    False 498a had lead to susides, mentel frustation and much mental and physical harassment to boys family.
    This law is anti society and anti family law.
    this is a high time to stop misuse of law, save indian family , save mariages.

  69. Real Culprits are Law makers who under the veil of “Women Empowerment” are arming them with draconian sword to be used against unsuspecting well educated law abiding men and his old parents. This helps to divide the last citadel of Society, i.e., ‘ Family as a building block of Society”….. If all the middle class will be fighting cases in courts, who will have time to get after these men sitting in Parliament…..”Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”…..Time to break down their citadel..The Parliament…..time to question the “Constitution of India’ which permits law makers to make “illegal Laws against principle of natural Justice…Innocent till proven guilty”

    1. 498A, is an evil to the civilised society, a tool crafted by the malified politicians to score there votes in name of women empowerment, i really pity the process of acts/ laws made in India, as Indian Constitution provides equal rights to all citizens, but some of these laws are a menace to the society, the NCW says that the laws should be stricter, i agree to that, and at the same time the law should also protect the Innocent, law should be framed not in a hurry but after analyzing the pitfalls/ effects it has on the society, In India Laws are made to serve political needs, in hurry to satisfy certain section, …… The Good Law is one which protects the interest of every one and yet punishes the culprits…..Please don’t make a mockery of Indian Law my creating acts which are biased/ onesided/ gender centric/

  70. What a useless women favoring law which does not regard Mother in Law, Sister in law, Daughter as female.

  71. stop misuse of 498a, 125 and child custody.make the law such as trial should be completed within six months and harsh punishment for the wrongdoer irrespective of the gender. Let the law set examples in taking decisions and take fast and appropriate decisions in a fast manner to avoid any delay and save the morals of society and a family in particular.

  72. sec 498a is meant for those victims who actually face issues because of dowry & domestic violence. not for those smart womens who use this section as a weapon to make their husband in trouble or to end their marriage, because of inability to get along with husband family or to make easy money or for custidy of child. for this type of people class some strict laws should be there to penalize them if found making false statements or fir.

  73. worthless law 498a and DV. Real victim did not get justice after wasting several year s of life.

  74. Dear Sir,

    we request you please ammend 498a its becoming a blackmailing tool for greedy wifes they can destroy a happy family within a minute please atleast give some relief to our parents and relative. we are ready to die but pls help us to save our family.

  75. Gender equality & stopping misuse of law to save India & Indians

    1.Making 498A IPC Gender Neutral, right is required that Husband & In laws also can file 498A against her wife/ Daughter in law/ Sister in law.
    2.This is applicable for Domestic Violence case also.
    3.Police should not arrest any person before proper investigation.
    4.498A must be Bailable offence, until court declared the particular person guilty.
    5.Any people from any status are misusing laws like 498a, etc. I think this is for to extract money by treating marriage as a drama; applicable for any other law also. It is also a strong example of wasting of valuable time & expenditure of govt. of India, Govt. of particular sate, judiciary and administration & also applicable to Indian citizen’s who are waiting for proper justice. So, if any person found raised false case & it is proved by court then his or her citizenship must be seized & any kind of facility from government should be withdrawn by law.
    6.If anybody comes to police station & court to file allegation against anybody it should be mandatory to take declaration that allegation is true & if found false, fraud, fabricated only for blackmailing opponent he or she should be in jailed for a period of equally as per his present age for misusing Indian law. i.e. if a person file case at the age of Thirty years & after Five years court declare final Judgment then said person came to age of Thirty five & he or she should be jailed for Thirty Five years.
    7.It is also required to take help from modern scientific system that the persons who raised allegation is true or false when Police receives diary or Judiciary receives case, by this process some false case may be eliminated and stop present fashion to earn money by misusing IPC 498A, etc.
    8.Stop such person to marry or impose fine INR 1 Lakh with multiplying with his or her age who feels shy to express them as Husband or Housewife.
    9.If it is proved in court that anybody raised false fraud, fabricated allegation only for blackmailing opponent then he or she should pay all expenditure incurred by opponent also expenditure of Govt. agency for his or her case.
    10.Advocates who are represented client should fixed rate for a particular act and it required to issue money receipt of fees.
    11.Tax relief from expenditure on court.
    12.Most important compensation part who are suffering for false case. Summation of age of all sufferers multiplying by Rs. 1 Lakh. i.e. if total persons suffered 6 nos. Sufferer 1- 55 yrs., Sufferer 2 – 50 yrs. Sufferer 3 – 30 yrs. Sufferer 4 – 26 yrs. Sufferer 5 – 28 yrs. Sufferer 6 – 5 yrs. Total Summation of age 194 yrs. Punishment should be not less than 194 yrs. x 1 Lakh = Rs. 194 Lakhs only. This hard step is required to reduce misuse of Law by the person who are not respects our India, Indian Laws & citizen of India.
    13.If he or she unable to pay such amount all property to be seized & sold according to law & his or her earnings of every month in jail to be handed over to Victim person.
    14.Who really do the wrong he or she also should be punished according to law to stop cruelty against Man or Woman.
    (re post after 2years, earlier posted in mynation forum)

    1. Not enough. Misuser’s parents must also pay the same amount over and above what their daughter should pay as they criminalized their daughter. that means total 194 laks x 3.

      No further marriage allowed for such women and no white collar job to be given to her further. All the money and assets of such women should be confiscated and sell to pay to the innocent husband. Anyone employing such ladies should share the responsibilty to pay the fine to husband. She shall not have any rights to visit the children (they need to be protected from criminalization by mother). Parent’s should be dismissed from govt job if any, with no pension.

      She shall not be entitled for any free services from government or any NGO’s . Any NGO’s found helping her should be fined by thrice the fine slapped on her.

  76. This law is misused and abused by uncouth women to extort money and Property from the husband. So many innocent people from children to senior citizen elders to distant relatives of husbands are dragged to put pressure on the husband to succumb to wife’s exhorbitant demand.

    In many instances, women use this law to hide her infidelity and put pressure on husband to settle the issue.

    Make this law gender neutral. Make serve punishment for false allegations. Misuse of this law had broken so many families which otherwise could have been mended. Misuse of this law had forced so many men to commit suicides. Misuse of this Law has left husband families traumatised and tortured, it is legal terrorism. Misuse of this law has left so many husband jobless, carrying stigma in the society for the crime that they have never committed.

    It is high time that government wakes up and amend this law. It is just matter of time wife will also become mother- in- law and will get sour fruits of her deed. As you sow, so you reap. To protect everyone from this vicious circle, and to save families and for the welfare of children and future generation this law MUST BE AMENDED.

  77. It is time to stop all Laws which are misused by the ‘Wife’ at the behest of Women commision of India!! We all must fight together.

  78. It is time to stop all Laws which are misused by the ‘Wife’ at the behest of Women commision of India!! We all must fight together.

  79. It is time to stop all Laws which are misused by the ‘Wife’ at the behest of Women commision of India!! We all must fight together.

  80. Its about the knowledge to misuse the knowledge….today with more knowledge and availability of media and internet….this issue is being taken care of…but we need a law…
    1. why to file a case unless investigated
    2. every women knows…criminal charges are the biggest threats to other party….so they do so…if MEN is under pressure…will do as she wanted him to do…else …
    3. there shld be equal sentence in such cases if charges are not proven….equal amount of financial and criminal charges and sentence to women and her parents etc
    4. there shld be option from court…if charges are found wrong…MEN and their family members etc can file financial claims bcoz of image loss, social status loss etc
    5. why a MAN cant file charges against cruality caused by a women to him….like mental and physical harassments and attacks…..why its about gender….one person is being harassed by another person….may b beaten by his wife and got some serious injuries….MAn should be allowed to file a case in police station after medical checkup.

  81. This law is against the law of ‘Natural Justice’; WHEREIN, it is ordained that the accused is ‘Innocent’ till proved ‘Guilty’. My daughter-in-law has done great injustice to the cause of struggle against this law. In case, she had implicated me her false case of 498a against my son and wife; on the first count, I would not have sought any bail; on the second count , when produced before the magistrate, I would have stated, I do not vow before this illegal law, whatever may the custodians of law may state, so to that extent question of my ‘acceptance / denial of charges’ does not arise ; On the third count, right in front of the magistrate, I would have burnt a book..stating HEREIN I burn this Draconian law 498a in CRPC ( as was done by Mahatma Gandhi in burning the Identity Card Issued by the SA Government); On the fourth count , go on hunger strike, even as a “mister-no-body”, the Government of the day. can not have a suicide as custodial death on its conscience ( Such a death, albeit sacrifice is much better way of expression of abhorrence against illegal law- then to commit suicide- multitude of such suicides have failed to open the eyes of power that be)
    Know it, THEE the law makers , THEE the implementors and THEE the interpreters, that this is an ILLEGAL LAW, EARLIER YOU STRIKE IT DOWN, BETTER IT SHALL BE FOR THE HEALTH OF SOCIETY-

  82. It was about time.. Let the Law not be a puppet to the corrupt women. It must be corrected to only support the aggrieved – Man or Woman.

    Perjury is an offence and must be treated like one.

  83. It is time to stop all Laws which are misused by the ‘Wife’ at the behest of Women commision of India!! We all must fight together.

  84. Thanks for raising voice to file a PIL, I hope you are thinking about filing PIL not a petition.
    One effort has already made before it as a resilt we have got crpc 41 to protect people.

  85. How will anybody marry if such laws exist.The fear of such laws will push any boy and his family to step back from marriage.The institution of marriage is losing its core value with the existence of such laws.In india, even if we have a relative in police we ask them not to visit house while dressed in uniform because in our society if a police comes home the family is BAD and society starts its own talks and makes its own assumptions about the family.In such a society,when an innocent family gets trapped in such false cases.what will the results look like.Suicides,mental depression,deffamation in the society.And even if the cases are proved to be false.who will pay back the family its respect,time,the mental agony an entire family went through,the fear which has occupied its place in their minds which may have broken them down and shattered them,financial loss,insult.who is responsible and who will answer all this and mostly in this cases the boy,his parents,his sisters if any; brothers if any ;relatives, friends entire set of people are going through the full cycle of abuse.How can a law be made keeping so many lives at risk.Even if the explanation for this law is to safeguard and for security of woman,then how come all the mothers,sisters,female relatives,female friends who suffer are not counted as women.When the supreme court itself has mentioned this law to be legal terrorism,and that the conviction rate is less than 2 % and the number of suicide of married men are way above than women,how come there are no clauses added to this law as to if the case if proved to be false there should be some punishment same as when the case proved true.
    These laws are going to do nothing but vanish the most highly looked upon institution called marriage.Foreigners have always been wondering about and have always talked about our family system which is going to perish in a short time.Resuts of these draconian laws – Marriage will be an invisible concept,male foeticide,more number of crime like suicides,murders,People loose faith in the system,no next generation existence,increase in number of live-in relations,Good people who exist now will not in the future because nobody will like to be good,innocent and law abiding because this law is not helping people to be good and even if they are the result is false cases filed on them which will lead them to the abuse cycle.

    Lastly,”Everybody should be equal in the eyes of law.” and everybody should be educated about these laws.

  86. These wife-centric laws have made husbands and his family mere toys to be played around with and to be treated like an ATM machine.Change these Laws !! I endorse the letter/pettition given above.

  87. I fully support the fight against misuse of draconian, mindless IPC act 498A. It is a highly biased law and it will destroy the family system in India which is the strength of our country. Every social law in our country MUST BE gender neutral and pragmatic. Those who support the ‘misuse’ of this law need to remember that they are product of the same family system and they will continue to have sons and daughters who could be the victims of such a mindless law.

  88. We Need to fight on grand scale agaist 498A misuse and final motive should be punish whoever misuse dispite from gender.

  89. We need a fight on grand scale against 498A misuse … and need to demand equal or more punishment, whoever misuses dispite from gender.

  90. Crime has no gender, so the Justice. Gender biased Laws are not good for the society. Equality before the Law must be honored. And it is missing from IPC 498A / DV and other related Gender biased Laws. Who is accountable to the victim families ? So many families have been destroyed by these laws. Family system is the foundation of a nation. Don’t these laws directly hit the nation ? How can a matrimonial dispute be a Criminal matter ? Why IPC 498A is still abused even after Supreme Court’s and other High Court’s warnings ? Why mother and sister are not considered as women ? Who is accountable to these victim citizens ?

  91. I am very latest victim of false 498a. my parents are still on run. FIR full of story and we are full of evidence but no one is listening. she tried doing wrong here in NZ using harassment case but she couldn’t win with her lies so ran away from here and trapped my parents. now she used 498a and all my family is in devastating mode. I just can say that there must be havy penalty for misuse of such sensitive law. if some misuse this kind of law they also entitle to go to jail for at least 7 years so people who misuse it will think thousand times. thanks

  92. We need to not only go to court by PIL but also have public processions in various cities against 498A.

    For all people who can contribute in any way, I am a short film writer. We should join to make a short film (30 min to 1 hour) on the problems of this act, and bring it to public notice. Need your help in making the movie.

  93. Hindu Married Men Should not face Legal Terrorism in family Relationships and Domestic Terrorism in Homes.Even Acts Like TADA and POTA are repealed, to safeguard citizens.498a,dowry related acts & Domestic Violence act should be repealed. if women(feminists) who are not happy with their married life or who dislikes their husbands and wants to disrespect their in-Laws or wants to gain control or wants to over take family matters to their selfish needs, are advised to stay in distance with the help of judicial separation Act or go for divorce with the help of ‘mutual consent divorce Act’.BEWARE OF FEMINISIM. Feminism is a threat to family Harmony and Peace. Feminist are silent killers. Now they are coming up with the New mask of Gender Equality ,with solely concentrating one gender interests.

  94. 498a, DV Act and CRPc 125 are being frequently misused by greedy wives and their jealous relatives. We are living in India were Constitution provide equality for each and everyone, but not husbands and their in-laws. I this Government don’t think the relatives mothers or sisters as women and in today’s generation, marriage seems to be crime. If some men wants to give happiness to their old age parents, their wives puts hurdle to them but the case with their parents are different. actually these laws will create gender inequality and will force men either to go into depression or to commit suicide or will create new ‘Naxalies’. Stridhan in our culture is ‘Sharm’, ‘Laaj’, ‘Maryada’, ‘Sanskar’ but laws have replacing our culture with gold, property, aajaadi, etc. like materialistic things. Let come together and fight with great zeal and determination against this dracunian laws so often called legal terrorism by SC.

  95. Yes i am also facing the 498a case.this spoils the marital life.if they had kids their life also in to that . in future every man will afraid of marriage.Please do amendments that help full to male humans. Please consider we are also humans .Wife never treats her mother in law is same as her her mother scolded her very strongly she never taken in to consideration.but mother in laws says a simple things she takes it in very harsh manner and saying to her husband they are harassing her after he went to office.

  96. BEWARE! Todays generation wife is really horrible.they consider doing domestic household work as job of maidservant.when elders suggest something good for them
    they consider it as restrictions without trying to understand caring of elders behind
    such suggestion.they complaint their husbands regarding this and motivating husbands to stand against his family who dedicated their life for betterment of him and his married life.such are girls of todays generation who want just lavish and full
    of roaming life without saving money.thus safety should be provided for such poor
    caring parents and relatives against cruelty of daugter-in-laws and mental son.

  97. Let us all work as one to create more awareness of this barbaric law…The problem is that most men do not even know what is 498A till it hits them. This law goes against the basic tenet of justice – ‘Innocent ill proven guilty’. While we certainly do not support dowry or other domestic harassment, the law is totally titled in favour of only wives, not women. Just a few lines of complaint can land the entire family in jail, irreparable loss of social standing and reputation, loss of jobs, severe financial implications and mental trauma. Why is it assumed that whatever the wife says is true, even without asking the husband for his views ?? This law has to be amended, and more importantly, all the guidelines given by various courts of law regarding the procedures to be implemented in such cases, should be followed in letter and spirit. These wife-centric laws have made husbands and his family mere toys to be played around with and to be treated like an ATM machine….Change these Laws !!

    1. Political Step is necessary to Abolish this Law. Law commission already given recommendation’s to Legislate this law.

  98. Right, I have a suggestion ,This is a very serious Situation and we need to put an End .we have to stall the parliament on this serious issue, then only people will come in to know the actual situation. we have parliament elections(general elections) in next coming year .Having this kind of Black mail and cruel Law ,we are at crucial times. This is the our first and foremost importance to resolve this issue .Every body need to ask their leader, who could have the ability to resolve this issue or else which party could take up this issue very seriously and Abolish this foolish 498A Law or who would put this demand in their party manifesto. Please, Do not Hesitate to rise the issue in political sphere. if and only if the problem will be addressed and solution will be come. Up to that we have no freedom .Please remember ,This 498a Law is also as danger as dieses like Cancer ,Trauma, stroke , HIV/Aids, etc…. Because ,The effected families will only suffer with injuries and non other people know the pain or not face the actual realities. Now a days people are so scared off,, so they don’t head or not care, if they don’t feel or not experience the we need to urge the people, to give their support in this genuine cause. Thanks.

  99. This is a national same for all we indians,hardly literate lawmakes socalled MPs pass the Law in parliament and highly qualified and professional Judges and lawyers define them as per thier convience and moto and no one cares for AAM AADMI,which results in many suicides by young talented young husbands in India.Specialy the family courts,where corruption is most,because cases are based mostly on blackmailing thru law laws/sections like DV/Dowry/Maintance etc,which are applied onway on MAN only not on woman.Man is obliged to work and pay,Woman are not obliged to work,even they are well qulified.Why this partialty.Why there is ministry for women not for man ?

  100. My brother became a victim of false DV and 498A case where the in laws offered a few things as a gift to daughter and later put the blame after 1 year for DV and 498A. Eventually we came to know that girl had plans to go to USA to his elder brother and his wife to settle and has just trapped us for money. The case is in CAW Cell at present and during first proceeding only they asked for settlement shows the reverse dowry demanded legally from us. Govt should give strict orders to listen to Boy also in all DV and Dowry related cases and a thorough investigation should be done with proper evidences and not just girls statements. At present 98% cases are false due to deep involvement of girls in laws in her married life and misguidance. The day is not so far when people with start killing baby boys or go through legal way to investigate about Girl’s family background before marriage discussions.

  101. if a husband wants to take divorce because of the cruel attitude of his wife, who use to scold him and his family, use to blackmail and threaten them of police and administration and laws made for wives, will this organization help him in taking divorce because she is not going to leave him easily.

    please reply me so that he may get rid off by your help.

  102. thanks for supporting the families who are suffering from women terrorism in the form of DV and 498

  103. I am the victim of the misuse of this law.some severe actions to be taken against false cases.

  104. Hi,

    In the said PIL, we should include the different sections also in which the cases are filed by the lawyers. Now a days, it is easy to get the bail for 498a/406 cases, but when the same is clubbed with IPC 306 (abiement of suicide), IPC 307 (Attempt of Murder) IPC323 – 326 (Assults), IPC 376/377 (Rape/Un-natural Sex), IPC 420 (Cheating), IPC 464 (Fraud), IPC 494 (Bigamy), IPC 497 (Adultery), IPC 504/506/507 (Criminal intimidation) sections, then the bail is refused flatly. Need to include the same also in the PIL.

    For NRIs, the main contention is the Look Out Circular and impounding of the passport which is done invariabily, and the cases goes for years, thereby loosing the livelyhood of the person.

    Hardik Mehta

  105. Good or Bad people do present irrespective of gender. 498a is blind law and is a knife for criminal minded people . This law break the Indian family . How come married elder sister of boy who lives hundreds/thousands of miles can be accused for 498a ? Shame ? How can the parents of a boy who lives thousands of miles and old people and kin of boy accused in 498a case ? Doesn’t this attract cruelty? Why this is hitting hard for NRIs?

  106. All feminist act of India viz. 498A, DV, MA etc are fully biased along with legal and administrative system mainly at the bottom level

  107. This law is like diamond digging for cruel and greedy women. May be (possible) one day I will be a victim of the same. According to my personal view i should marry if i am alone (no relatives or “ANAATH”) otherwise there is 100% chance that in near future I will be anaath & above all If the law is one sided anyone can to blackmail.
    As a common man of India i think Laws should be middle-of-the-road (impartial). I strongly believe if I (or the victim) is innocent then above every law there is a law (God’s justice) which will help us to come out of the well. (may be late but it will shower). I strongly protest this law.

  108. Idiotic abusive woman Monika is in business of abuse indian laws to earn money .Be aware of the fact to save yourself being the next victim of her abuse . Her lawyer uncle shares the extortion money … People should be made aware of their modus operandi so that no innocent family falls prey of such abusers .

  109. This govt. is becoming dictatorial by enacting gender biassed and class biassed laws.


  111. bullshit law…marriage do break for other several reasons that doesn’t mean they can mis-use 498A or B.

    SC and HC need to pass new rules how to investigate 498A cases.

    I’m totally against 498A

  112. I want this IPC 498-A must be repealed with retrospective effect, w.e.f. 1983 .

  113. the hon’ble supreme court of India has rejected my wife’s transfer petition vide its order in transfer petition (c)no 1272 of 2011.

    1. dear sachin can i get the judgement copy of TA as i v filed divorce case aginst my wife and she submitted TA in High court..kindly help

  114. my wife is asking for my parents house in out of court settlement. this dowry law is being used as extortion rackets.

  115. What was created to protect women from harassment on the domestic front has been exploited by the “weaker sex”. Or so it seems. Recent judgments by trial courts and high courts have made some stern remarks on the increasing practice by women using Section 498A as a weapon “to settle scores” with members of their matrimonial homes

  116. My email id is I am quite fresh for this type of postings. Kindly guide by email to me.I am also mildly suffrer so far.I do not know regarding PIL AS TO WHOM ADDRESS.Your efforts are invaluable to mankinds and are making history by heping people

  117. I have checked no email has been recieved in mail box.I think this is Azaadi ki ladai hai aur harek ko ismain aahuti dalni chahiye.I will participate surely in this Jungg

  118. I am quite fresh for this type of postings. Kindly guide by email to me.I am also mildly suffrer so far.I do not know regarding PIL AS TO WHOM ADDRESS.Your efforts are invaluable to mankinds and are making history by heping people

  119. Here who have written the post that all are right. Untill women will not be punished for false 498a nothing will be change, only results in breaking family and spoiling of children’s life. Our Government and ligal system wants more and more girls to become prostitute. Our law maker does not have knowledge and mind to think, they follows copy right of other country law. They don’t think how is our police department, society, ligal system, population. I am able to prove myself innocent but due to our ligal system I have to wait for 4 to 5 years for my turn. Due to false cases there is a burden on court to solve the cases and therefore weasting of court time. If this law would be punishable for filing false case then girls will think before filing false 498a. There is no loss for girl for filing false case, only men has to suffer, loss of property and money if he wants divorce for false case and to leave his greedy wife. Our Government and judges knows that day by day increasing false 498a cases Eventhough they don’t want to amend this law as soon as possible. Why? Instead of this they are making more law in favor of girl. I don’t think that what they want to make in India. In my point of view we have to take naked weapon and attack on greedy wife and in-laws to teach them like jahangir then Government will open their eyes till not.

  120. I am not a lawyer but, I have been doing research around 498a/DV/recent violence against women (point 509 especially) in last few days.

    I am not affected by any of the above, but wanted to know more about the above.

    After doing research I found the following, which is solid grounds to negate/get quashed and strike any Female Biased law of the country,

    All these laws are unconstitutional as they Contravenes Article 14 of the constitution.

    Please read article in website URL,

    To quote one line,

    Right to equality is an important right provided for in Articles 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 of the constitution. It is the principal foundation of all other rights and liberties, and guarantees the following:

    Equality before law: Article 14 of the constitution guarantees that all citizens shall be equally protected by the laws of the country. It means that the State[5] cannot discriminate any of the Indian citizens on the basis of their caste, creed, colour, sex, gender, religion or place of birth.[13]


    Please use above to start a WRIT/PIL. I am quite sure you will win. this will force any government to make these laws Gender Neutral.

    1. Such laws are against the very spirit of the Constitution especially the right to equality.The need of the hour is to amend this law immediately to save indian families

  121. Sir,

    Section 498a is definitely draconian, while I am not against any law enacted for the protection of women, this section has been used more as an extortion weapon then as a protection for women.

    It will be in the fitness of the things to modify this section and make it more women friendly, however the draconian powers given to the police force under this section must be curbed.

    It is found that even in genuine cases of troubled women, the police uses this section as a weapon for extortion.

    Senior Citizen

  122. There is an instance that the court ordered for Rs.6000/- pm to the wife of an ordinary PS employee, where she took shelter of 498a, her relatives and dishonest police, overpowered her husband and drove him out of his own house. The court very well knew the fact and it also knew that the husband was regularly repaying the house loan. It means that there is no social security to a married man in India.

  123. One more thing i would like to add about the “Demand of Salary/Income/CTC” by girl’s parent , which is much equivalent to “Dowry Demand”.
    I understand when a girl or girl’s parent demand a salary as to maintain some minimum living condition. But how come a girl who is already earning a good salary , can demand for much higher salary from a boy/man as a marriage proposal.

    I understand, that this can be just replied by saying.. “Find some other girl, or it’s girl’s wish, or their expectation to maintain a rich social status etc”… but hey.. wait here. Isn’t “Dowry” too was something that was started with a noble cause to help a couple to start a new life, so that all the burden doesnot go upon man’s parents and man only. Dowry got rotten through out years because of greed.
    And the same greed can be easily seen when a girl or girl’s parent demand for some CTC/Salary/Income which is much much higher than the society’s average incomes. Additionally, the girl herself might be earning a nice income.

    Such sky-high demands from girl or girl’s parent before and after marriage should too be considered as money-greed and must be taken into consideration . If marriage is only about relationship, and especially when many women have started earning on their own, then how come asking for “money” from any side be allowable.

    It’s just like, if a man’s father ask for money it is dowry and punishable…
    but when the girl’s father ask for money ( a very high-salary, no matter woman herself is working and earning).. it’s a “Legal Dowry” ?

  124. I sign this petition. 498A criminalizes Indian families as a whole. This is cognizable, non-bailable and non-compoundable.

    1. In a history of a democratic country, this law is a blot and as a serious question on Indian democracy.

    2. It puts a serious question mark on Right to Live with dignity for the common men and women of this country.

    3. This law has destroyed thousands of families and till today is destroying one in every 5 minutes.

    This law must be scrapped.

  125. Filing 498a and DV is a fashion now a days. Our judicial system is responsible for it totally. They have given a woman all the rights to kill husband’s family.
    Kindly make changes to these biased laws and also define laws to prevent misuse of 498a, DV, 496 and 125.

    These laws are seen as a package to harass innocent families.

  126. u r doing a good job… wrong womens must not always win..there shud be a law counter to theirs .. everytime in-laws r not guilty..

  127. Hi,
    I support your organisation sincerely,with 100% conviction.I am a human rights and child rights activist from Bangalore apart from advocacy,from Bangalore.
    I am ready to support the organisation, in whatever kind.Thanks for the opportunity given to me to join the organisation.

  128. Its highly Unfortunate to witness the magnitude of ownership and responsibility being reflected by our Administration to build a broken rather than a bonded Nation.

    The legacy of our Centre on Policy making and Amendments for equal Justice for all has surely taken a back seat, still riding on the age old Laws, whereas the rest of the world has walked miles ahead citing the Judiciary of the country with UTMOST importance.

    Jai Hind…
    God Bless the Parliamentarians

  129. What do the law makers want to achieve by this law ? Do they want to build a family or break two families and the other peoples involved.

  130. It means our law destroy a whole family even they r innocent
    If law will do this to its not law

  131. I too am a victim of misuse of 498A ,got 498A as a gift when i refused to leave my old age parents on wife and her family member’s demand

  132. I’m facing the misuse of 498a law and i would do whatever to support and will be there anytime for support from Hyderabad.

  133. Good bha ji,

    I am facing this………. I am here to support. Lets do something before it get too late. They have framed me in +50 lakh rupees. Nobody listen to us in women cell. Only humiliation……………

  134. You are doing a great job. I hope one day comes where this law can be changed to be not very biased and necessary investigation is done before putting someone behind the bars..

  135. Dear Sir

    I hold high regards for those people who have started this organisation.

    there efforts are highly appreicable

    The wicked double faced, highly manipulative daughter in laws should be punished who are created havoc in the lives of their dutiful husbands.

    I am all support for you people

  136. Dear Sir,

    I am also a victim of this Indian Law. I am ready to help this group by tooth and nail. And also expect the same from the group members.

    98% cases of 498A are false. But the innocent people face harassment for years together not less than 10 years.

    For any help I am ready to the extent of my ability

    Jamil Ahmed

    1. Sometimes I felt, this country’s laws are only for wicked women. Men are nowhere in the picture of Justice at the same time justice is also denied to old generations. Government should take the responsibility of each and every parent of a son who is going to marry. If government cannot care for them then they should think about the amendment of such gender biased laws.

  137. 1. The supposedly pro-women act is working against women. There are some statistics collected from National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) which will make one believe that Cruelty is prime most motive of all women criminal in India. Most number of women are arrested under this section than anyother. It does not even spare elderly women.

    2. The lawmakers presumably must have enacted this law to protect the rural and uneducated women who are forced to accept the cruelty due to social conditioning and lack economic independence. But a statiscs on the education levels of the complainant under IPC 498A could throw more light. As I could see more and more educated women are using this weapon to their liking. The observation is limited to small sample size of my social contants and may not present the full picture. But if it is so, then the law might not have served its purpose of protecting uneducated /rural women.

    3. What if one accounts for the loss of productivity to the nation as a result of this. Here I can speak only for myself. I have quit my job due to the harassment and have become less productive. With the average incident rate close to 90,000 per year in the last 3 years and the conviction rate being around 16% (NCRB Data) how does one accout for the productivity loss. Many of the victims are in the productive age group and they are left to fight a legal battle instead contributing towards personal and national growth.

    4. Presently the divorce law amendments focus on getting more and more from the husband for the women — the recently proposed amendment for right to property being an example. While the law places the onus on the husband (in my case she lived for only 4 months with me), it fails to enforce the responsibility of the father. The divoce law should ensure that the father shares his property with his divorced daughter. Women’s right to property is already an enacted law, so this is an easy task. This will help in three ways — (1) It will act as a deterrent to the father and brothers of the wife, who encourage their daughter /sister to go for 498A complaint /divorce at the drop of a hat. Their reasoning for extorting money is to secure the life of their daughter /sister. Why not supplement this wih their own example by transfering property to their
    daughters /sisters. (2) This will also act as deterrent to the fathers who like to make their retirement plan based on the extorted mony but could not care less for the daughter’s welfare after divorce (2) Unless the divorced wife can make an earning to live, she is left to the mercy of her father and that of his brothers, sister-in-laws etc. The transfer of parental property at divorcce will ensure that she is not forced to expect her brothers /sister-in-laws for her living and avoid the likely indignity.


  138. I am also framed in 498A by my wife. When i came to know about her premartial affair and details of physical reletionship thru her mail box within a one month of marriage. She theratend me and lodged false complaint of 498A against me and my old age parents.

    The most surprisng thing was, police was not ready to have look at evidence of mail and discussion which we had with her parent which cleraly indicates there is no cruelity or demand for dowry. Inspite of all evidences Police lodged case and now i am fighting against this monster law of 498A.

    It is very clear from my reserach on internet, Girls are misusing this law of 498A.

    This must be stopped…

  139. I am a retired Naval Captain . Wife a retired prof of law. Son in question a serving Naval officer and younger son B(Tech) MBA. I am residing with wife at Gurgaon. My son had joined Naval Academy at INS Shivaje at tender age of 17 yrs. His batch mate introduced my son to his cousin sister in Pune. We as dotting parents had no option but to agree and give blessings to Love Marriage. We as a family dont believe in concept of dowry. We are worshippers of Saraswati rather than Lakshmi. We believe in having two square meals undetr own roof with dignity. We never took any dowry. We rather declined the offer completely. The girl came to ourhousehold in Delhi with just one suitcase of her own clothing. We financed the honeymoon of couple to north-east and Sikkim.We sent a truckload of household necessities , such as refridgerator, air conditioner, Beds, dining table carpets, curtains, cutlary crokery gas connection etc to help the young couple establish their marital home at Vishakhapatnem. The first time my wife visited Vishkhapatnam was in Jan 2008 i.e., after 6 months of marriage, at a period of time when our son was leaving for prolonged period of sailing and also to celebrate Punjabi festival Lohri. My wive’s return travel was pre-booked for 30 Jan 2008. The tidying up of sons cupboard was not acceptable to DIL. And a motherly advise not to get in touch with other naval officers on her own was made a big issue and my wife had to be recalled back on 29th Jan 2008 by Air, as she had developed psycoscomatic disease of Asthama for the first time.The cpl never stayed with us at Gurgaon. They only visited us once in a while for durations of 3-4 days. During those visits, the DIL was never maltreated. Rather, I used to cook food for them. DIL forced our son to take MTech admission in IIT Powai, so taht she could be ner to her parental home Pune. She refused to acceede to our request to come to us in Gurgaon to get our help & caring in pre-delivery. She rather chose to go to Pune, to her maternal uncles small two room house for the delivery. During this period our son would visit her during weekends travelling by car. He met with a near fatal accidant in which car was totally smashed. Neither our son nor our DIL or any of her relatives shared this information with us. Gradually our son had stopped talking with us. He wont even bother to lift our phone call. It took us two months pursuation to make him call his newly wed cousin sister home. This was as of Feb 2012. And then in Mar 2012 she left in company of her father to Banglore by air. And then in Apr she raised first complaint with Naval authorities, seeking their help for marriage reconcilation. In this complaint she had no mention of dowry harrasment or Domestic voilance. She approached Powai Police Station on 29th May 2012. The inspector after invesigation, closed the case.
    And then in Jun 2012 she once again filed complaint with Yerwada Police Station in Pune on 14 Jun. On 30 Jun she got an article published in Pune mirror. All her complaints about Dowry Harrasment and DV are concocted stories, totally false & baseless only witha view to harras and defame the family. After all this she has the audocity to once again approach Naval Authorities at next place of posting at Ezhimala, Kerala, seeking the help for reconcilation. What a pity. How we the honourable senious cititons ben dragged into a failed love marriage.

  140. There are differences in every marriage and when these difference go over a limit, marriages break. Thats acceptable as failed marriages should not be considered a crime..those who use or rather misuse these laws are the ones who forcible make marriages to fail..they are only interested in making money and use simple and non-suspecting husband and his family as a tool…have not seen even a single instance where girl’s family doesnt have criminal/political association…
    dont expect anything from our lawmakers as “har shakh pe ullu baitha hai, anjame gulistan kya hoga..”

  141. Women in india are majorly misusing these law and minting the money. They are re-marring with their loved ones and spending the good life on the expense of suffered ex husband and his family.
    Please squash such laws and give equal rights for husband and wife. There has to be laws made in the favour of men where they even can file some true cases against his wife and in-laws.

    Thanks and Regards
    Saurabhh Seth


  143. Rampant Misuse of Article 498a in India:
    Recently one Man Mohan Das, a corrupt retired Orissa Police Service Officer filed a false case against Man Mohan’s son in law, a highly paid techie who served with IBM in India and abroad, hooked by Man Mohan who got his characterless daughter married. Soon after marriage Man Mohan and his daughter went on demanding 25 lak rupees from the young man. He went on refusing to pay. Man Mohan, who is an extortionist racketeer and his son Manmath Das a gun wielding drug peddler, maintains some illegal business and gang of hooligans filed a suit against his son in law under 498a. When police arrested his son in law and his parents, he pressurized the son in law to sign a bond to pay 25 lak rupees. The young man refused. Now the case has gone to court and the young man is in prison for no fault of his. High Courts have stated that out of cases booked under this ugly act 98% are fake and fabricated by vamps and their relatives. Hon’ble Supreme Court have given adverse comment. But the dangerous law continues to kill innocent people. PEOPLE SAY BRITISH INDIA WAS HAVING BETTER LAWS.
    ~~Criticism outside India is enormous.~~

  144. This law is just to create terror in the minds of male society and harass them without any trial . This is completely a injustice for all sections of society living in India. It had destroyed the family harmony in India.
    All women educated or uneducated are misusing this law with the help of corrupt system of judiciary including lawyers, police and all associated.
    There is no benefit to the women at large by this law. It destroys thier lives completely.

    It needs certain amendments in this law immediately.
    And I support this PIL strongly.

  145. Nisha Sharma’s case proved that how women and their parents can use the law. Unmarried women can file 498A. I think they used this law because this law says women can file 498A any time. Whatever women has written or said in their petition they need not prove, only falsely accused have to prove that she is telling lie and we did nothing and never demand any dowry.

  146. Women are misusing this law very commonly.

    Even if the women has any complaint then that also police should not immediately interfere in family matters unless there is any loss of life or there is any physical damage to the body part or any hard beating mark on the body of the women.

    Also there should not be any listening to the parents of the women, only women who has suffered the problem should be having right to complaint. This is because women parent gets emotional and hype the things on behalf of the their daughter.

  147. its high time…all laws should be made gender neutral….

  148. This laws should be amended and law/Justice should be done irrespective of the gender. It is true that Womens are misusing this law.

  149. This laws should be amended and should be made gender neutral. Justice should be done irrespective of the gender. Lawmakers can not assume that men are culprit and women are victim always. Law should be amended as per time changes

  150. Good information…Feel this information to be passed on to all boys who are planning to marry.Please give some legal information which men can use to getaway from abusing womans and start new life.


  151. Working in p7news channel, here I made weekly progamme titled Kaayada Kanoon for continuously one and half year and came in contact with hundreds of 498a and other feminist laws victims. It was a participation observation that resulted into a book titlled SKIN OF MARRIED MEN,LEGALLY TASTY…releasing today at Pragati Maidan in 22nd book trade fair…Publisher is Gaurav Books..Ph; 9811455518. Actually we all need and deserve to have a loving family.

  152. Law is not equal for man and woman in India. Man harassing woman is criminal and woman harassing man a civil non cognisable offence. If man and woman are equal then why reservations for women , is it to tell them they are weak and cant do without reservations? She can ask money openly in court and claim it to be compensation while a man if asks anything it is dowry great law. Times have gone when women were the weaker section and needed protection, its high time law makers change the law with the enpowerment of women who are just abusing the law to make money. Marraige is a business for them now

  153. 498a is just a money extraction technique from innocent husband and their family members…. Currently, innocent husband and their family members are suffering a lot from this law. I don’t understand the existence of such law.

    Is government is still thinking that women aren’t outcome the men? Do you find a single woman on this earth who has filed the 498a and found not guilty… Everyone knows how much women are abusing the Indian Judicial System through this law. This law is completely baseless…

    Think about those husbands who have suffered in jail because of this unbiased law… Were they able to live happily after such torture? Some of them even committed suicide…!!!

    I am wondering why women organizations are protesting the amendment of this law… Just for money and reputation…? Women organization just wants to create a judicial system which only supports women whether they are right or WRONG!

    My humble appeal is to amend this law and give the sufficient time to husband to prove his innocence or better write-off this law completely. There is no point in putting husband and their family members behind the bars without finding them guilty. What’s the point of taking rapid action against husband? Is wife were sleeping all the time after the marriage!

    Create a transparent judicial system which is fully unbiased. Jai Hind!!!

  154. govt not want to do any thing ,these are use less govts ,do not want to any amend in any law

  155. My Parents and I are victims of false 498a , DV case . I request the Supreme court and Govt of India to take strong action and punish women who file false cases against husband and in -laws. The punishment should not be less then 7years of imprisonment and Compensation to the tune of 10L.

  156. I and my family members are victims of False 498a and DV case. We are threatened a lot by when she was at matrimonial home. Both of when stayed away from my parents (as requested by her) also didnt change the circumstances. We spent days in Judicial custody, due to the false cases against us.

    If the section is to protect the so called WOMAN, my mother and sister are also WOMEN. Please help to Save the Families and Marriages, which is a backbone to the culture of our Democratic country.

  157. Please help me and remove this stupid law; and please let me know; if you need anything else please call me at my cell 001-360-489-778 8
    Thank u

  158. My daughter-in-law & her parents have filed a totally false F.I.R under 498A &470; 34 to obtain divorce forcibly after only seven months of seperation. They wanted me to offer them a flat;car; costly ornaments & TV which I refused. I took no dowry.Yet they put my son in lockup with a false allegation of demanding 2 lakh.
    With great difficulty I obtained interim bail after six days. They agree to withdraw case if my son accepts divorce. It seems no way out.
    How can any girl complain about physical & mental torture after 7 months?
    IPC: 498A: A Dangerous Weapon Frequently Misused
    This law which was enacted to empower women is now being misused to harass; extort and imprison innocent husbands and their parents without any investigation.< br>1. ARREST HUSBAND & PARENTS IS OFTEN MADE ON THE BASIS OF FALSE F.I.R; WITHOUT ANY INVESIGATION / PROOF OF GUILT WHICH IS MOST UNJUSTIFIED.

  159. Our family is being threatned for 498a and Dv or we agree to each and everyy order of my brothers wife; she wants him to kick our mother out of the house;she has 5 fractures in her spinal bones.

  160. My Mother in law stays mostly with us in bangalore and keeps bitching about me and my family to my wife and my wife’s brain has become so much polluted that she treats me and my family members disrespectfully and now she has started to threaten me and my family members by saying they will file cases against me and my family plz help me!

  161. Laws are made to punish the accused..So we need Laws to punished the family for generating false 498a case…I request to bring new laws for the punishment to the family and lawyers for creating false 498a cases

  162. Yeah there are so many incident where women and their parents framing false allegation and it is become common practice. We must fight to make several changes in this section.

  163. There are thousands of real victims of Legal terrorists; still Government of India turn blind eye on men harassment by Women/wives.

    i am ashmed to be born in India.


  165. i have been victim of this father in law filed a false dowry case against my mother;sister and me after a quarrel between me and my wife in 1999.i filed a case under sec 9.125 maintenance case was filed by my wife and maintenance was granted in Jan 2001.and she appeared in sec 9 case when exparte proceeding was ordered in Oct. 2001.i put the condition that i will accept her only if she accepts in court that 498 was false and not merely withdrawing the case as i felt that in future she can not be trusted.i left sec 9 case and filed a sec 13 case.she appeared after gazette notification and when it came to record statements she brought stay orders from HC on grounds of case 2004 her father filed complaint case for on action taken in dowry fir (they themselves had grounded it in hope that i would keep her daughter).my sister moved to high court us sec 482 to quash the case and stay was is pending as on date.My mother passed away in 2000.i left my govt service in sister is suffering from depression.i sold my house and now i am not paying any penny as maintenance since last 8years.she though that she would get share in property on behalf of my twin children who are with her.unfortunate ly she has no knowledge. of any property to recover from.What did 498 give her?Whom did benefit?i am leading my life in a way you can guess! happily.No point for such laws that break families and force society to commit illegal acts.

  166. This is 100% true that this law has made faulty wives a open terrorist which can easily threat; harrass and extort money from the husband which just opposed her wrong doing against her wish.

    It cannot stop domestic violence but just changes the characters of its definition i.e earlier domestic violence occured agaist women by men; not it is made by women against men.

  167. My BIL send unanimous SMS from a fake number to my sister’s fiance to break her marriage. In return I got 498a. Anticipatory bail given by session judge even before return of dowry article.
    Now facing 498a/125 & DV.

  168. I completely agree with many views expressed and also how 498A has been abused over years.
    I wonder that our government does not bother about this rot in the legal system but has time for FDI; walmart;etc!!

  169. India;

    Stop this misuse and save your children not only women are Indians we husbands;sisters;brothers;Moth er-in-law and father-in-law also Indians and your kids Save US

    Thank s

  170. My wife has misused this law just because of her greed for money. She openly demanded 50 lakh rupees or else she threatened to file case of dowry. When I refused to agree to her demands she lodged false FIR that my family went to her parents house and demanded money. Despite no evidence complain was lodged and case appeared in the court.

  171. Wife and there family threatning with false dv and 498acase;they are claiming the gift and our money which they gave thr cheque as dowry.though they will trapped in it himself becoz they cheated and done crime of giving they are demanding 80lakhs rs.

  172. Please stop the misuse of section 498A by putting some strict punishments on misusing the right available u/s.498A.

  173. 498a Should be amended – as this law is being grossly misused. Our family has been falsely accused and we are fighting the case. Indian justice system does not believe that women can cause grave danger to the society and hence is letting them run rampant with this bomb in their hands.

  174. I am agree of missusing of Dowry act 498a.I am also one of the person which is being harrased.In
    my case marriage was not taken place; and they file a false case on me and my parents; even compromised was done. we have sufficient proof to prove that alleged case is wrong; but no one is here to listen men all rules are for women.

    No one is here to help us. We are just born to pay forcefully.

    Can any one help me and advice.

    Rajeev Saxena
    09015 810199

  175. The law is actually more for the outlaw it seems.
    Our so called intellectual women folk neatly clad in their sarees speak strongly in favour of this menace; sitting comfortably in AC studios enjoying the limelight they get along with a chance to show their intellect while debating such causes/cases with people suffering from this law. It is however hard for them to empathize considering the attention they get while leading such home breaking causes. I however; strongly condemn dowry or demand of any kind from the girls parents and I believe Justice should be done & girls given their due but not on the cost of Dignity and freedom of a law abiding citizen. A case must be heard & investigation carried out by independent and secret agencies so that none of the parties can bribe them or even try to. This law should be done away with or atleast modified due to the sheer brutality it unleashes from day 1 on the Boys family & the Boy/groom himself even if they are innocent.
    Anyone reading and can make a difference; please act now before its too late. Grooms would be very scared of marrying Indian girls and I think honestly the stage has already reached.

  176. “L A W

    L egally
    A llow
    W omen

    to act as per their will & extort money from men under the name “”marriage”” to fulfill their selfish and greedy motives”

  177. I am a victim of this Act and I want this act to be equally shared by both Husband and Wife; so it should be changed to Spouse act rather Women’s act.

  178. misuse of the section 498A of IPC may be stoped if could not be stopped then it should be deleted from the IPC. i think that there should be proper investigation before using the section 498 A of IPC becoz elders and our relatives who are innocent are our respective persons. If there is any false criminal case is registered by the police under the said section then our society is adversely affected somewhere. So Government Should take a proper step towards such kind of situations.
    it is astonish that Govt says that we all should respect our elders and children and other side section 498A of IPC denies it. What a illogical situation indians are facing! Law itself says that no innocent person should be punished or brought behind the grills but section 498A dont care of it. It is dangerous section for civilized society.

  179. Please stop the misuse of 498a and bring a law to punish the people who files a false 498A complaint.

  180. It is a wonderful information nobody has done till today.It will be very useful information useful for everybody.than q very much.

  181. the fight against this law should taken like a war situation as it is demolishing millions of happy living family every day.

  182. Domestic Violence act should empower both men and women equally. Men should have the right to file case against women. If women want equal rights in the society like men; they need to earn their ownliving and stop being parasites. You all shameless women; stop using this law as a license to blackmail; harass and extort money.
    And yes; I am an women myself.

  183. Stop misusing the laws against innocent husbands and In-laws.

    Nation should stop encouraging such laws.

    Today Men need equal rights from Women.

  184. This act is a completely biased act ruining many families and lives. Women and families who resort to this act for remedy is harming the womenfolk in general. The whole system of marraige will be in jeopardy if this violation continues.

  185. The present generation women are not the same as what they were two decades back. They are educated; intelligent and self sufficient. Government should be very careful in formulating legislation keeping in view the welfare of the country and not only the vote bank. The days are not very far when even the parliament will be taken over by women and the fate of men will be permanently doomed.

  186. Appeal to rewise 498A and punish who all misuse 498A law to protect family harmony.

  187. the basic problem is with: 1) marriage: stop this system called as marriage? Why to encourage this system? Is life impossible without it?
    2)findin g husbands and in-laws as hapless dustbin and as atm machine: why? are 488a and dv girls sati savithris; & born in raja harischandra family? why a husband and his parents/relativ es will spend their live after courts and lawyers for false; framed and with motive filled cases?
    WHY 498a females and DV females will enjoy LEGAL IMMUNITY? who gives them this right? people who frame this laws: what is the level of their understanding of Indian society and laws? Are they satisfied in their own lives?

    SHAME ON these parasites called as 498a and DV females.

  188. Please stop misusing 498a;currently it’s effecting indian matrimonial system. Please correct the women biased law.

  189. A misused draconian law breaking bonds and family ties just for their greed and selfish motives mostly by the educated.

  190. IPC section 498a needs to scrapped or Govt has to introduce make it Gender Neutral if they want to continue for the Lawyers and police.

  191. The effort of removing guilt and fear created by generations of gender sensitization.N ow a days women misusing the law.And government is not removing 498a.

  192. Constitution is made to provide equal rights to all irrespective sex; religion; creed and so on and as per the social condition at the time of framing of constitution. Now; social condition has been changed and we need to amend constitution to suit present social condition. Women has to be protected by Husband; brother and Father as per vedas. Whereas situation arises like men have to be protected by Wife; Mother and Sister.

  193. I’m not married but admit that the laws are definitely biased.
    I feel because of such laws; crime rate is high.
    People do not get justice from law so they take it in their own hands.
    Its generally used more by cunning women rather than the genuine ones.
    We notice a lot of articles in the news where women are murdered and their bodies left in public places. Not all of these women are innocent and genuine victims..
    I understand murder is a crime but what is a desperate husband supposed to do if law does not support him…not everybody has the capacity to bear mental stress everyday….
    What i mean to indicate here is that this law is a crime creator rather than a crime breaker…it should be done away with….

  194. We need to make divorce law simpler and easier. The law in its current form brings out the worst in people and 498a is the most misused;mishand lled and gender biased law.

  195. Good day;
    I am a well educated (Doon School educated) Captain from Merchant Navy who married a local businessman’s daughter on Jan 4th; 2008 in Lucknow. I also have a 1 year old daughter from this marriage.
    My father had expired in 1991 in a road accident. I was only 12 years old at that time. It is beyond doubt that my mother brought my sister and me up with great pains. I have studied and worked very hard to reach this position of respect. However; since after marriage I have been continuously harrased by my wife and her parents and her other household members for separation from my mother who is an ailing patient of kidney transplant(carr ied out in 2006 prior marriage) and is also very weak. Points have reached to a nadir whereby my in-laws have been continuously harrasing; abusing; trespassing into my house; use of violence against me and my mother(incident s of Jan 2nd ; 2011 and September 16th;2011). I have not taken any legal action against my parents or my in-laws as I still want and hope things to improve in my household for the sake of my daughter whom I love beyond hope. I just want a peaceful atmosphere in my home; who wouldn’t? My in-laws as well as my wife have threatened to invoke a false case of 498a against me. I humbly request all concerned in this matter to please kindly draft/amend laws in such a way that innocent people are not targetted or trapped. I also request that this system refrains from forcing innoncent targetted people to suffer in any manner whatsover just because the wife or her parents are acting on their poor judgement. I also want a system whereby innocent husbands can safeguard their full interests.
    T hanks and Best Regards
    Faiz an Khan
    C-101; H.I.G.;
    Indi ra Nagar;
    Luckn ow

  196. i and my family was harrassed by my in-laws. there r miss using dowry and Dv for taking money from me.

  197. I am strongly against the family breaking 498a law; so I request this law to be removed totally; please do it to save the society; family; harmony; peace; equality; prosperity; and progress for all of us;
    Thanks and Regards
    Raji v Gangar

  198. 498 a is grossly misused asa powerful tool by the wievs and her family to loot; blackmail and torture the husband’s family.

    It should be amended; that all the charges need to be verified before registeration of FIR; and made bailable.

  199. In the evening of 04/09/08; a Police S.I. raided my house alongwith a few policemen and rowdies arranged by my father-in-law. The policemen were paid bribe previously to register false case against me and my family members.The police took me and my mother to police station and detained there without telling the reason for detention and in the afternoon of the next day forwarded us to court after getting a number of blank papers signed by me and my mother. The court; in turn; forwarded both of us to jail without informing us of our fault and without allowing us to speak in our defence. Later; after release on bail; came to know that police has concealed our night time arrest and wrote the time of arrest as 2.30 PM of 05/09/08 in case record. The police S.I. also allowed the my father-in-law and his daughter to loot valuables from our house. The S.I. also stole a bank locker key and kept in her possession and possibly misused it in some ways too. A complaint was lodged against police with the state Lokpal; DG of police and with Human rights commission. But they took no action against the policemen and did no investigation against the culprits. There are indications that the policewomen have taken huge amount of bribe to register false case and to prepare a bogus chargesheet. This section IPC 498A serves as a good earning tool for corrupt policemen; unscrupulous lawyers and judges and it is surprising that Indian government is tolerating injustice done to scores of innocent men and their families across the country every day under IPC 498A. The police SI and IIC who had taken bribe to harass me; were later promoted by the department in appreciation of their work.

  200. Women are more cruel then men;however voice of cruelty by men is not being listen by people;authorit ies as they are of opinnion that it is man only who can be cruel.In todays prospective a women needs only mony & mony.Also this money of man is being misused against man only.So it is high time that society should change it’s blurred vission to always favour a women.

  201. I am married for 1.6yrs now and i got a six month old baby girl. Problem is my mother in law ever since we got married she started staying with us almost most of the year.Slowly she spoilt our relationship and started ruling me with my wife even my wife is a pet to her mother still; i never replied but their main problem is my parents they doesn’t want my senior citizen parents; almost 70 yrs; to come and stay with us they only come once or twice in a year for a maximum of one month.My wife and MOL(mother in law) as well as her family members wants me to abondon my parents and become a slave to them all my life else they threaten me of 498A for me as well as my parents. My life has become miserable and now things have become so bad that they abuse my elderly parents and make them work as servants with words i can’t express. Please help me before we are forced to commit suicide.I want some real help! Please !!

  202. Not only me my 2 sons are also the victims of 498A Misuse . So far No 498 A ; DV case; yet mentally ; finacially we all 3 (Self and 2 sons) are harrassed on daily basis.

    1 . Mother talking SEX to 9 year old son(Just to humilate me)
    2. Not preparing food for the kids.

    3. Though she was treated for Personality Disorder for 2 Years (Now stopped on the intervension of FIL). 498A bloack mailing still on.

  203. Respected Authorities;

    This law 498A has been single handedly responsible for breaking so many Indian families; rendering so many children outside the natural care & custody of both his parents. This is high time that our Government & Authorities take serious view of this & amend or discontinue this law ASAP.

    Be st Regards;
    Gau rav Saharawat & Family.

  204. I strongly believe a woman can be more than cruel to any husband. Unfortunately; our biased vote bank mongers; policy makers; present politicians; ignored the equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Woman should be punished equally for their wrong doings.

  205. These dowry-related or female gender; blindly-protect ive laws are huge/ dangerous legal -loopholes; which are exploited to the hilt by lawyers; wives; their families; police & Courts; to make every husband a deemed criminal & every wife; a Devi & Goddess-incarna te; ultimately destroying everything good; still remaining in our Indian Family system. Don’t give such absolute power to the above players. Absolute power corrupts absolutely & destroys marriages & trust. GOD help us & our marriages

  206. I Dr. Nishat Ahmed Sheikh; i have been falsely harrased under 498a IPC; My Wife filled this false and frivolous cases just after the day of sad demise of my Son who left to heavenly abode because of Blood cancer; she alleged in FIR that i killed my son some by injecting some injection because of which my son died and i killed my own Son with allegations of dowry demand and cruelty which is false and baseless.
    My wife also alleged that she had been criminally aborted and abducted in our home for more then 3 months and all this allegation against myself and My old parents who are senior citizens and also against my Married sister who is a Medical Practioner.

    She filled 498a; DP 3/4; 342 and 34 IPC and latter again she filled DV Cases against all of us making further false and frivolous allegations.

    This gender biased laws are being very much misused and it should be immediately aborted or amended to make it gender neutral and the false complainant if proved they also be punished.
    Thx & Regards
    Dr. Nishat Ahmed Sheikh

  207. “I along with my family members are victims of false 498A; Domestic Violence and other sections of Indian Law which have left Indian Men and their mothers; sisters just as a waste in this great country.

    In my age of 29 years; where I should be concentrating about building my career; and be part of country’s progress; it is because of these draconian and biased laws; me and my family members are living a harassed life.
    All this; just because I married a person who could not be good to me; and a person to whom these biased laws are good and handy to.

    Plea se be assured that so many biased laws would soon ensure male foeticide in India. As parents would know that one incorrect Daughter-in-law from their son would bring their end legally during their old age for no fault of theirs or of their son’s.

    I t is surprising that even when Supreme Court has termed it as “”legal terrorism”” ; the lawmakers are still wanting more proofs.

    Arent the statistics alarming?
    La khs of Women jailed because of false cases?
    More than twice the number of men commit suicide because of these false cases than the girls from the same age group?
    Convi ction rate is only 2% of all these.

    A rent these laws making life of 2% people better with making lives of 98% innocent people worse? In terms of absolute number; for every 2 wives; 98*3 = 294 men and women are left tortured by these laws!!

    W hat more proof is required for the law makers to realize what bad are these biased laws doing to the India society?

    Please …………. please …………. please look into this with some reality check.”

  208. 498A or DV act is being misused heavily by women .Due to these laws all we have is broken up families and broken up children . Its time the law should change and a deterrent comes up for false accusations.

  209. “I have a false case of 498A where it is clear that corruption is rampant even in the judiciary. I woman says she was beaten up and thrown out by the husband at a time when I was in a Govt Hospt after meeting with an accident. The Magistrate simply ignores the Govt Hospt prescription with date and time and hold the case against the husband.

  210. I am a victim of 498A misuse. details will be provide upon request and necessary verification.

  211. I am also a victim of false ipc 498a & domestic violence case. my old parent who are senior citizen also involved by my wife in above case; police are blindly following the law; without knowing the fact and verification of allegation made in FIR. Can any prudent person will marry with any girl in future. the whole indian social and family structure will collapse; if women & child development ministry blindly making any law or amendment in it. so; my humbly request through this PIL to check the fact of NCRB suicide ratio of men’s and women in family matter and need of men to continue the reproductive cycle of life. if u kill every men of through those hittler law; then no men will marry with any women. reproductive cycle will stop. don’t go against the law of nature to fulfill foreign policies and your personal ego.

  212. If govt. sincerely wants to stop dowry; pl. make it mandatory to declare by both parties before marriage registration that no dowry was given or taken. This will stop the misuse and then no dowry law it required. If marriage takes place without this declartion then marraige should be considered as null and void and both parties including the parents of bride and groom should be laible to be prosecuted.

  213. I am victim of the misuse of 498A.

    Af ter 6 months of marriage; my wife abondened me.
    When i asked her to return; she demanded sum of Rs 87 lakhs & asked me to leave my old retired parents. Otherwise she told me that she will file a false dowry case against me.

    When i refused to pay this amount; she went ahead and filed case of domestic violence and 498A (dowry allegation) on me and my old parents.

    I am greatly suffering harrasment from poilce and legal proceddings.

    Althoug h they have no evidence presented by them on their false claim; court is favourable to them & have rejected my bail.

    I am shattered.

    I request to India govt to stop support to the legal terorism in the sake of 498a(dowry harashment) and provide me justice.

  214. My entire family is dragged to quadruple case of false Dowry prohibition cases for same allegations.My father served in Indian Army ;faught war against nation in 1962;1965;1972 ; Myself was BARC;Mumbai Scientifc asstt before I was dragged to misuse of the DP Act by my in-laws to extort money and to hide her character.Still after more than four years of separation; she is no willing for any settlement and may mother;sister;s ister-in-law (all Women) are being harassed in numerous court cases; I am denied the right to meet my little daughter for last 4 years;my daughter is forced to love as fatherless child.These all are results of misuse of DP Act only.

    Pl ease have courage to speak the truth; you are requested to look into these misuse of law and Really help women and children.
    Kharak Singh Mehra
    Haldwa ni ;Nainital
    PI N 262402

  215. The DV; 125 and 498a are completely women favoring laws due to which thousands are families are getting broken. I am also one of such sufferer who has lost wife; family; my job and reputation due to the misuse of these laws. I had to go jail for the crime I never did. How can I bring her back who has filed all the false allegations against me? . If they are all proved false then what relief and compensation I can get ?. Has the government any answer for my questions ?

  216. “I could not even imagine that the wife who would not get tired saying “”I love you very much””… would go ahead and file a 498A case on me; when I would not give in to her motives of settling down permanently in USA ( I had made it very clear even before marriage that I will return in less than 2 years for sure) – and she confessed that she married me only because I was in the US at that time. Please stop the misuse of the modern ‘torturing’ woman; not ‘tortured’ woman…”

  217. I absolutely support this PIL moved by Swati didi…These tyrranic natured in-laws will most surely make our belief in family and women change and absurd laws like the PWDVA act and the 498a provisions adds fuel to fire to their aspirations.

  218. I WAS MARRIED FOUR YRS AGO;AND I AM ALSO FACING THE SAME SITUTION;AND MY WIFE IS TEACHER IN GOVT.SCHOOL;AND WE DONT HAVE ANY CHILD;UPTILL NOW.WE ARE THREE BROTHERS AND ALL LIVE SEPARTELY IN THIER FLAT WITH THERE FAMILY;AND MY MOTHER STAYS WITH US;BUT MY WIFE ALWAYS FIGHT WITH ME AND MY FAMILY;AND RUN TO HIS FATHER HOUSE;AND HIS FAMILY ALWAYS RUINS OUR LIFE;AND SAY THEY WILL FILE FALSE CASE OF DOWRY & HARSHMENT;ETC;A ND PUT OUR FAMILY IN IMPRISONNMENT;; AND THEY NEVER TRY TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEM;BUT I ALWAYS; bring my wife back;as i cannot live without my life;or u can without sex;.Our sitution and became worse as she do not like my family members;and fight with them recently and give them filthy languge or you can gali etc;I always try to understand her; to not to fight or give gali;as you are teacher;but she run by herself to his father house;by taking all her belongings and my access sccoty;etc.NOW; I want divorce from her;or otherwise;i can commit sucide;please help me;for god saack

  219. Kind Attention
    No action taken still now.

    The Hon’ble incharge of the Public Grievances Department. I need your help. Please help me.
    Respecte d Sir/Madam;
    S ub: Your prompt action shall be highly appreciated and deserves to be lauded. Which can save me and my family members (My old aged father; Mother and my only solitary daughter 5 years)

    P olice / Political Leaders / Judicial Magistrate to take bribe I have lots of evidence; I think not taken any action because many Police Officer including IPS Officer; and Many Government employee are lose there service and go to jail. So West Bengal Government not take any action. Am I right?

    M r. Shankar Kumar Samanta (Kolkata jella committee member CPIM) and his son Mr. Sandip Samanta (DYFI Member) so any body/ you do not take any action?

    A case was filed by me In the court of LD. C.J.M. At Barasat; Date: 13.04.2010 U/S- 156(3) of criminal Procedure code charge U/S: 323; 379; 406; 479; 498; 500; 506 READ WITH 34/120B OF INDIAN PENAL CODE. The case is starting At Baguiati Police Station Case No-168 Date: 24.04.2010.

    The I.O. At Baguiati Police Station of the case has already been charge sheeted according the names. The I.O. At Baguiati Police Station accused all miscreants in the charge sheeted but neither took any measures to round up them rather they paved enough (more then 2.5 months) time which make them the way to take bail.

    An yhow Application under Section 438 CrPC Among the accused person Shankar Kumar Samanta (S.B.I. Officer) and his son Sandip Samanta has been granted bail by the Ho’ble Calcutta High Court.

    B ut it is painful to state before you the prime accused ?Ç£Beauty Adhikari?Ç¥ and others accused were shown in the charge seeted ?Ç£AS ABSCONDING?Ç¥ (Proclamation of Arrest and Warrant of Arrest.)

    Please note that the prime accused ?Ç£Beauty Adhikari?Ç¥ others are large and they are available in there house; each and every time.

    I therefore prey before your kind honored to Make arrangements to arrest the prime accused ?Ç£Beauty Adhikari?Ç¥ and others as they were shown in the charge sheeted ?Ç£As prime accused ABSCONDING?Ç¥ (Proclamation of Arrest and Warrant of Arrest.)

    Prime accused ?Ç£Beauty Adhikari?Ç¥ and others are large and they are showing in there house; each and every time. I informed this matter to Sri Rahul Srivastava; IPS Officer. The Superintendent of Police. Barasat. And S.M.H. Meerza; Addl. Superintendent of Police. Barasat. North 24 Parganas. Barasat.

    Your prompt action shall be highly appreciated and deserves to be lauded. Which can save me and my family members (My old aged father; Mother and my only solitary daughter 5 years)

    M r. Shankar Kumar Samanta purchase Sealdah Court 1st J.M. Mrs. Nita Sarkar. I get only date and date and date (4 to 5 times in a month but she do not take any action; Sealdah Court 1st J.M. Mrs. Nita Sarkar told me Beauty Adhikari is ?Ç£AS ABSCONDING?Ç¥ Proclamation of Arrest and Warrant of Arrest. Not my court; so I can not take action)


    100% now I believe that if you have money then you can get anything; every thing is possible by you. If you are a poor then you can’t get anything; every thing is far and beyond possible to you; also you get poor judgment and poor comportment in all aspects of life; in our country INDIA. For example 1. I. I went to Police Station more than 100 times; made 5times entries (complaints) into G.D. but Not even a microscopic actions took place against the alleged bodies. On the contrary Sandip Samanta; S/O. Shankar Kumar Samanta (S.B.I. OFFICER Ph. No. 9830366434; Branch: 24B; Nimtala Ghat Street; Jorabagan; Kolkata- 700006; West Bengal; India?ÇÄ; Bank Ph. No. 033 25308337) he has much more and enough money so they purchase all police personnel’s and some political leaders; some Dada. Etc. Only I used to get many letters and many phone calls which all seem to me needs to be thrown in the trash; as it all are valueless; toothless and only simply a solace to the poor. What an undone boy I am! Woe is to me! My wife and her family; Shankar Kumar Samanta and his family harassed me and my family; they are torcher me physically and mentally (Mr. Shankar Kumar Samanta Kill me and my family any time any day).

    We got married 05/03/2002; and have a daughter who took birth on 09/07/2005. My wife and her family (Including Shankar Kumar Samanta (S.B.I. Officer) and his son Sandip Samanta )lodged a case 498A/34 IPC; FIR NO.276; date 31/08/2009; P.S.: BAGUIATI; against me and some of my family members it’s a fabricated; baseless; legless; toothless and doesn’t have any commensurate to the fact. My wife is engaged and having an illicit affair with a boy (Sandip Samanta; S/O. Shankar Kumar Samanta S.B.I. Officer Ph. No. 9830366434; Branch: 24B; Nimtala Ghat Street; Jorabagan; Kolkata- 700006; West Bengal; India?ÇÄ; Bank Ph. No. 033 25308337) just opposite to my house; all the matters are known to every person in my village; and also they have certified me written about my fresh character and nature. When my wife left form my house with Sandip Samanta taking many vory gold and cash 1.20 lack Indian rupees. What a demon she is! She didn’t take our only daughter (only five years old) who is now in my house having severe asthma supported by inhaler. My wife filed the 498A case dated 31/08/2009 and I was arrested on 06/09/2009; how much money Taken Baguiati police form my father and others for 498A/34 I.P.C.; fabricated Charge Sheeted; I don’t know; because then I’m in Jail. The Ld. court granted me on bail on 19/09/2009. Barasat court. I have lots of irrefutable evidences; (20 pcs. Adult S.M.S.; Mr. Samanta’s Mobile Phone; Mr. Samanta’s SIM Card; Adult picture with the boy; G.D.E; MANY MANY OTHER PAPERS RELATED TO MY CASE and TWO c.d.); with me where it is cleanly reveals which translates my wife and the boy that they are in illicit relations. Believe me I and my family would love very much (which is very rare seen in our society) to my wife and never any kind of love lost didn’t happen. They (My wife family) are very very poor and live in a bosti Address: 70/H/8 Manicktolla Main Road; Kolkata ?Çô 700054; Beside 5 Star Club; my mother saw 1st time and she arranged my marriage. Before marriage my family did not see the pedigree of my wife’s family; now we understood also realized that they hailed from a worst status. My wife; her family and (Sandip Samanta; S/O. Shankar Kumar Samanta S.B.I. Officer) all they are misusing this law. Now my wife’s family knows all the affair-related matter. My wife left our only solitary daughter to me who is 3 years old (Now 5 years) having severe ?Ç£Asthma Disease; depends on INHALER; here political Hide and seek; ducks and drakes and lots of unfair means are going on and the father of the parents (THE FATHER OF THE BOY WHO HAS ILLICIT RELATIONS WITH MY WIFE) are rich; so they are spending money to everywhere with a view to be escaped. Now I decided that in no way I can’t accept that demon wife. I hired a lawyer his name Mr. Kamelash Nandi. I don’t know what will be happened next? It’s an utterly a huge and a palpable offence subsequent to which the boy deserves severe and examplanary punishment so that no one can dare to abuse this law. My mother is a sugar present shies sugar is now 400. If possible please help me. Please investigate the matter thread barely and save me and my family. I leave here one question to every one that in this die-straits situation whom do I take care to myself (TRAGEDY); my daughter; or my mother (severe Diabetic). My wife filed another case me U/s. 125 Cr. P. C. Case NO.167/2009; J.M. 1st Court Sealdah; 1st Floor. Room No: 103; Kolkata-700014. South 24 Parganas. Date 16/12/2009. Mr. Shankar Kumar Samanta purchase Sealdah Court 1st J.M. Mrs. Nita Sarkar. I get only date and date and date (4 to 5 times in a month but she do not take any action; Sealdah Court 1st J.M. Mrs. Nita Sarkar told me Beauty Adhikari is ?Ç£AS ABSCONDING?Ç¥ Proclamation of Arrest and War
    rant of Arrest. Not my court; so I can not take action)…I am millions miles away from the genuine and authentic investigation and inquiry. No inquiry; investigation were executed against the F.I.R lodged by my wife. It is very painful; lamentable as well as heart rendering; breath taking affair to me and my family. My heart bursts into guffaw when I see the nature of the inquiry and investigation. One thing is as clear as crystal to me that the law and the task of the law enforcing agencies vary from man to man. A new proverb is going to take birth very soon that ?Ç£Justice for the rich and Injustice is for the poor?Ç¥ A rich reserves the right to indulge in any kind of heinous business but the poor is restricted to involve in any type of excellent deeds?Ç¥ To see all these my heart is about to come in the mouth and the ground under my feet gets shook. In a word all types of Law are for the poorest and the richest will enjoy the richest judgments from all quarters.
    After coming form the DumDum Central Jail; I mat with the BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra; and asked him politely: ?Ç£ SIR I FAILED TO UNDERSTAND THAT I MADE SO MANY ENTIRIES INTO YOUR G.D.E. BUT YET NO ACTION SO FAR HAS NOT BEEN TAKEN FORM YOURSELF?Ç¥ then BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra; went through all my papers (20 pcs. Adult S.M.S.; Mr. Samanta’s Mobile Phone; Mr. Samanta’s SIM Card; Adult picture with the boy; G.D.E; MANY MANY OTHER PAPERS RELATED TO MY CASE and TWO c.d.). After seeing all my papers he told me that I cannot take any action until and unless you lodge a case against all of them.

    Th en I Prayed to the Ld. C.J.M at Barasat court to lodge the case; against the alleged person. (The payer to the Ld. C.J.M. is enclosed which is self-explanator y) after filing the case (The case is starting At Baguiati Police Station Case No-168 Date: 24.04.2010. CHARGE 323; 379; 406; 497; 498; 500; 504; 506 READ WITH 34/120B OF INDIAN PENAL CODE) the BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra; and I.O. Mr. Prasenta Kumar Das; Mr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh; in stead of taking not any take investigation/ not take any action/ not take any type of query to recover my Cash and Gold form the house of Shankar Kumar Samanta; The BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra; and I.O. Mr. Prasenta Kumar Das; Mr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh; took my case as a Golden Goose; and how much money BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra; and I.O. Mr. Prasenta Kumar Das; Mr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh; has taken is well known to them. Neither he took any take investigation/ not take any action/not take any type of query nor he did roundup them against my case.

    Wh en I saw that already near by 90-100 days went by ?Ç£ I went to the BAGUIATI P.S. to know the status of the case then BAGUIATI POLICE I.O. Mr. Prasenta Kumar Das; Mr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh; became outraged me and my mother that if you ask about Shankar Kumar Samanta and his family I will sentence you and your family in the Jail; all their languages is so much filthy dirty which I cannot express front of you.

    As I’m 100 percent innocent so I screw up my courage to place my grievances to every body in order to get redress. So I want to let my matter informed all the Indian and others. I wrote my matter to our local P.S.; Local Councilor; all M.P.; M.L.A.; Minister in W.B. and Other States; C.M. in W.B.; CBI Department; CID Department; S.P. and Dy.S.P.(N.) 24 Parganas; DGP Bhupindar Singh; All the I.P.S. AND I.A.S. OFFICERS; All DGPs/IGPs . Election Commission of India; All Indian Union Minister; UPA Chairperson. Sonia Gandhi; Governor in W.B; and President in India 29th times write ((My Request/Grievan ce Registration Number is: PRSEC/E/2009/12 581; PRSEC/E/2010/01 100; PRSEC/E/2010/03 797; PRSEC/E/2010/08 720; PRSEC/E/2010/06 692; PRSEC/E/2010/12 464; PRSEC/E/2010/17 088; PRSEC/E/2011/00 423; PRSEC/E/2011/02 405; PRSEC/E/2011/03 705; PRSEC/E/2011/04 474; PRSEC/E/2011/05 314; PRSEC/E/2011/08 159; PRSEC/E/2011/09 368; PRSEC/E/2011/09 369; PRSEC/E/2011/09 750; PRSEC/E/2011/10 342; PRSEC/E/2011/10 987; PRSEC/E/2011/11 037; PRSEC/E/2011/11 278; ?Ǫ?ǪAND OTHER NUMBER I MISPLACE). P.M. in India; National/Intern ational Human rights department; AAP KI KACHEHRI ?Çô KIRAN KE SAATH; Kolkata Police; and all police officers in W.B. informed Kolkata Commissioner of Police; Manager S.B.I.-Branch: 24B; Nimtala Ghat Street; Jorabagan; Kolkata- 700006; West Bengal; India?ÇÄ; Bank Ph. No. 033 25308337. My nation; all of the news channels; and all press; The Central Vigilance Commission; Talking with some NGO’s: 1. Universal Right and Duty for Human to Abide URDHA; 2. Human Right Commission’s Mr. Ujjal Paul and Mr. Shibaji Dasgupta. 3. Bhatat Bachao Sangathan BBS. 4. Forum for Social Justice and Development FSJD. 5. Ajjtak News Channel?ÇÖs Miss Menogya. and many more; (anybody can’t help me/ fight for truth /don’t take investigation/d o not take any action/don’t take any type of query/ Still Now; many department told does not comes under the purview of our department. Then my question is where I go now? I see they all are in sound asleep. The reason is best known to them. I think not taken any action because many Police Officer including IPS Officer; and many Government employee are lose there service and go to jail. So West Bengal Government not take any action. Am I right?

    I hope you would care to me; your prompt action shall be highly appreciated and deserves to be lauded.

    With kindest regards;

    Dipak Kumar Adhikari

    Tegharia(Dhali Para);NandanKan an. P.S.: Baguiati. P.O.: Hatiara. Dist.: North24Parganas .

    Kolkat a-700059 Email: dipakadhikari59 W.B. India. PH. 9874389190

  220. It is an a******* law that is not in keeping with basic human nature. It presumes extreme goodness and moral strength of the concerned people to not take advantage of an obviously flawed system and unfortunately the world does not work that way.

    The se ridiculous laws need to change.

  221. I am a victim of a marriage which has caused severe mental pressure on my mother (she is my only parent) and constantly facing trouble due to my wife’s deliberate ignorance and disrespect.
    I fear that in the name of LAW my wife Mrs Rinku Mitra Ghosh staying currently staying at her parents place for more than 1.5 years doesnot like the strong bond between a MOTHER & SON.
    She is interested in money to support her own family and I had been giving financial support to her father’s family. Her brother Mr Malay Kumar Ghosh was looking to pursue graduation and I gave 10000 rupees to get his admission in NIIT kolkata for GNIT and BSC course in June 2007 just prior to our marriage.
    Wh en my financial condition slumped; my mother in law started charging me for discontinuity of financial help.
    Since then my wife is ill treating and disregards my mother.Just because she is not able to adjust to husband home.
    To avoid any misuse of 498a as I have received a notice cum letter via ADVOCATE from Dhanbad which clearly mentions that if I stop financial support; she will go to any extent to harass me; my mother; sister and Mausis. This is a mental torture as the ACT is being misused. I have not taken a single penny dowry; on the contrary supported her financially. All went in vain. She enjoys to have more Freedom; control her in-laws; just to Blackmail me. I will not agree for divorce; as I feel the marriage is a heavenly decision and I can change my wife’s thinking; but her father; mother and other relatives are provoking her for dragging this all. I had booked her ticket twice and had to cancel at the last moment; when she notified that she cannot come leaving her parents. My mother doesnot stay with me so there is no restriction on her freedom. By the time she realizes for her mistake; it will be too late.
    I need suggestion and guidance from a good advocate on the same. I have been staying alone at Bangalore; Singapore; Gurgaon since December 13th 2009. My wife ‘Mrs Rinku Ghosh Mitra’ is staying at her parent’s home in Bhuli (Dhanbad) Jharkhand. We had issues and my wife chose to stay with her parents at Dhanbad since 29th November 2009.

    I tried to have a mutual discussion with my wife; however she is reluctant to do so. I transfered 5k (average) per month as she claimed maintenance fee by sending a notice to me through her advocate. I lost my job in January 2011; and could not send her money for 5 months. Meanwhile she has already filed a case in Dhanbad Court; which has shattered me completely.

    I would like to discuss the entire case history with a good advocate. Please can you help me with your suggestion.

  222. I agreee with this…498 has turned to be a social terrorism…A law turned dictator ship of the urban women..The law should not be gender oriented…

  223. “Respected All;

    althoug h this law (IPC 498a) is meant to protect respect and rights of Indian women ; It is not fulfilling its cause. The Act is widely being misused by people. Need not to say that to give threat and torture to husband ; his sister and mother are also being charged under this case. even minors and far flung relatives are also harassed by this. we can easily conclude that the said act was meant to protect women but is being misused against women.

    Moreove r This act has given power as the tale of “”Bhasmasur “” (Bhasmasur was loyal and faithful to Lord Shiv but when he got power he changed his mind).

    N aturally in a family ; we have to make understandings and have to make some adjustments to build a everlasting relationship. This adjustment includes sacrifice; tolerance; justified behaviour and lot more. Every family has some small quarrel going on; this doesn’t mean that on a small matter which can be overlooked ; a wife makes issue and visits police. If this happens how can the family survive.

    Mother in law is like a Mother; and she should have some power to rebuke and punish her son or Daughter in law; if they are doing something wrong that is against the ethics of family and society.
    Why we always blame MIL for “”Sautela behaviour”” .
    If the family is based on trust and values then only it will be everlasting ; otherwise not.



  224. All members from our family are govt servants. The daughter in law has created a false 498a on us.

  225. As per the law 100 culprit may be punished;but one innocent should not punished.
    As per 498A section 100 innocents are harassed instead of punishment.
    It is better to remove this 498A instead of amendment.

  226. Change this law before something new happens in this kaliyuga.This law is being misused by the mahila police officials as they are looting both the families and without any investigation carried out they book everyone really they dont even feel ashamed being a girl or a women taking bribe in the police station and turn on a deaf ear the party who gives the most amount wins the battle and they are not there to settle out matters rather aggrevate the situation so that they keep getting good amounts as per me this is abolished or a new law be prepared where both the boy and the girl get the equal weightage

  227. Misuse of 498a is not just shattering the families; but also killing the fundamental rights of innocent people. There should be a heavy price paid by the individuals who misuse anylaw.

  228. I have been tortured by this section 498.It is better to remove this section 498 from the law.

    Usi ng this law only innocent are being harrassed due to this real family system is getting destroyed. The people who really harrass the woman they are woman can raise voice against them. This law does nothing for them.

    The purpose of this law is to destroy the indian family system. Lawyers are making money with this law they are the key in misguiding the people. In my case lawyer played a key role and they threatened me for money. lawyer blackmail people with this is really a legal is high time for the government to remove this law.there is no need of amendment in this law.

    Law yer making the judicial system mockery by misusing this law.

    lok pal and ramdev fighing for corruption and black money who will fight for this legal terrorism.
    < br>i have been struggled with this problem for more than 4 years. it is really nightmare. i have not slept properly during the last four years.

    i am ready for the satyagraha to remove this law.

  229. This is my humble request to all India men that please when you are going to marry a girl call media and in front of media girl; her parents and relatives will declare that they are not giving any dowry and boy; his parents and relatives will tell we are not taking any dowry and till 7 years of marriage hang CCTV in your home; record video and audio of every step even in night also; record every phone calls. before marriage girl will sign in stamp paper everything. okey. is’nt it funny!! but think once; this is the best way to relief from 498a act and law will open a new act to punish misuse of this act to help man of india.

    j ai hind

  230. An absolute extortion tool….Already suffering with an absolute false PWDVA case wgich is being filed after 2 years of seperation and now getting threats of a 498a. Should at the outset abolish all such gender biased screwed up laws…belive me it does no one any good!

  231. i support this PIL and my family is a victim of one of these cases. Strongly support this PIL?

    Tha nks


  232. “I have fought against false DV case against my family with proof and gave an opportunity for my wife to rejoin thinking that she has understood that love will work more than threatening.

    But my inlaws and the lawyers have brainwashed her and she has taken up 498a weapon now. Though I can prove it false; my innocent son; father and sister are suffering besides harrassment and embarassment to me; just because I loved thinking that he is morally upright person; forgiving her crimes.

    Me and my immediate family including my son have lost my health; youth; career; piece of mind and money while false case filing people are happy.

    T here should be some kind of wise thinking before enacting law. I dont think my fellow sisters suffering due to dowry can ever use this act to protect them.

    I see only corrupt and egoistic people achieving their will through this Act.

    I am against the cognizable and unmindful arrests in this act. I request for more meaningful law which can control dowry harassments and which will prevent abuse by the corrupt; guilty and the egoistic.
    Best way to deal with dowry is by not praising or being jealous of those who got/give dowry ; but looking down upon people who boast about dowry giving and receiving as pigs !

    Lets see: “”Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita”” (Dharma will protect those who protect Dharma)”

  233. please make 498a bailable.and make such provision that this section is not misused.

  234. These types of fake cases are increasing rapidly.
    The re should be a check against them to protect our society and not merely a particular family.

  235. My parents;brother n I ve been getting tortured by the misuse of 498 A.498 A has become a weapon for daughter-in-law ‘s n her parents to extort money;harass old parents n afflict all sorts of pain n hurt to them.I know how my parents n brother r going through n still fighting a battle.

  236. It is true when the authorities are not vigilant nor morally upright ; which they are seldom ; the abuse is the order of the day.
    I am happy to be a signatory to this PIL

  237. I am another victim of the draconian law called 498A. My entire family has been implicated in a case which has been filed with all kind of false statements. My wife; her parents; the mahila police station and few other corrupt police officers got involved together and have falsely filed a case. My father in law paid money to the mahila police (women) and the police officer to arrest my family members. My father in law has contacts with the police and IG – Intelligence and he framed a plot to loot money from us. Without any investigation or proofs; the police just barged in my house and arrested my mother who was alone at my home. The police did not have permission from ACP of Vizag but still arrested my mother.

    This is a gross violation of human rights. Whom can we reach to stand for us? Who can listen to our plight? How can we fight against corrupt and fraud police officers?

    I completely agree and sign this PIL to fight against the misuse of 498A and seek justice in this regard.

    Hopeful ly justice is rewarded before I am alive.

  238. I am a Lawyer and i bailed many families from court under 498(a);DP; sec but i never realized the pain of that people but i realized that when my family and me suffer from this abuseing Process and Legal tererisum.
    N ow I have stoped to accept any Matrimonial cases from women beacause now i don’t respect them and trust them any more.

    I don’t know when it will be stop. in courent political environment.

  239. Please save me and my mother (who is heart patient) from my wife; who has filed a false compliant against me and my mother.

  240. We request to India govt to stop support to the legal terorism in the sake of 498a(dowry harashment)

  241. The law should be changed/modifie d as soon as possible; as many families are suffering from cruelty from woman. the numbers of cases are getting increased in recent years; as the awareness of blackmailing is increased.

  242. Whilst the original intention of 498A was fine currently the Act is subject to a lot of abuse. To my mind at the very minimum the offence should be made bailable..

  243. Our judicial and police system is very bad ; any non bailable crime FIR lodge againt any One Like Advocate CA Judge Minister Businessman Criketer Film maker Hero or any Famous person Like Big B and other ; get approch for bail ; get rejection and Get Jain ; After Tril he found innocent ; Why this inocent person go to Jail ; This is fully Joke of our whole system
    Please change the system …………..< br>jago public jago …………… …

  244. if someone files a false case ;he/she should be charged with same 9999026561/ 8010850498;chrg es and must be rewarded same amoun t of imprisonment which accused has to get on proven charges.even if single allegation made in case were false;the entire complaint should be treated as false and one important thing;there must be time bound solution.not more than 6 months should be used to complete the trial

  245. Please take action; I was also facing same IPC act.My crime is that I took care of my father who was detected with cancer after my marriage.Becuse of her arrogance and egoistic nature; she puts me behind the bars.
    Due to which I never gave my father proper tretament.I am not worried about my self but always try to make my parents safe becuase they were unnecessiary traced.

  246. I support the above PIL. Today educated wives / women are misusing this law to settle personal issues. To hide their extra marital affairs; the wives and their family members use this law as a shield and the innocent husband and his family has to bear the burnt. There should be punishment for misuse of 498 A.

  247. Dear Sir/ Madam;

    P ls ban this 498A and also Domestic Violence act; and pls bring modification to these as due to these type of things our Nation Ladies are being misled or made to take harsh steps and breakdown of marriage system is happening and Majority of ladies are mis using these against their innocent family members.

  248. Laws should be such that are fair and not gender biased. I think a fast unto death like Anna Hazare would open the eyes of the government.

  249. These laws are nothing but divide and rule policy. Dividing society in name of religion; caste and sex.

  250. It is an weapon in the hand of woman to torturous mentally and physically to her husband by creating fear psychosis.

  251. Reading and experiencing pain and suffering of this law inflicted on mostly innocent people shivers my soul to the bone. I fully support this law must be reviewed and amended so no one could put this to use for miscarriage of the justice against own innocent citizen of the nation.

  252. Rather making gender bias laws; we have IPC which has all the activities. Any person can take that help whether for cruelty; hurt; murder; compensation etc… then this will be helpful for all the citizens rather going for special laws which again contradicts to our Basic Fundamental of India.

  253. I want 498a to be abolished. Instead a no fault divorce system as in Western countries should be introduced. Otherwise innocent people will suffer and become criminals

  254. I agree with the petition.
    Laws must be gender-neutral and just and must not serve as a means of legal terrorism or oppression.

  255. innocent people are getting dragged in the case where there is no justice.wommen are misusing this law.I am a sister in law going through the pain i dont deserve and the one who is responsible are playing games at there homes.Seeing your aged parents go to court for the crime they have not done is very painful.this is a legal terrorism.its a legal settle up the scores wommens are destroying families.we need justice..can anybody help!!!!

  256. STOP this law which is anti family; anti innocent ladies; anti innocent senior citizens; gender biased . Create a level playing field for all citizen of india.

  257. When we believe that boy and girl are equal then why such law are bifurcating both of them. law should be made to help the harrassed party it may be wife or hUsband

  258. To respectful officers; mininsters and parlimentarians ;

    Myself and family are god fearing; law abiding citizens. Now;I am a victim of false case of 498a. I have been asked to pay 15 lakhs by the wife and her family so that they can pay of their business loan. The money mindedness of today’s woman are making use of the law to extort money from the husband and inlaws.

    Kindly scrap this section 498a to keep the Indian nation as ideal for democracy; gender equality and faith in the justice system.

    Thanks< br>Rajeev

  259. If section 498A is not abolished; it should not be non-bailable. When any action is proposed against any government servant; he is given opportunity to explain by way of show cause notice; then why not same in the case of institution of marriage; when large number of false cases are being registered. There must be provision for police/court to make issues with supporting facts and material collected during investigation and obtain reply from alleged persons on these and make submission of their case. All such document should be thoroughly scrutinies by at-least two non-judicial authorities without intervention of any lawyer before allowing prosecution.

  260. Its an unfortunate scenario in India where the gap between a really timid and uneducated women from rural India who indeed is required to be protected are not getting the justice; whereas; selfish; arrogant and educated women; are using such a law not to protect themselves but to wrestle there ego and overshadow there own wrong doings.
    Its also unfortunate; that our Indian Govt.; justice system; NGOs; Mahila Mandals; instead of trying to keep the sacred bond are trying to encourage such immature women to take the plunge.

    This law; can never be accepted in its current form; as it weighs the scenario of an educated; well-to-do women with an uneducated; rural girl.

    I am proud to call myself an Indian; because its a women who is the President of our country; and proves India is not gender biased.
    If laws like 498A exists; we should as well have a law to protect the rights of men; something like 498B; else an unducated man would simply start shying away from the concept of marriage.
    On a lighter note; men would leave there home and live in there sasural :-). Atleast then they might have a chance to say; that the girls family is mentally torturing him for dowry. Would police act on such a complaint and book his in-laws or simply laugh it off ??

    Jai Hind

  261. dear sir ;

    i do support because i am also victim of 498a; crpc 125; dv 2005;
    and been harrased from 2 years; she has given birth to a baby boy ; and yet i have not seen;
    even though when she left my home i went to take her back ; but my in laws have blow me off
    to maintain the indian culture is very much essentil to modify all sec securing only wife; because my mom is also a women; but leaving saperately she is also been convicted; my father sufferd from seviour hart attake ;after going through pettision of DV 2005 filed by her ; as from last 2 years she taking the maintenance from crpc 125
    who will decide all this for commen man ?

  262. From:
    M. Krishnaraj;
    4-526; V road;
    Ananta pur-515001. AP.
    E mail: krishnaraj2828@
    Shri Rakesh Naithani;
    Jo int Director; Rajya Sabha
    Secret ariat; Parliament House Annexe; New Delhi û 110 001.
    (Tel: 011-23035433(O) ; 23794328 (Telefax) and E-mail: rsc2pet@sansad.

    Respected Sir;
    Sub: Prevention of Extensive Misuse of Criminal Laws etc especially
    U nconstitutional Pro-Women Laws/Rules (incl. 498A; DV Act etc) by
    Women&amp ; Case Hungry Police/ Judges by Sack/Arrest/Pro secution of them
    for not detecting False Cases as required by Criminal Law & Supreme
    Cons titutional Guarantee of Equality/Fundam ental Right.
    Ref: Your Ad in Newspapers.

    1. With reference to above subject; I humbly submit to enclose my
    Comments& amp; Requests for Prevention of Extensive Misuse of Criminal Laws
    etc especially Unconstitutiona l Pro-Women Laws/Rules (incl. 498A; DV
    Act etc).

    2. Every body knows that there are Extensive Misuse of Criminal Laws
    etc especially Unconstitutiona l Pro-Women Laws/Rules (incl. 498A; DV
    Act etc) by Women& Case Hungry Police/ Prosecutors /Judges/Media for
    Selfish& amp; Vested reasons like extracting Money; increasing their
    Busine ss& Numbers; causing Immense Suffering to Citizens.
    3. Constitutional Guarantee Equality/Fundam ental Rights are Wantonly
    mis used by these Conspirators for same Selfish & Vested Reasons.

    It must be remembered that Constitutional Guarantees (on
    Equality /Fundamental Rights) are far More Supreme than any Criminal
    Law /Rules etc incl. Judges MisJudge-ment for same Selfish/Vested< br>Reasons.

    Even Criminal law clearly says that False Cases must be
    detected/ Investigated/ Prosecuted/Puni shed besides Providing Reliefs
    for Protection from False Prosecution.

    4. Since; it is never done for above said Selfish/Vested reasons; We
    pray for Strict Enforcement of Constitutional Guarantees (on
    Equality /Fundamental Rights) & Criminal Law/Rules Guarantees (on
    Relief from False Prosecution besides Simultaneous Prosecution for
    False Complaints/Char ges) by
    a. Sack/Arrest/Pro secution/Punish Complainants/Ca se-News Hungry
    Polic e/ Prosecutors/JUD GES/ MEDIA (ALMOST ALL of them are proven
    CRIMI NALS in front of Law; as above) for not detecting-repor ting
    /arrest ing/prosecuting /punishing False Complainants and Conspiring
    w antonly to subvert Constitution/La w/Rules etc for above said
    Selfish /Vested Interests).
    b. providing Secondary Relief of Hefty Compensation like that in US
    (First by Govt. then by recovery from above Erring officials/
    c omplainants).

    c. make all judgements by any courts invalids/non-re portable until
    Parlia mentary Committee (full strength consisting minm. 10% members of
    both Sabhas- with 75% Male members).
    5. I humbly request that my Prayer be considered for strict
    enfor cement in PUBLIC INTERESTS OF ALL CITIZENS so that People can
    live Peacefully with Self Prestige and without False
    Arrest s/Defamations/P rosecutions/Pun ishments.
    I also request that these petitions be NOT PROCESSED by above vested
    Inter ested Persons incl. Advocates.
    < br>I also request that action taken report/Progress be also informed by E
    mail at early date.

    Wi th Thanks.
    11.1 2.10; Anantapur;
    < br> Yours faithfully;

    M. Krishnaraj

  263. I and my innocent family members are victims fo the Legal Terrisom called 498A.

    This law was made to protect woman from unlawful demand of dowry and prevent dowry related deaths; but it has been used heavily by women to harass her husbands and in-laws. This has turned into a legal terrorism and there was no way provided to husband to protect himself from a false complaints.

  264. This law was made to protect woman from unlawful demand of dowry and prevent dowry related deaths; but it has been used heavily by women to harass her husbands and in-laws. This has turned into a legal terrorism and there was no way provided to husband to protect himself from a false complaints.
    As seen by SC there is only 2% of conviction rate in this act; so we may assume there are 98% false complaints. Why ?? we are keeping it alive ??
    How can a NRI woman/educated software engineer women can be harassed for dowry ??
    Please make necessary changes to this act so that this can not be misused and if misused guilty party is punished properly.

  265. Wife filed false 498a against me and family after I found about her extra marital affairs.

  266. 498a; DV Act should be gender neutral. such laws in the hands of greedy women and her family is being misused.

  267. Please stop misuse of these biased and baseless laws and stop the harrassment caused to lakhs of innocent Husbands and his familiy members.

  268. It’s high time that we join hands to bring down this legal terrorism that has destroyed innumerable families; especially the male fraternity and their families. Hope that the our woes are heard; and even if they aren’t; the fight for justice shall go on. We shall overcome some day………

  269. This act should be ammended as it is losing its purpose to unlawful & fraudulent practices. Initially formulated for protection of women; now it is used in the wrong sense of harassing married men & their families and extracting money from them. This act should be made more neutral & fairer offering protection to both genders against such practices in the society.

  270. The Laws are being misused to the hilt by the unscrupulous; criminal minded Black Mailers -Women inthe nname of so called wives & the Supari taking so called Advocates. The Laws must be scrapped forthwith to check the harrassment to the innocent families & the boys who suffer at the hands of such notorious Goons & above all what about the Time Period & the Cotinuous harrassment suffered by the husband & his Family; during that period who are required to fight the False cases filed by the criminals (as stated above). In a Civil Society like ours misuse of the Laws must be prevented. As such IPray to the concerned Authorities to kindly take immediate steps to curb the menace of misuse of these laws (which is happening in most of the cases). The Laws must provide for severe punishment of 15 to 20 years of Rigorous Imprisonment to the perpitrators of the crime of filing False Cases to extort money form the Husband & his Family & the supari taking Advocates must be Debarred from the Practict for 20 to 25 Years. Such Stringent measures can only check this menace.

  271. My Suggestions to stop misuse of 498A IPC: –

    1.Makin g 498A IPC Gender Neutral; right is required that Husband & In laws also can file 498A against her wife/ Daughter in law/ Sister in law.

    2.T his is applicable for Domestic Violence;etc case also.

    3. Police should not arrest any person before proper investigation.< br>
    4.498A must be Bailable offence; until court declared the particular person guilty.

    5.Any people from any status are misusing laws like 498a; etc. I think this is for to extract money by treating marriage as a drama; applicable for any other law also. It is also a strong example of wasting of valuable time & expenditure of govt. of India; Govt. of particular sate; judiciary and administration & also applicable to Indian citizenÆs who are waiting for proper justice. So; if any person found raised false case & it is proved by court then his or her citizenship must be seized & any kind of facility from government should be withdrawn by law.

    6.If anybody comes to police station & court to file allegation against anybody it should be mandatory to take declaration that allegation is true & if found false; fraud; fabricated only for blackmailing opponent he or she should be in jailed for a period of equally as per his / her present age for misusing Indian law. i.e. if a person file case at the age of Thirty years & after Five years court declare final Judgment then said person came to age of Thirty five & he or she should be jailed for Thirty Five years.

    7.It is also required to take help from modern scientific system that the persons who raised allegation is true or false when Police receives diary or Judiciary receives case; by this process some false case may be eliminated and stop present fashion to earn money by misusing IPC 498A; etc.

    8.S top such person to marry or impose fine INR 1 Lakh with multiplying with his or her age who feels shy to express them as Husband or Housewife.
    < br>9.If it is proved in court that anybody raised false; fraud; fabricated allegation only for blackmailing opponent then he or she should pay all expenditure incurred by opponent also expenditure of Govt. agency for his or her case.

    10 .Advocates who are represented client should fixed rate for particular like Law and it require to issue money receipt of fees.

    11 .Tax relief from expenditure on court.

    1 2.Most important compensation part who are suffering for false case. Summation of age of all sufferers multiplying by Rs. 1 Lakh. i.e. if total persons suffered 6 nos. Sufferer 1- 55 yrs.; Sufferer 2 – 50 yrs. Sufferer 3 û 30 yrs. Sufferer 4 û 26 yrs. Sufferer 5 û 28 yrs. Sufferer 6 – 5 yrs. Total Summation of age 194 yrs. Punishment should be not less than 194 yrs. x 1 Lakh = Rs. 194 Lakhs only. This hard step is required to reduce misuse of Law by the person who are not respects our India; Indian Laws & citizen of India.

    1 3.If he or she unable to pay such amount all property to be seized & sold according to law & his or her earnings of every month in jail to be handed over to Victim person.

    14.Who really do the wrong he or she also should be punished according to law to stop cruelty against Man or Woman.

    I believe in specific formula not in lump sum.

  272. The 498a and related act lead to abuse of law and are destroying lives of innocent people. This should end soon.

  273. Please add these clauses in 498A.

    Ma ke it as a civil case.
    Invest ion should be done by Tahasildar of that police limit.

    P olice should not done preliminary investigation because once police enters in family case;definetly that family will be divocered
    minor and old people shouldnt be in the FIR list.

  274. This is a a draconial law and is breaking up families.

    Please take it back.

  275. ò Whosoever misuses IPC 498A; in any way; to cause harassment to the opposite party; will be sentenced to a term of 3 years; immediately on completion of trial; by the very same court; which was conducting the trial; and would also pay a fine; equal to Rs 10;00;000/- (Rs. Ten Lakhs) per year to the opposite party. And also penalize/demote /suspend the police and other authorities who have done false / incomplete enquiry

    ò Misuse of Section 498A IPC to harass husband and his family should be made valid reason for Divorce and Termed to be deserted without valid reason

    ò IPC 498A should be removed from Criminal case;as its a Family Matter; because of this many lose their Job.its a Violation of right to livelihood; human rights and constitutional rights.

    ò Senior Citizens and minor Children should not be arrested or implicated
    < br>Get up and fight for a CAUSE !!

  276. Please abolish this law to save Men in India. If this continues like this; men will be forced to leave India and marry only Non Indians to save themselves from this marriage breaking laws

  277. Me and my family are a victim of false 498a case being put on by my well educated wife. This law was made to control the dowry system and torture on women. But designing and keeping a law such open ended and vulrenerable to misuse is not sign of a matured law enforcement system and government. It seems that women in india are tortured only in the form of wives. What about the women in the form of mother and sister who get tortured by the misuse of this law ? Are mothers and sisters not the citizen of this country ? Designing a law for the welfare of wives cannot be a justified excuse for keeping it open ended in a way that 98 % women start misusing it for meeting their unfair intentions. So this is high time for our law-makers to make necessary amendments to this law and include the following basic points –

    1. In case of any problematic marriage it should not be assumed that all wrong deeds are done by husbands. Conclusions should be drawn after fair and full investigation and judgement. Till such time both husband and wife should be treated equally in the eyes of law. Husbands cannot be punished or penalised on the basis of assumptions.

    2. This law has to be made gender neutral and liberty should be their to lodge torture complaints against wives as well. Whoever is found guilty should be punished.
    3. Any false complaint has to be dealt with seriously and accuser to be punished for wasting valuable time of government agencies and causing irrecoverable damage to the accused.

    4. In case misuse of law and false allegations are proved then compensation to be paid to the accused.

    5. Police investigating officers to be punished for not doing proper investigation and submitting half cooked and false reports thereby misleading the court s.

    6. Timebound speedy trial has to be considered.

    I support the cause and hope that this time Government and the law makers would show their maturity and use their experience they have gained all these years after this law was introduced for the first time and will make necessary amendments keeping pace with the fast changing time.

    Re gards;
    Debas ish Ghosh
    A Victim

  278. clause should be included in 498a amendenment

    FOR 498a cases; marriage certificate should be compulsory; in the certificate it should certify that the both the parties are not taken or demanded for dowry

  279. After refusal to dance and tune on SMT 498a and her parentÆs hand you will face 498A Is it a law or Joke with Husbands; His Family members / Relatives and results is only & only DIVORCE. is this law really procting women or Do you have a answer why would educated woman would tolerate so called physical and mental violence for so many years before filing 498A.

  280. This law should be immediately repealed or should be made gender neutral.

  281. I am not a direct victim of this law but a member of the general public who is favouring the amendment or abolition of this extreme law.

  282. Many women have known to misuse this for their benefit and have harassed their in-laws and husbands. Being a woman does not mean they are always good and honest.

  283. i am a vicitim of 498a and still suffering from it and unable to find a way with me my family also suffering of all false allegations and misuse of 498a and can’t do anything against it

  284. I have been hit by 498A after 4 month of marriage; I have not take any dowry or shreedhan; still hit by it and hunted down to Police station; Because of this caused my father metal torture and passed away after exactly 6 months after the case.

  285. This is Law is breaking families and homes instead building in the name of women empowerment. There are many more women; old and young arrested and
    harassed because of misuse. This Law is only fast track for Divorce and Fatherless society

  286. Misuse of 498a; crpc.125 should be eradicated. People who file false cases should be punished irrespective of gender.

  287. In my opinion; misusers of 498A should be hanged till death without any sympathy from any quarters.

  288. It is high time that this grosly misused law should be ammended to make it cognizable and compoundable. there should be no arrest without full and proper investigation


  290. 498A is widely misused and its evident from conviction rate.

    Un answered question is why would educated woman would tolerate so called physical and mental violence for so many years before filing 498A. Also why in many cases 498A is file along with or after divorce?

  291. STOP this 498a Money extracting section.

    There should be severe punishment who misuses this section to extort money. Because its causing effect to women-in-laws; women who are really suffering and to the family/marriage system of India.

  292. Really this Sec. 498A has been used by in laws to harass. The in laws (women side) do no have to go through mental torture; do not have to spend money (as govt. fights on behalf of them); do not have to go to jail 9or remain in police custody); do no have to be present in all case hearing.

  293. Stop Misuse of 498A ; Law created 25 years back ; cannot be pasted as always on everybody; No enquiry or investigation is done before registering a FIR and moreover as offence is congnizable it need to be quashed through High court . Reconcilation almost finish after FIR . and irony of law is that woman who alleges cruleties against husband and inlaws are finished after taking money. So this law is used for extorting money not for justice by stranged wife’s who misuse this law .

    Save Families of India by making gender based law.

  294. I am supporting this cause. These marital laws which are criminal in nature should be immediately repealed otherwise Indian Men will lose faith in institution of Marriage.

  295. Being an alleged accused along with other members of the family; i can understand the grief and harassment faced by other people. I therefore promise to be a part of this organisation.

  296. Being a victim of this female biased draconian law; I can empathise with other victims and will do anything in my power to raise awareness and cause eradication/ame ndment to this law.

  297. IPC Section 498 A which was believed to be a pro women law is responsible for ruining the lives of many more women compared to those actual victims it could have ever benefited. It definitely needs to be amended and the law abuser be punished for causing harassment against innocent people.

  298. This 498a should be banned or relaxed to the extent husband and his family have right to be heard and get justice.
    Jus tice which is not what has been demonstrated by girl(wife); but ht e justice which is just like a universal truth.
    Thank s & Regards
    Taru n

  299. Indian judicial system takes a long time to officially realize this misuse. Even most educated males are unaware of the draconian nature of these laws. I would never have married in the first place.. Now I am sitting on a bomb waiting to explode on to my face with a wife with personality disorder and controlling in-laws.
    If the system believes that male is to be punished; no matter what; then it would be very much needed to be made mandatory by law to sign a document acknowledging these laws by the groom at marriage (just like boards and licensing for preventing antenatal sex determination of fetal sex). This can save lives for a lot of males who do not have adequate emotional/finan cial/human resources to fight back who can avoid marriage in the first place rather than walking into his hell.

  300. This law was made in the sake of the women who really suffers the measure the conditions mentioned in 498a but not for the clever and smart women who misuse it to threaten their in laws for their unjust demands of Ego.

  301. i ve lost my marital life as my wife was so influenced with such laws that ultimately after seven years of marriage she left me deserted with my 4 year old daughter. She had committed adultery fortunately I had taped her confessions when after two years after having failed in her adulterous relations she approached the police with usual 498 stuff. I was fortunate that the police listened carefully to my side and registered a complaint so that she can approach the court. now she has moved to court under domestic violence. the case is ongoing. i ve moved to the family court. So far the police and the judiciary have been reasonable with me. she had tried to harass my mother who is senior citizen but fortunately the police; my lawyer and judiciary have been considerate so far. In my case a women is causing more harm not only to a female but to a girl child. My marriage is more than 9 yrs old so may 498 was not used but had it been used it would ve had direct adverse effect on my young daughter.
    Un fortunately my wifes case is advocated by a lady lawyer; just for few pennies she doesnt realises she is harming a young girl child. I have brought up my daughter with lot of care and affection.
    P lease get in touch with me if anyone needs any more information
    Rajes h Gupta

  302. “At the outset I want to express my integrity with your endeavour to fight against the “”Shoorpank hs”” haunting the Great Indian Society; who are after tearing the very Fabric of Secred values of our Culture; Marriage & Family. It is required that their sinistrous attempt to destroy our Families must be fought tooth & nail to derive Justice for their Victims.

    My son & our whole family are confronted with the False cases of Domestic Violence. We will be very much grateful if we get help from your side.
    Please let me know about the person(s) to be contacted in Nagpur”

  303. “This law should be abolished as it is doing more harm than benefit anyone. Girls and their family are misusing this law to make money and torture the husband and his family… This law is useless in its current form. Girls are not the “”ABLA NARI”” anymore!…they just use it for “”legally rape”” guys .”

  304. 498 A misuse should be stopped by all means to save thousands of Indian families from destruction. Also; citizens of India should join hands to fight against this kind of terrorism.

  305. “This law is true to the term “”Legal Terrorism”” ; it is so disgusting that our laws are created by bunch of goondas who always think and get treated above all the regular population of the country; shame on law makers for creating such a one-sided and useless law.”

  306. Hi;
    i totally support you.i am also IIT-IIM with 10yrs wife works in railways.after only 1 month of marriage she went to her dad’s place saying she has to join duties as all her leaves had expired.then called me to say pregnant.when my parents went to bring her back she refused.on that same day she called me later and said she had a miscarriage.i suspected abortion;but couldnt prove.anyways;i told her to return she refused;saying she will never stay with my parents and i must leave them to remain married to her.when i filed restituion of conjugal rights;after 10 days she goes to court and files DV!the court doesnt even bother whether this is afterthought based countercomplain t.then the court saks me to return all her materials and furnitures but doesnt ask her to the court she says she will think of styaing with me AFTER 6mnths!
    anyw ay in the pretext that we havent returned all her materials(basic ally ONE musical instrument-tabl a;which wasnt even received at the first place)she went and filed section 31 violation.she also added that we didnt return a laptop which was gifted by my dad(which however she had taken back with her when she first returned to her dad’s place and we mentioned this voluntarily in DV).So judge hearing her sole testimony decided that i am a criminal accused and filed 498a.he didnt even call me/lawyer to explain.i lost my job because my criminal verification i am jobless.we have appealed against sec 31;god knows what will happen.
    is this a free and fair society where all are equal where educated hardworking people are hounded and vilified by money seeking girls u/s 498a?oh-and she has also filed for maintenance and asked for compensation of 2crores!!

  307. i married an educated and egoistic woman; we have 23 month old beautiful daughter. she charged me and my old parents of causing domestic violence; god only knows we caused it or we were victims of dom. violence.
    sh e took away my daughter; i ve not seen her for last 9 months. given application for visiting my child but all my prays are falling on deaf ears.

    ma in jab bhi khush honeki koshish karta hoon to mujhe kyon wo masum soorat yaad aati hai; main kya karu help me; koi mujhe apni totali aawaz me papa pukarta hai; aur main kuchh nahi kar pata. i feel like dying. par jiyunga nahi to papa kabhi sun bhi nahi paunga; isliye jina parta month mere bachche ka birthday hai pata nahi kya hoga. mujhe to ye bhi nahi pata ke mera bachcha zinda bhi hai ya nahi.har pita ke andar ek maa hoti hai. par is maa ko bhartiya kanoon me koi adhikar nahi.aisa kyon hai; pata nahi par… sach hai…. aur bahut dukhta bhi hai…kaash main kabhi shaadi hi nahi karta..

  308. The 498A and DV should be reevaluated in order to stop the misuse.
    Its a curse on society and shame on WOMEN in its present form.

  309. Its been tormenting law which is totally defies the purpose of its existence.

    Seldom this section is used properly in real pertpertors of the law; because rural women are uneducated about thier rights and urban women can use it maximum to burn people alvi.e

  310. This law is human rights abuse issue. It must be abolished or at least amended to promote family welfare and society.
    I married in Oct-09 and after 10 days my wife shows her reality. She full time tried to dominate me and used bad language for me and my mother. I came to know about her past relations with two guys and other unbearable activities. I was shocked. My father complaint to my father-in-law; but instead of feeling guilty he threatened to murder me and file a case under Dowry Act. I never demanded any money/dowry from her and her family and neither had they given me anything. Once my father in law offered me Rs. 50;000/- but I bluntly refused to take it. It was like a bribe for me to bear her bad daughter. Now she left with her father and not returning. Her mother also wants to dominate me. How can I overcome this ordeal; itÆs like a mental torture for me.
    A lot needs to be done in this regard by the justice system in India. This draconian law must be eradicated and abolished.

  311. it is a draconian law which is harming the very fabriq of our society. It must be abolished or atleast amended to promote family welfare and society.

  312. I am a innocent brother in-law; harrased because of this thoughtless law.Please send me some ways to fight againt this. I am feeling so helpless.

  313. I am a 29 years old man and also a victim of 498A and 125 crpc; this is really a ridicules law just not to save womens rights but dignity it is a law to make a man feel insecure after being married; to make a man feel bound and dependent. this is really a big mistake of law makers to spoil the culture as well as humanity and joint families.

    This Law has to be ammended asap to save our Indian culture

  314. The sternest retribution needs to be meted out to 498a wives and families by the legal system for 1. perjury and defamation; 2. clogging up the already burdened legal system with false cases; 3. cruelty and mental torture to spouses; relatives; elders; often without the financial means or physical ability to sustain the traumatic exposure to the legal system.

  315. Its was originally a good law; but corrupt police and judicial officer have made it bad. They misuse it so bad.
    Part bad in this law is that it is too Biased to women.

    M y Wife loves me so much and will even die for me; but she has the same love for her family. And somehow her parents keep doing things which bring her to a spot where she needs to take the side of either husband or parents. She obviously choose parents because they cared for her for 23 years and tears in their eyes will make any women melt. The husband by nature are tough and strict and objecting to all bad parts in nature of the wife. This puts husband on the loosing side.
    I know my wife is with me today; but her parents probably may brainwash her soon so much that she might start hating me soon.
    They may win the war in the court but will loose everything in life. And if I loose my wife; I am be alive later on; but will more like dead.

    Th is is all because they know that such an idiotic low is present and they can misuse it. And they will.

  316. Excellent blog! I actually love how it is easy on my eyes and also the facts are well written. I am wondering how I may be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

  317. I extend my full support to the cause. The law has taken away the breathing space of males and has become a convenient tools for wives to extract money. Gone are the days when majority of people used to ask for dowry for the females who were not educated. Most of the urban girls are educated enough and the families also don’t support dowry. But any marital discord; even due to infidelity by wife is booked under 498A. This is a very sad state of affair. The government should abolish this law immediately and should make a law which should bring equality for both sides.

  318. I have came across two such cases in my acquintances & really shocked by the misuse of this law by Woman to extract money.

    This makes Marriage institution to be used as a commercial which it should not be.

    Than ks & Regards;

    Vipin Khanna

  319. These law should be made gender neutral. Both men and women should have to be considered equal in the eyes of law. Due to this biased law in almost all of the cases; wives are using these tools and putting false claims of dowry to satisfy there ego;attitude and to fill thier pockets and unnecessary demands. Not only the boy but thier family members including MILs & SILs are suffering and even old age peoples have been sent to jails and to face trials in the court without any proper investigation.< br>A lot of changes required in these biased law as it coming as LEGAL TERORRISM and that day is not far when our country has to face another groups of victims of these biased law turning into naxalities….. . to fight this LEGAL TERORISM

  320. i extend my wholehearted support for this cause …as the misuse of Sec 498A is becoming menace for our society & the law should take note of it & make the appropriate ammendment to the act;so as to save the innocent families from embarassment & blackmailing .

  321. All dowry related laws viz sec498ipc and dowry prohibition act are very poorly drafted and these serves no purpose for which these were framed.instead these have become weapons to subject innocent peope to cruelty;agony; harassment and irrepairable loss to reputation;care er;professional and personal life.

  322. I am myself one of the suferrers undergoing a 498a with a kid daughter of 20mths whom wife has taken away… i know what me and my parents underwent the trauma… i strongly urge the people in power to please do something about this Asap or else the indian marriage system will fall apart with no man being able to have faith in the system…

  323. I dont understand why arest is necessary in case of 498A. A person will get bail in anycase in 7 days or more; but the moment a person is on bail it diminsh all possibility to be united agaian. Why parents and brother and sister need to be send to jail without investigation. Why un necessary presure on boy side family.

  324. Please stop rampant misuse of Dowry protection Act IPC -498a. Please stop arresting innocent people.

  325. Dowry laws need an immediate revision without further delay. If a lady makes a false complaint; she involves minimum 02 more ladies(in-laws’ side) in criminal cases.That means females are involving more and more females. Jails are getting crowded day by day due to such false complaints. Even judges are convinced but are helpless due to already laid down laws. Law commission should revive the same in the light of today’s scenario.

  326. no where in the world may have such type of laws.not even under dictator/milito ry rules.amend law to make it as sn498a for women and sn 498b for men.

  327. i being a woman; do support this cause. As i do believe in abolishing this law. as its unfair and worst; without someone been proved guilty he is innocent. And please dont make the whole family suffer becos of one woman.
    Also i want women who had false charges against their inlaws not punished or regret to come forward so other women wont do the same mistake.

  328. this law is human rights abuse issue. why is man treated differently? why is there no need for proper investigation before subjecting the person to jail? India is worse than the poorest third world countries. The men should be educated about this before marriage.

  329. My wife has put 498 A; 420;506 ; 34 Ipc & 406 . To be frank with u she only used to physically abuse me & put lot of mental torture & her mohter clearly said they will break the marriage & wil go for Abortion.

  330. I read this guide. But I want to know whether all these boys/members of this orgn. feel that they have not harrassed their in-laws or wife. If these boys were in place of women; what will they do. Can they suggest any remedy for this kind of boys and their families of guys (Hijre) who marry only for money and when they are not satisfied with the money/dowry; they compel the girl and her parents to die or to make them die with harrassment. When the same picture is happend with their sisters their views are diffeent. In this PIL; these boys are suggesting to harass the girl and their parents to withdraw the case under 498a giving proof to their nature of harassing other. Government should immediately ban this 498a orgnization.
    Beware Beware Beware of filing complaints in Income Tax office; as now Income Tax Commissioner has decided that before pursuing the petition under TEP of these offenders; they will first proceed against the persons filing the petition under TEP .

  331. If there is a law for right there should be one for duties too.
    All wife-centric laws must be scrapped.

  332. Dear Folks;

    E very single word in this PIL is as true as truth has to be.
    this is an excellent initative by you all and we wish you all the best and would try our best to contribute our max. to make this revolution a big SUCCESS.




  333. All wife-centric laws should be scrapped and divorce made available when the marriage is dead.

  334. This draconian law is misused and the facts speaks for themselves. Every Indian whether male or female need to have equal rights and no law can unjustly favor any one side. The police needs to be instructed to pursue such cases only after proper investigation. Very stict action needs to be taken for people who misuse this law.

  335. I fully support the movement because here we are dealing with the shattered individuals and families and not with the strong and powerful terorists. Our Law is ‘harsh/stick’ on thoes who obeys and ‘soft/carrot’ on thoes who don’t obeys.
    Matri monial Law should be bailable and non-cogniziable . Arrest shall be made to only spouse and not to the whole family and that should be after proper hearing and investigation.

  336. It is high time that this grosly misused law should be ammended to make it cognizable and compoundable. there should be no arrest without full and proper investigation.< br>
    I pray to save our Indian families from the gross misuse of this law.

  337. The DV act is the most perverted law One can imagine.It gives unlimited power to abuse a section of society based on their sex. Must be repealed immediately. and those who framed it must be exposed as perverted sadists

  338. I am a victim of 498A. I was arrested for 3days and i got suspended from Govt. service. My wife couldnt live with me and had falsely framed this case on my entire family. Luckily I succeded in getting Anticipatory Bail for my aged and sick parents along with brother and sister in law after a months hide out. My side lawyer tried his level best to prolong the anticipatory bail process giving way for the police to arrest my family but his attempts failed. The b**** i married sent a letter to Honourable President of India and that letter was considered and an enquiry was ordered on me as i am a government servent. She had also sent letters to my brothers office and influenced the higher ups and he was suspended for 18 days for the cause as he had not informed his office that his name was there in FIR. He was not arrested but was punished mercilessly. My entire family’s name had gone to dogs. That b**** had contacted each and every relative of mine and wrongly propagated about our family that we are harassing her and demanding extra dowry. The ladies false cry and falling on legs of relatives and begging them to counsil me to take her back had given a meaning that i had thrown her out. In the back drop she challenged me that me and my entire family shall be behind bars and on the road. I had spent around 3 lakhs rupees uptill now. All my hard earned earnings are being wasted for train journeys and court procedings. In future; the Hindu marriages should be banned and together living should be encouraged as these ladies are misusing the law. God had saved me by giving the mood to the honourable judge to grant my divorce on mental cruelty grounds. I had provided all that she asked and inturn she ditched me. She suspected my fidelity with all the women at work place. She had not provided food to me and didnt attend any of the house hold works and she is damn a house wife all the time sleeping and becoming fat. All the above she want me to cut relations with my parents who are old and they had forgone many of their happiness for my comfort and provided me with high class education; fulfilled my luxuries and odd. Today when i look back and see what i gave them is only pain by marrying this educated cultureless and mannerless brute. What if the same thing happens to her aged parents? She n her parents never thinks. They act innocent to society and get sympathy from one and all. My advice to all my brothers; during marriage please do take an agreement that you had not taken any dowry and mention the gifts received on a stamp paper.

  339. It is high time that this grosly misused law should be ammended to make it cognizable and compoundable. there should be no arrest without full and proper investigation.

  340. I fuuly support the cause pls make a India movement to review Dom Vio act as well as 498 a

  341. I am also one of the victim of 498a. This law; instead of protecting the women; is in favour of breaking the family bond. The law should be modified so that at last it should provide ways to avoid divorce. It should ensure the harmony of family life should not be spoiled.

  342. “Me & My Parents are true victims of false 498a 34 dp case.My Wife has a Vaginal Problem “” Vaginismus “” by which she cant participate in Sex My Wife’s Father Scrap Business man went to Jail in Various theft cases such a Rail Track Theft case;Wife mother has illegal relation ship with 4 people in the town.My wife father is a greedy b****** for Money.Her parents know that she has problem and trapped us in 498a case.Now they want to extort money from us….My wife just did what her parents said and will do in future….”

  343. It is the worst law unleashed by the government to provide women with a means to dominate and destroy families

  344. there is a gross misuse of 498A; DV; CrPC125.. i think the govt wants all the men to suicide. ur creating india a fatherless country. india will never have men in near future. indian economy will fall. all men will go on a strike..i curse myself why i was born in a country as a female where females misuse & abuse the law & ruining the law of nature as well as made by humans. I curse myself every day being a women. becoz women are disgrace in india. they misuse & harass; torture their husband & inlaws .. i curse myself everyday that the law which is supposed to protect women in genuine cases is being misused. i curse myself being a women because many 498A women have sex with their father/brother & childrens.. i hate & cry & curse myself being a indian women… how can i feel proud of myself being an indian women; when the indian women is such a pervert; extortionist; causes harassment; torture; to the husband & inlaws

  345. amend the law to save family;marrige; customs and india.why the law applicable after filling divorce and passing more then 10 years of marriage.?it is not a law but a lawfull crimenal offence in the hands of married women &her parients.i appeal as a citizen & human being to stop 498a. do’nt forgate i have also sisters and mother.

  346. “Women misuses provision of law little but their lawyers misuses much the process of court for only some coins and fees for survival of his own family; breaking others family. women do not write complaint the lawyer writs complaint. Court at once realizes that complaint is drafted by “”legally trained mind”” and is false but; do not help “”innocents “”. Amendment requires “”complaina nt be examined through lie detector test or narcho test even without her consent””.”


  348. Repeal this law that had caused immense harm to families and ties just because some misguided and egoistic women.

  349. Hi;

    I know this topic is old and I am another victim added to the list; however the sad fact of

    the life is that I’ve been set. My wife has filed a fake case against me & my family for

    demandi ng dowry. Their were differences between me & my wife; and she has taken this route

    to show her revenge. Request for a precautionary checklist to save me & my family members

    from the turmoil.

  350. My wife & my in laws are set to trap me & family with this law. Plz god’s sake do some thing. I do not parents in their old age to go though all this. I don’t mind if they want to hang me public ; but I want my parents to be spared of all this agony.

  351. Please help.I am in dire straits.Problem is that I have been cleverky outwitted by both my wife who has now set up both my parents and my in-laws against me.I am literally fighting a last ditch.

    M y contact number:99400423 31

  352. I am victim of marriage and misuse of DV as well as 498A act.

    Aft er about 14 years of unhappy marriage; I filed divorce petition on 14th Dec 2009; my wife lodged false complaints against me and my entire family includes my 77 years old father; my brother and bhabhi. Falsehood of her case is apparent from the fact that she has mentioned that we all four people beat her for 20 minutes. My father was under treatment of fracture in his right lag and on 13 March (2 days before so called violance incidence) he was removed plaster and was advised to walk with 4 legged crutch after applying stiff supports made from old removed plaster. I stronlgy advocate removal of such gender biased laws or if not removed are made balanced laws so that husbands too get protection against false charges as well as violence of women.

  353. i dont know wether i ahve been booked in this case or not but i have the apprehension to be booked under the dowry case; i need the legal help in this

  354. I am a victim of a marriage which has caused severe mental pressure on my mother (she is my only parent) and constantly facing trouble due to my wife’s deliberate ignorance and disrespect.
    I fear that in the name of LAW my wife Mrs Rinku Mitra Ghosh staying currently staying at her parents place for more than 6 months doesnot like the strong bond between a MOTHER & SON.
    She is interested in money to support her own family and I had been giving financial support to her father’s family. Her brother Mr Malay Kumar Ghosh was looking to pursue graduation and I gave 10000 rupees to get his admission in NIIT kolkata for GNIT and BSC course in June 2007 just prior to our marriage.
    Wh en my financial condition slumped; my mother in law started charging me for discontinuity of financial help.
    Since then my wife is ill treating and disregards my mother.Just because she is not able to adjust to husband home.
    To avoid any misuse of 498a as I have received a notice cum letter via ADVOCATE from Dhanbad which clearly mentions that if I stop financial support; she will go to any extent to harass me; my mother; sister and Mausis. This is a mental torture as the ACT is being misused. I have not taken a single penny dowry; on the contrary supported her financially. All went in vain. She enjoys to have more Freedom; control her in-laws; just to Blackmail me. I will not agree for divorce; as I feel the marriage is a heavenly decision and I can change my wife’s thinking; but her father; mother and other relatives are provoking her for dragging this all. I had booked her ticket twice and had to cancel at the last moment; when she notified that she cannot come leaving her parents. My mother doesnot stay with me so there is no restriction on her freedom. By the time she realizes for her mistake; it will be too late. However; I believe that she will come back 1 day.
    my real life situation to be quoted as example.

  355. 498a is law for curb fundamental right of indian society; Need to abolish imeediatly; i do n’t know why supure court calm on this issue.

  356. If we fight; we may not always WIN; but if don’t fight we will surely LOSE……!!So; never compromise in life & fight to be the best against this misusing dowery protection Act IPC-498A……. ……JAI HIND

  357. 498a without definition/guid elines as to what constitutes a false 498a complaint and punishment for such false complaints is a retrogressive law. It is destroying the fabric of the indian family in particular and that of the nation in general.

    The sooner this law is reviewed the better for our country.

  358. indian govt. must amend this law; so that greedy women stops misusing it and abusing innocent families.

  359. I have been black-mailed by my wife and her paerntal family with legal notices suggesting 498a and DV. They are neither willing to file a case and nor do they come forward for the talks. They have kept my 16 months old son as captive and have prevented me from seeing him for the past 8months. I am ready to fight the case. But; they are not willing to file a case. Their lawyer and her mother and brother are playing the game keeping my wife and son as captives. My wife has become even schizophrenic in their hands. Help me if any one can by mailing to muralikanchi@ya

  360. I feel like a fool that I married in this country of 498A. My wife is a greedy selfish person and has reduced my life to a pereneal misery. I have a two year old son but I cannot take him out with me even for half a day since my wife is a mentally sick woman; over possessive or over smart.

  361. I strongly support this PIL and agree with every word mentioned therein. The system must change; gender biased laws must be made gender neutral and misuse of such laws must stop. Senseless 498A and DV act must be scrapped without any delays. The harmonious Indian society known for its culture and family unity is at stake and is being uprooted by the corrupt system & misuse of such laws by married women & their maternal families.

  362. Please stop this gender specific rule which is draconian in nature to rattle the life of men without any proof. In one way we say india has the largest democracy in the world but in another way Indian law descriminates between gender. Girls use this law to devastate the boys’ life. I would support in all respect to raise the voice against this law.

  363. Pity those women who file a false charge and blackmail…who gets harrassed legally and socially later for her lifetime by the fighter of a husband. When there are favourable divorce laws; if the husband is bad; she can get alimony and walk away as innocent divorcee and can settle again in life. I feel once the courts starts punishing the woman for their false allegation; this will stop.

  364. I hate INDIA and the law of 498(a). This is the worst section for men. In the Marriage life even women are doing so many mistakes because of this act they are getting benefits in the manner of amount and they are blackmailing. I Hate women bithces in this manner. If they need money they can go for trafficking but not herrasing the men in this manner

  365. Now the time has come to change this biased law. If the apex court itself agrees about this legal terrorisum; then why the amendments are not taking place. This law has given the greedy women a libirty to blackmail. So if the law does not change; it will be better for boy & his family to ask for A.B. at the time of marriage..

  366. All are equal. If this is the new age mantra; then I’m sorry to say that we’re only paying lip service. Now we have blatant gender-biased laws abetted and supported by blind intelligentsia where in a few years time it will be an anathema to be born a male child. Feminism is on death bed in the West; where it originated; but is a fluorishing and thriving business in India. And its a tool being used by vengeful women to settle scores with other women who are mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws. Now; isn’t that some perverted cat fight? And men are being sandwiched in between.

  367. Governmnet of India must modify the IPC sec 498-a. This law should put in civil matter and should be bailale. Jurisdiction must be parant’s in law place only. After 2 years of merriage; this case should not admit. Sineor citizen and remote relatives and other in laws living separately must not arrest by police. There must be a evidence in writing and proof of vedo should consider for such matter.

  368. 498a is disasterous act. It convicted lots of innocent people. Many families are suffering just becoz of this act. In India all acts drafted for women are one sided. Thats shame. women are also clever and criminal minded. Law makers please make this country a heaven for us also.

  369. Iand my old parents are victim of false 498A and a false kidnaping cases against us of my own 6 year old son

  370. i have lost my father immediately after aquittal of my whole family from 498a.
    please stop legal terrorism

  371. having such laws under the name of women empowerment is a shame. empowering women doesnt mean discrimination of men by not giving them even a fair chance to prove themselves innocent. please stop this social terrorism or it will distroy the social fabric of india ; which we are so proud of.

  372. An absolutely insane; ridiculous law aimed at pre judging a person. It is designed to promote corruption amongst the police officers and the advocates. Also it is highly biased and is a proven failure-only2%u ltimately convicted. Why is there not a similar mens law?Why nothing for the innocent and no punishment on the innumerable false cases?Please abolish this legal terrrorism.I am in fear in my own country due to this.

  373. Misuse of law should be avoided for betterment of future generations of the country

  374. 498A is a draconian law and enables corrupt women and her relatives to loot and destroy the reputation as wel as property/hard earn money of a innocent family under the shadow of Legal Terrorism.
    < br>As giving and taking dowry is a criminal offence with imprisonment;th en the women; who won 498a case must sent to jail with the husband on ground of taking or giving dowry as both are proved.

    But why this power is not executing; moto shuld be clear by the law makers.

  375. Govt. should be asked for that who is reaponsible for the death of the parents or others due to heart attack or else as of lost of prestige due to false 498-a.

  376. Please have equality before law. Remember a 1 or 2 month old kid cant hurt anyone. But ur 498A can put behind bar ever a kid of that age. Thik about it.

  377. This Law 498A must be amended.Women;p olice and lawyer are taking undo advantage of this. There should be disciplinary action against police if they file FIR without any analysis. The rule should be made in such a way if Women files false 498A it should also be cognizable offense and punishment should be severe.

  378. Serious thought is required to save families. The laws are completely biased uprooting the basic indian family philosphy. Women are taking undue advantage of such inhuman laws. I strongly condemn such biased perspective of Indian Law. It is nothing but crime in itself.

  379. Government should nullify this law. This is breaking families and creating environment of fear in Indian male.any one can misuse it easily without any efforts.


  381. 498 A sucks!! wud sooo like to give a piece of my mind to girija vyas; renuka chaudhary and other such lesbian bitches!! ncw sux!! 498 A sux!!

  382. The whole system of dowry laws needs to be looked into urgently. It is more sinister and stashed against men than it is thought out to be.

  383. What u have presented is only the tip of the iceberg. It is difficult for most non-affected families to claim untouchability or distance themselves from this problem in our hypocritical Indian society. But; mark my /our words; this disease is going to touch almost all families in the very-near future; then the real extent of creeping damage and finger-pointing will begin. Somebody has to bell the cat & standup. Thanks to the initiators; we have atleast a signal buoy in this mad ocean. Keep up the good work.

  384. There is no place for a one sided woman centric law; where on the mere complaint of wives; the husbands and his family have to be harassed by the slow judicial system which does not listen to the plight of the Indian Men and his family.
    STOP DOWRY LAW MISUSE by plugging the holes.

  385. i was arrested on an 23rd oct on a 498a case which is a complete lie and i can disprove all her allegations in half an hour as i realised her intention earlier and recorded all her threats in my mobile;but i had to go to jail because she wanted to marry someone else.

  386. please help me to find good lawyer in Amritsar; who can fight the case of my sister against her husand;who is beating her not providing basic needs of life and trying to snatch her children;and demanding dowry just want to go abroad.

  387. Please stop misuse of 498A. We are a developing country that needs more of maturity and equal justice to all. Gender bias are gone days.

  388. Laws need to be gender neutral and fair for everyone. Otherwise; somebody or the other will always take advantage of them.

  389. PC 498A needs to be scrapped totally; its a draconian law which favors only greedy people.

    Save Indian family is doing a very good work in this field

  390. once law is made it is difficult to think that the law will be made absolute or removed from law books…the only tool wht victims are having is to fight…..offen ce is the best defence….use counter cases…..DP3 cases…let the wife or her family members to run the way we did….lets strengthen the counter cases laws so that there are immediate or earliest virdicts for counter cases….jab tak thokar nahi lagati;women will not change.try to punish them through there routine that 498 is lodged once in every 100th family; once such punishment to wifes n their families are publicised by media; there will be awareness & some sort of afraid feeling will be initiated among the wives..this will agan place the ball in mens court. they will afraid of putting any false allegations on husband or his relatives….so in my opinion its difficult to abolish 498..wht we can do is to use law to strengthen ur counter cases stronger n use RTI…punish them…make them run…use law to fight against law

  391. This law is being grossly misued. Why make this non-cognizable offence? We had this in our family where the ex-wife of my brother in barely 3 months after marriage field for divorce and threatened to use section 498. All this only because my brother had lost his job and the girl was feeling insecure to continue in marriage.

  392. i think that indian women have strong values. they are becoming aware of their strengths.they just started educating 70-80 yrs ago. look how they r prograssing with the speed of light. men in india cant tolerate their success and become insecure.
    stop harrassing women otherwise live and die in solitude .

  393. This Terrorist Law of 498A & DV Act must be replaced to a Human gender Neutral Law.

  394. The laws 498a and DV act must be definitely amended and those who falsely accuse the innocent persons in in-law family must be severely punished.

  395. Today’s mordern women is least bothered about how to make things owrk rather they try to find out a way how to extract money through loopholes we have in our judiciary system. In my case my FIL said they know the LAW; actually he meant they know how to MIUSE THE LAW. In earlier days families use to have FAMILY DOCTORS; FAMILY PUNDITS; FAMILY GURUJIs and now all 498a families have their personal FAMILY LIARS(LAWYERS). I think govt need to put serious thought on the laws and they should also have MEN’s MINISTRY in place.

  396. 498a and DV laws are spoling our socity.
    Thes e laws are made for the protection of women. But today One woman misusing these law for harrass to other 4 women. where is the right of these womens. If today we are not stop this ;Tomarrow socity never stand.

  397. Sacred Marriage is being abused by 498a.The law’s are to be altered and 498a to be abolished.There should be intermediate counsels to guide the disputes and have them settled amicably.Laws to be framed giving equality to both male and female and so should be the functioning of courts;not really be biased if a woman cries for extra sympathy.Th male at all times cannot cry;even if he cries no one hears noe feels about it.The laws to be liberalised and marriages to be protected with professional mediation before cases are filed.Police also should be informed about the same and should be routed to a mediation counsel rather than arrest and courts.

  398. This is the most absurd and stupid law a country in this era can have.Design for rural women; educated classes are taking advantage. Its time government shows it is concerned about its citizens regardless of their gender. The law needs to be amended so that no arrest is possible without court intervention.

  399. i am ready to support you please give my phone number 9314659445 to any one who needs help at agra or jaipur. we conduct meetings every sunday at jaipur and organise dharnas near courts and public places.Every 498a victim is our brother and his family members ourfamily

  400. I myself is a victim of this and High Court Clearly states that the law has been used for blackmailing and bargaining. If a law can be used for such extortion then it fully eligible to be abolished.

  401. This law is highly misused for extortion (as huge sum of money is asked by wife and her family) and for threatening husband and his family and a counterweight is a must to put on. there is no consideration that what if the case is proved to be a false one? and there is no check at the first place on the complaint; whether it is correct or not and straight action is taken. Basic principles of justice is defeated with this law. First justice must not be bias based on sex of a person; second no chance of defending oneself is given before taking the action; third husband is approached as a seasoned criminal without even his so-called crime is proven.
    This law must undergo radical changes and corrections.

  402. This law should be changed to stop its missuse. Men should be treated as human beings by Indian law. If it goes like this; Indian family system will collapes soon. we donot understand why Indian law makers wants father less society.

    Educati ng humans may solve lot of social issues. This laws cannot…
    Its a shame and failure of Indian law..

    Sh ame on law makers

  403. Only for victims-
    No Defeat is Final till you Stop Trying

    T his law is breaking the indian homes.We should raise our voice aginst this.

  404. No Doubt . These laws are badely implemented .Along with this 498A i would say DV is also wrongly implemented.
    Its pure legal terrorism .. I request govt to do something against these 498A and DV extortion rackets …and save India from becoming fatherless society…

  405. Gov is not ready to stop this injustice;
    Honorable President of India; Honorable Chief Justice of India and all knows how widely these laws are misused by today’s Indian women.
    But no one is ready to change the law to stop its misuse.

    Atleast Courts should do something to stop the harrassment of innocent Indian husbands and his family members.

  406. These days i’m seeing lots of girls are getting depressed and are being psychologically effected by watching daily soaps where a husband; a mother-in -law ; a sister in law are portrayed to be bad; they are not able to take ppl around them positively even though the in-laws are good ; these girls are fixed and refuse to see goodness in any of the in-laws and even husband. i really regret the way law is in INDIA; WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE INDIAN LAW AS IT IS BEING COMPLETELY MISUSED BY MANY OF INDIAN GIRLS JUST TO GET MONEY FROM HUSBANDS; EVEN THOUGH THE FAULT IS IN THE GIRL.


  408. Under the present DV Act; I support with PIL against 498A become a parents of a son is a sin because in face of present IPC 498a and other DV laws your obedient; intelligent; gentle; faithful & talented son will be termed as criminal along with other family members viz. parents; Grand parents brothers ;sisters etc on the vimÆs of the lady (Sons wife) just wish to put whole the boys family behinds the bar; for not committing any crime/fault simply being mother father sister brothers etc to her husband who fails to meets with her unreasonable demands and could not produced him self as ATM Card

  409. I agree with above PIL. I have heard many more stories of men being tortured and misuse of this law and hardly any story on women being tortured and using this law.

  410. 498A is a draconian law and enables corrupt women and her relatives to loot and destroy the house of a innocent men.
    As giving and taking dowry is a criminal offence with imprisonment;th en why the women who have won the 498a case not sent to jail with the husband;because if taking of dowry is proved then it is also proved that dowry has been given and consiquently the giving party should also be jailed.
    but i have never heard so happening

  411. My wife is an M.Tech. and started torturing me mentally after marraige. She claimed that her parents forced her to marry me; but parents deny this claim now. Three months after the marraige; she just disappeared from USA. Later; she resurfaced in India and started harassing my family for money. A few weeks later; she filed a false 498a.

  412. “I strongly agree the laws are always misused in India; this is one of the law misused by the greedy and selfish females who wants the whole world to act according to their wishes. We do not need a law which will loose the very trusted word called “”Marriage””; which is atleast in India people think that without marriages ones life does not completes. But this law introduced by so called pro-woman leaders who are not really pro-woman leaders need to abolished. The law has to such that it protects all innocent people whether it is a female/male. It is so irony that people who give judgement asking to follow what ever wifes says even if it does not make any sense. These kind of judges need to removed from post. The main thing we are against dowry but the this law should not be misused.”

  413. I fully agree for filing a petition against misuse of 498A IPC proceedings by the wives for fulfillment of ther own ill-desires.

  414. “I agree there are a lot of women out there who are harassed and abused; but the interpretation of the law is so skewed and the provisions such that just about any married woman can cry out “”dowry and domestic violence”” and have her husband’s family behind bars! The law gives unlimited powers to the police and a hugely unfair advantage to women and places men at the mercy of their wives. There should be a way to make it appropriate for women who are subject to torture and protect innocent men. A lot of thinking should go into it to prevent its flagrant misuse. I have myself suffered immensely due to this despite my best intentions to make my marriage work.”

  415. Ritu Ratan (lukhnow; siter of rohit ratan (h/o nidhi ratan & Shalini chahal (w/o vivek chahal) had affair with jat devar after 10 years of marriage and teenage son. She committed theft that was pre-planned from house of old inlaws and fled and filed divorce. To extract money from inlaws she filed fraudulant 498a case.
    An MBBS from lucknow harassses inlaws to get money. A greed filled family. Has ties with muzzaffarnagar goonda mamas. All can be verified in courts in delhi.
    Stop this fraud; this is being used by blackmailers & thieves like these.

  416. We are badly cheated & exploited by the application of IPC 498A & others. At the same time so many so called sensible persons of the society also promote & insist to extort money through this.

  417. This is very good PIL. Keep it up brothers. Justice will have to led down to your toe. Because misuse of 498 A raised at a large proportion. I also fighting cases of TRUE 498 a victims free of cost in court of law.

  418. These 498a and other misusing laws must be changed immediatly by Indian Government. I pray god this happens soon.

  419. It is wrong to arrest anyone especially senior citizens and women without investigation.I t is sad that this law is highly misused and there are so many wrong sufferers.

  420. It’s a draconian law and innocent and decent husbands and family members are subject to curelity while the wife who is terrorising and blackmailing the innocent husband and family members is moving around scot free. With this law it’s a crime for Indian men to get married!!It’s time the law amended!

  421. The Women Society is getting organised very much with every day passing with determination as how to make the husbands suffer their life biggest mistake i.e. getting Married under Indian Law. Lets organise ourselves in more professional manner and help ourselves and those who need our assistance in fighing this legal crime runned by Wives of India & Corrupt Legal System. Its the time we should Raise our VOICE like never before.

  422. Please reform this law to save Indian families. Even CJI is confessing about the misuse of law; but no action to safeguard the people have been initiated from law makers. I strongly suggest to amend this law for welfare of mass. For protecting one woman; this law is exploiting two woman on average. It’s question of mass; please do something. It has become a big extortion racket instead of protecting the real victims. Certainly law makers should something for this problem.

  423. i sign this pil. 498a is not helping women but breaking is a good weapon in the hands of greedy n egoist women.

  424. Please create a law so that people can live in harmony and not live by threat and false cases.

  425. Get uo Govt and do something for yur citizens ..against the biased law (498a & DVA 2005 )

  426. “Yes it is indeed a very sick provision in Indian Law. The wife used this tool to blackmail the family and took away all the belongings of the husband under the pretext of “”STRIDHAN””. Explain our case to any leman and even he would blindly conclude that it is a well made up case. We were tortured to no extent even by the police wid pressure from wif’e side. ultimately we had to give everything. We had given the groom six times of what she had brought from her parent’s home and still my family was charged under dowry. 498A should be abolished or if not then atleast amended to give some cusion to Husband and their family members.”

  427. Family is the building block of the Nation. If family is disturbed the whole nation in some way or the other is going to be disturbed.

    It is known for sure that 498a is the end of the relations between husband and wife. Stop this legal terrorism. In the name of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT please please please donot promote WOMEN PAMPERMENT

  428. The Law must be removed like the most dangrous than tada; i.e 498A.Every human is equal. Stop arresting the innocent women ;respected elders and innocent youngers on the basis of a single comlaint of a 498A girl.

  429. 498a is both:
    – more anti-human-righ ts than POTA/TADA
    – more anti-woman than any other law. For every one complaint filed by one woman; atleast one more woman is arrested. Of course; probably in India; only a wife is a woman – sister-in-law; mother-in-law.. .for that matter any female-in-law is not a woman.

    This draconian law has to be abolished.

  430. This law defies the principle of equality of gender and equal right to every citizen of india

  431. I am a victim of false case against 498A. Although while the wife filed all ficticious cases with forged postal stamps; forged FIR. It is henious tool to extort money; thanks to the Indian jurisdiction.

  432. I am a victim of false 498a case filed by my wife. We are already living separately for past 2.5 years. The very fact that the case was filed after so much gap; clearly indicates that this is being done for harrasment.

  433. please stop misuse of dowry law;it is worse than death;to live under constant threat of legal action for the uncommited acts.

  434. 498A is a social taboo; please amend it; Otherwise this will ruin our family values.

  435. Pls modify the DV/498a as these are promoting false cases/blackmail in the name of women empowerment.
    It is one more of numerous schemes of Govt. where the needy do-not/cannot avail it and the greedy/educated folks are misusing it.

    The NCW would do great to help the real needy instead of abetting the misuse of law in the name of women empowerment.


  436. “Mife wife’s name is 498A. i am married to her recently and spending alot on her maintainance.
    I wish i would have been a girl and could have used this tool to spend my life levishly after my separation.

    I think this law is introduced to reduce the female child killings adn introducing a way out to all the parents that female child is no longer a “”BOJH&quot ; on her parents.

    Rather in todays era of indian law’s beautiful presentation “”498A&quot ; a male child is a curse.”

  437. I am a victim of such law. My mother in law threatened to use this law. My wife was a mute spectator. I feel like committing suicide so many times.

  438. Having been an innocent victim of DV & desertion by wife; for no valid reasons; and oon the verge of facing a 498A in the future; it is high time that the legal fraternity come forward & realise how this Act is being mis-used.

  439. we should all get together to fight this evil. no one listens to the men. women can do whatever she wants to one asks her anything. dont we men have the right to live peacefully?

  440. Realy it is set back to our rule makers when we look that the law they make to protect women under 498A which is only use by those who are the certified crooked by the society and should never be allowed for such actions.But we know that our rule makers will never think on this even they know very well about this misusing by those who actualy want to be punished.

  441. 498a is a plan to vanish HINDUNESS from india.oue enemies knew that v draw inspiration from our mandirs-they demolished.misi nterpreted our scriptures.our main sterength is our FAMILY it is plan 2 ruin our families.foren enemies hv their roads in our govt n they r bent upon finishing us

  442. if this tendency goes on in next 2-3 decads the marrige instution will be null and void. people will be having contract open ended relationship
    our so called social relationship will come to an end.

  443. There is no justice in this 498a ACT for Womans itself. This is act should be stoped immediately; I will support SAVE Indian Families…..

  444. This section of IPC (498A) and 3&4 DP act is the most abused of all! Even though the wife is at fault on some grounds and this has been brought to the notice of Police Commissioner and State Human Rights Commission; Still she has managed to lodge a complaint on dowry harassment and Polic have arrested without even investigating the case!!

    H ow many men should go through this mental torture and bear with all the injustice that is going on in the name of equality and justice!!
    Jai Hind!
    Keshav a

  445. Any law which discriminates people on the basis of sex or race or religion is violation of a person’s constitutional rights. Governments need to work towards creating awareness and educating people rather than creating such biased laws which allow people from one sex to discriminate against people from other sex. 498A is being ramplantly misused; everyone accepts whether it is society; police; courts or our government. We need to unite and address the issue.

  446. Please abolish this aw or make changes. Before the police can arrest; the law should investigate. If the complaint is false; the family complaining should be arrested.

  447. when a women files a complaint; the mans family (man; his mother; his father) automatically are treated guilty at par with the worst terrorists. In the name of civic society!

    What kind of system is this! How many men have to commit suicide due to these unreasonable laws? what more will it take to get the laws reviewed to ensure a just and stable society.

    You created feminist laws and say it is equal society. Review it; is it just; is this what is equal?

  448. Shame on Indian Legal System .. which instead of protecting us … Frame us… why don’t Courts take signed affidavits from persons who are framed /charged of dowry crime that if they will be found involved hars penalty shall be levied… shame on us … real shame on all of us who never show concern for this ….
    Is this not violation of Fundamental Right ?
    Right to quality ; right to personal liberty


  449. sec 498A is based on bonafide motives. however; what we need is to get it implemented in a right manner and maintain a balance between rights of both the parties i.e. husband and the wife and it requires extra caution so that its blind use could be checked and it does not result into injustice.

  450. it is very horoable with your life; please it should be bail at the police station; or it is be verified before FIR

  451. This law goes again the basic principles of natural justice as enshrined in the constitutions of various democratic countries of the world: It is the result of an unscrupulous and corrupt party [the Congress; fiefdom of the Gandhi dynasty] continuing to devasatate the social fabric of India for short-term political gains.

  452. Strict laws are deterrent. But it should be equally justified for both males & females. Females filing false cases should be punished very very harshly & stringently.

  453. “A draconian law well termed as “”Legal terrorism”” by Hon’ble Supreme Court.
    Such Laws should be amended so that innocent persons dont get tortured.”


  455. 498-A is one of the most dangerous acts. What makes it very worse; is the fact; that it is being used against peaceful; and law abiding people.

    Since we already have so many criminal laws; is there really a need for a seperate and such a draconian law ?

    The PIL has nicely raised concerns of all affected by this ill-devised law.

  456. How can a democratic country like India tolerate this? What are our leaders doing? This should be in their key agenda before they fight any elections.

  457. Make it gender neutral. After all our constitution says all are equal. Women of this age are very well placed and are equipped; educated yet they want biased laws.

    It actually lessens; demoralises and humiliates stature of a woman biased laws. NCW should start raid prostitution houses. They are the worst women defamers/house breakers.

    There is blood and tears of all the families they are breaking in their hands. Outdated laws.

    The women who misuse it are criminals and should be jailed for 3 years if the person is acquitted.
    < br>Why aren’t these so called women fighting to become commandos or SPG and defend the nation ? Send Girija Vyas and Renuka Choudhary to Kashmir. Sitting in their plush offices and with their fat enough to …..Hold my peace here.

  458. Abolish it or make it gender equal. Shame on young modern Indian women who are very selfish beacuse it brings death too fast to senior citizens who might be already suffering from diseases

  459. IPC 498A needs to be scrapped totally; its a draconian law which favors only greedy people.

  460. This draconian law must be scrapped immediately or atleast there must be huge penalty for misusing it.

  461. I hate to see innocent sisters; mothers; age old parents being dragged out of their own houses with a mere complaint from a wicked selfish ignorant womenÆs to satisfy their whims and fancies. I support this movement of abolishing these spineless laws interfering marital lives that ultimately end up in breaking families apart.

  462. This law so often bent by a woman and her family to suit her evil; selfish and greedy plans… Thats what happened with my father and we have been tormented a lot by my mother all through..M looking for a forum to contribute to the cause and join hands….

  463. “1.Scrap 498A. Its an ill-conceived act.
    2.Make laws gender neutral.
    (a) EDUCATE JUDICIARY ON SHARED PARENTING (Single parent custody or only “”visitatio n rights”” is an PRIMITIVE practice and WHICH DENIES CHILD NORMAL DEVELOPMENT)

  464. This law has turned out to be nothing more than a bargaining tolls for wife’s…
    mo reover even after such a a case is dismissed the chances of reunion is very low.

  465. This law is non bailable; and there is no penalty for filing even a false complaint. this law is being misused widely. please change it bailable or at leat there should be strict punishments for filing false complaints.

  466. This law was made considering all wifes as SITA; but the SITA’S will never take help of this law rather the TADKA’S roaming around loose with vajra 498A and DV act in their both hands. It is high time the Government as well as the Judiciary should wake up from their slumber oterwise the bubble which is forming from many years is going to burst; which will bring only hatered and disintigrated society.
    My only advice to all fellow figters remain calm and increase your fight to wake up our Sleeping Government. I dont have any hope for our Judiciary.

  467. Hi All;

    I will help and seek help from everyone to eradicate this misuse of 498a law.

  468. Me & my family has just been put under 498a; I have got divorce decree from family court; but from past 10 years my case is lingering in Vasai court. I m not getting good wibes of the case getting over as the girl comes from a very strong political back groun and she just is lingering the matter to harress and further is getting success to linger; i have lost may foreign oppurtnities b’coz of pending case and also lost jobs…pl suggest

  469. “got married in 2007 and after 6 month went to USA in 2008 by that time she was pregnant. Before leaving to USA itself she made a big issue for staying away from the family but i requested her to adjust for few months and i got VISA to her also and then we left to USA. after going go there she continued her fight. I forgot to mentioned that i am physically handicaped; my got polio to my leg but i have only 10% to 20%. i am capable of driving bike; car also. they even checked my leg at the time of marriage proposal; later in our conversation she came out that; her parents made this marriage by convincing her. we had a baby boy in june 2008; i spend all the time to serve her in those delivery time; as its my responsibility; i was there for her to support in the labor room also. her mother came after 3 weeks. She has her own expectations; one day when we are arguing she called 911 in USA and i got arrested; then she and her parents take case back on one condition that i should not communicate with my parents and should always be support their family. my wife did MCA; before the marriage they said that she has/must do the job and i agreed happily on only this point. i never expected any dowry and never taken a single rupee from them. even i applied Visitor VISA for my in-laws and they got it. finally after spending a day in jail and they released after 34 hrs. they dont allow to meet your spouse till 4/5 days. and court given me 60 days observation. I AM REALLY TELLING; I HAD MY LIFE’S WORST PERIOD IN THESE 60 DAYS. she made me like any thing; she used to threaten me by calling 911 from small small things; as if i didnt pick the call when i am in the office; she used to send a** saying that i am getting the cops to your office if your not calling back in 5min. i did what ever she said. and finally i resigned my job in USA after the 60days. came back to india in march 2008. she came before a month than me; as i was busy in closing up the things like apartment lease ; furniture ; car selling etc. i lost almost $10000 in all these process. after coming to india she never called me or never came to my home. finally i have taken initiative and got her to my home 3 times; she use to go back to their home in 1 or 2 days; last time she stayed for 5 weeks and left home with my son; while going back she slapped my mother and thrown cheppal on me. there after she filed 498-A after 3 weeks on me; my parents and my sister by saying we tried to kill her with kirosen and fire. As gods grace we got bail and nobody went to jail; and after one month they filed DMV. they paid money to SI of the 498-A case in charge; and even got the charge sheet against to us. current situation is chargesheet filed and DMV is going every month date. i have lost my carrier; property and around 4 laks money. and the BIG concern is “”I AM MISSING MY SON””. it is almost 9 months that i didnt seen him. till today i will go to bed only around 3/4 AM because of all these things. i dont have courage to DIE; other wise there is no use of living life like this. if is there any help for me then please mail me. and also need a solution to get my son back. is there any chance of filing case against to my wife as i am physically handicap”

  470. I am working as Lawyer in Pune and got married with ravindra who is also a Lawyer. My brother wife filed a false compaint against me all family including my 2 sister and my parents under section 498-A; 324; and 34. In a complaint she mention one false incident;that We all had harrashed her but on samer day I was in Mumbai for J.M.F.C examination How can i be at two plases at same day. I had filed the discharge application in Lower court at shirur same was rejecte and then I have filed the rivision application in the pune district court same is also been rejected. what can I do now?

  471. I hope the misuse of this act stops and women realize that there is so much more to life than torturing someone who does not listen to your whims and fancy.

  472. I think the law is creating just for the sake of smooth running of social life but in this case it is just beyond our thoughts. Now onwards due to this 498a law; mostly lady/female in the India has lost their self sacrificing quality and rise their finger just in case of small issue or argue. Every person/relative from the girls side just give the option of only 498a not reconcillation of the matter. This mentality occurs Why? My suggestion is that All the Social Related Cases (498a Cases) should be amended in such a way that this case is handle through our local councillor/panc hayat because they know the behaviour of the two party or if the case is handle from the court onwards then reconcillation never happens only arguing or misuse of dowry acts proceeds.

  473. Hi
    I respect India and Indian women. I am born to a Indian Woman and my sister is also an Indian Woman. But I really dont support the misuse of any law like this. As far as I know 98% of genuine dowry related crimes are not been reported and 98% of cases reported under 498A are not genuine.
    I think law makers should see themself in the mirror. This has become a very blackmailing tool for women in India now a days. This should not allowed.


  474. “I think we should first understand why ‘DOWRY’ came into existence. Historically; its my belief; that the parents property’s share was equaly or proportionally (as the case may be) was divided among their children. Naturally sons would be inheriting these property but we forget about the daughters who were also entitled to their share. As per our so called RICH Indian culture and practices a woman has to leave her home with husband as soon as she is married. This eventually leads away from her parents and would part on her share. To overcome or her right to inherited property her share was given to her husband who is to take care of her future life.
    Unfort unately due to male dominant and illiteracy and other such reasons the property would be absorb by in-laws. Also the custom about woman was prevailing “”Once left her home after marriage; shall die @ husbands home.”” This led to women atrocities since they were not getting any support from her family.

    On the above context we can understand the importance of IPC 498- but which has now become an antiquity.

    Followi ng policies could be applied by the Govt.
    I would suggest:
    1.Dowry has to be legally valid; provided her inherited share needs to be accepted or rather consider dowry in legal terms only and not otherwise. Which will eventually nullify false allegations.
    2. Obviously there should be investigation;t rial and then imprisonment; if convicted.
    3 . Relatives shall be accused only if stayed with couple for more than 2 months. This will strictly restrict the monopoly and misuse of IPC 498 as the only person can be accused will be husband and I think will will limit her liberty to misuse.
    4. Some stringent Law must be enacted against IPC 498 for false allegations. Also if found false penalty for insult and humiliation (should be considered) should be paid by complainer.

    This would look like imposing restrictions on woman’s liberty. But not to forget of any person of the fundamental right to freedom given by our Constitution. So we will not be taking any of individual liberty but seeking welfare of the family and thus of the society as a whole.

    J ai Hind. Jai Maharashtra”

  475. This law is base-less. Enough has been said about it. I strongly oppose it.

  476. Please stopt this nonsense immediately. So that innocent will get relief. Pepole who favours this; they are real enemy of the society and the country. These terrorists should be dealt with severly.

  477. Okay imagine a 498A case against whole extended family who are all in forieng country and the bride with her family has taken over the family home of groom. Reason she filed 498A because she failed to get immigration after being sponsered by spouse several times and she wants the groom to live in India now. There is absolutly no shortage of proofs in this case; including transfer of large amounts of money by groom to bride; forget the dowry. You think this case is getting resolved any time?

  478. I totally with the statement made above and I am a staunch believer that gender biased laws should be abolished.

  479. Protection to needy women is necessary but for those who take undue advantage there should be punishment.

  480. I along with my brother& his wife are victim of 498a and many other serious ligations n DV Act leveled by my wife who is an atrocious & merciless lady playing as a villain n posing her self falsely as victim. My brother & his wife are living separately since many years still they r dragged in 498a & DV act & Magistrate& session judges are presumpsous of complaints. i need help to save my life. Please do some thing if possible. Suresh Kumar Agarwal

  481. the harrassment cause to parents and family members is unforgetable so never compromise with shameless greedy w**** and stand still to fight. MAN is who fight for right. life is funny game so make strong heart dear brothers…

  482. This is very much required as in urban places; women are taking advantages of this law. There must be some provision in Indian Law for male citizens as we have equal rights and in todays world we suffer equal frustration as women.

  483. its true and we need not need to improve our society but to take it back when we cared for women and respected them as goddess

  484. “I believe that NCW will definitely oppose the amended CrPC because 498A will get a shot in the back. Because the income that this mindless law generates for UNSCRUPULOUS WIVES; CORRUPT LAWYERS & EXTORTIONIST POLICEMEN; main opposition will come from NCW of course; & the 3 mentioned lobbies. EXCUSES by Lawyers & Police that criminals will be fearless is absolutely STUPID EXPLAINATION. Many CRIMINALS get bail after their arrest & roam freely. Let us not EQUATE Family Matters with Criminal Offences; especially when circumstances held the WIFE responsible for the breakdown of marriage. Now; about RTI. IT SHOULD BE MADE MANDATORY THAT BEFORE CONTRACTING ANY MARRIAGE; THE GROOM KNOWS ABOUT THIS LAW.(Many people are ignorant about this law & get to know about it only after they are arrested). LIKE A STATUTORY WARNING O0N CIGARETTE PACKS; A WEDDING CARD MUST CONTAIN A STATUTORY NOTE THAT “”MARRY ONLY AFTER YOU KNOW ABOUT 498(A)””. Let’s see then; how many Marriages will be contracted.”

  485. Hi; this is the most cruel law for Indian families irrespective of caste ; region and class(came to know and realised after it was gifted to me by my 498-wife). This law should be ammended though not scrapped.

  486. Excellent initiave. I am grateful all the people participating in this endeavour and organising the things. Its a great support to me and all of us.

  487. This is bad cause for husbands & his parents also relatives even though his wife is infidelity to him at the end of the day his husband & family & HER boy friend & his parents are victimised and the women is scot free;i came to know that indian law making some modifications that if the wife has infidelity she is also be sentenced for five years imprisonment by ANDHRAJYOTHI NEWSPAPER BUT HAS NOT GOT THE G.O PASSED


  489. This is abuse of Human Rights in a democratic country where on just one complaint the husband and his family is arrested. I am a victim of false 498A complaint. Its unimaginable; people who can never think of visiting a police station have to stay behind the bars due to such false complaints

  490. A marriage breaks bcos of many reasons. Wives resorting to fake dowry complaints is well acknowledged by courts. It definitely pushes families to a point of no-return and fuels the hostility within families. A remedy is needed.

  491. iam one such victim who was charged under 498a&304b but defence utterly failed to prove.

  492. It is high time these laws are revised.
    Eve n if they claim to be for the protection of women then isn’t a mother-in-law a Woman as well?

  493. Points for Victims of 498A û Dowry Laws

    May I ask all these victims whether they or their parents told the brideÆs family that they do not want dowry. Did they refuse to take dowry in any form at the time of marriage? They will take the responsibility for their bride and her needs. For these dowry-seekers/d owry victims; taking dowry from the parents of women; is their RIGHT taken for granted by birth. If research made on this issue; most of these victims are well-educated and belong to a creamy layer of the society; for whom playing with WomanÆs life is a simple game. These people play double game when it comes to their own sisters; they had a different outlook. Generally; middle & lower class people settle the case soon; if arisen.

    Nobody likes to give back anything once taken. In most of cases; their parents pose to have disowned their son because they do not want to return her ôStreedhanö what to say of giving any rights to the deserted women as per Law. If these parents be asked why did they approach for seeking marriage.

    Some of these dowry seekers have become so smart as they say ôWhatever you want to give for your daughter; give Cash for the same. As great difficulties are being faced by the GirlsÆ parents for getting suitable matches; they had to give up and agree to their demands. But the cash etc. given during marriage; had no proof.
    Marriage Laws needed to be amended/modifie d as per prevalent situation in the society.

  494. I was accussed of 498A only becoz my wife.And without any investigation I had to spent 7 days in central jail.And my Old parents who have never went to court were dragged to the police station and Court without having done anything.
    No real victims are using 498A.This has become a sharp weapon for getting divorces; or blackmailing husbands for extortion of money only.
    498a is a biased law. It should be modify so that innocent male should not get victimized.
    My request is to abolish 498A or needs to be amended immediately so that ladies who trap the innocent families will think over before filing any criminal cases.

  495. Many women are using the Section 498A of IPC as a tool to harrass the husbands’ family for of no fault and it is also creating a wide gap between the couple and the harrassment made to the male is making him to get himself apart from the wife permanently.

  496. I have come across many such cases amongst my relatives.Somet imes I really feel like killing those brainless;stupi d politicians who passed this law under the name of’Empowerment of Indian Women’ without considering the consequences of it. Women do not deserve such stringent law for their protection.

  497. I am a victim of false case U/s 498(a) filed by my wife after 18 years of marriage. I have children aged 16; 12 and 08 yeares.

  498. Law was put into place to help those women who are really in trouble. But with power comes responsibility and many wives take it as a stick to get hold of their husband’s neck. There is no adequate provisions in our Indian Law system to prevent 498a misuse.I don’t know why these women do not realize how badly they are affecting their married lives. Probably they are not raised by their parents with ethics and moral values.

  499. Money is everything for her and her father
    Because of money:
    I am a victim of 498a and demostic voilence. She is dragging me for years and also not allowing me to leave a peacefull life

  500. It is time somebody really did something to highlight the widespread misuse of 498A

  501. act 498A IPC is a real terrorisam and this act is totaly against innocent husband and their older parents and their relatives because theirs no bail and husband get no chance to prove his innocensy. So i have request to the Indian Goverment to STOP this Dirty Act as soon as possible. we should stand agains Terrorisam(498A )

  502. Whither Indian Society is heading in coming years with these Family Laws ?

    A Society of Single Mother’s and Single Father’s and directionless kids due to false acts of some greedy Women’s and their families.
    Jinhe naaz hai Hind par wo kahan hai Kahan hai; kahan hai; kahan hai…….

  503. i have a tenent frm 4 yrs regularly demading him 2 vacate from 5 months; to do own bussiness; he resused 2 vacate & offering us 2 sale of the shop; he stoped paying rent;i sended a notice; after reaciveing the notice he brought 3 ppl n beat me n harrased me 2 sale the shop; i went 2 the police sation they registered ipc sec 324; tenent also came n registered the same case sec 324;and from tht day we is not opening the shop; and my case is going on; iam feed up of this; and not getting wt 2 do ; whome 2 ask help; it has been 7 months he is not paying rent; really in a problem any advice n i asked a civil lawyer he is demading aroung 14000 rs for civil case 2 file a suit; any advice

  504. Act should be amended to remove arrest.

    Clause of arrest is used for blackmailing.
    If only this clause is removed the cases under 498a would reduce tremendously.

    It would reduce burden of police & judiciary.
    < br>Kind Regards; Jatinder Singh

  505. sir

    this law is like a terrorism in india against husband by the wife . they r misusing the law ; this 498a must be abolished and should be bailabel . my wife also filled false case against me and my family members only for money and she is enjoying with some one and i m fighting the case in delhi court for the last 2 years .

  506. This is Zameer Ul Haq from Bangalore; I definitely agree with this move and support this cause; as even i am a victim of this false 498a case.

  507. One thing can solve the problem of misuse of legal system and its provisions by crooked ladies by adding a strict clause -if a wife found guilty in developing false and fabricated stories and misusing the law and its provisions she will give compensation of 1 lakh along with imprisonment for 1 year and the lawyer fighting for her should be imprisoned for 6 month and his licence to be cancelled for further practise.

  508. Please help me as my wife & In-laws are giving us lot of problems by misuing the DV laws.

  509. I think the said subject has made a male slave which after marriage can be treated like bakra( Hegoat) and if marriage does not run s*** money as much a woman can;so that survival of life of male is impossible.
    The National Crime for Woman consist of thosw woman who never had got down from air conditioned car and they understand themself as the protector of woman.To run there livelyhood they are making other women and respondent male life a hell.These organisation have already shaken the base of relationships and respect in a family.Further to more it is giving encouragement to separation from Nuclear Family which teaches the selfrespect;con fidence;maturit y and discipline in everybodies life right from innocent childhood.
    Now a day time has come when marriage will be a contract and will be signed on stamp paper where there will be no consideration for love and affection.Addit ion to it whenever the woman wishes to break;she can even though she is at fault and living in adultry.

    Thanx & Rgds
    Navin Kumar

  510. Any such law which inflicts punishment or arrest without proof is Anti-Democratic .
    498a and DV bill are totally anti-democratic and gender biased. They will destroy indian values and Family system.
    It is responsible for harresment and not for anykind of protection as proved by the statistics that 98% cases filed under 498a are fake.

  511. Nithya CS
    Sridharan Nair
    Coimbatore PN PALAYAM

  512. 498a and DV act must be changed to be first investigated before any arrests are made otherwise its just a tool for EXTORTION.
    As many High Court Judges have said; 498a is a Terrorists weapon.

  513. Kindly stop this Legal Terrorism to protect the lives of family members who have spent their entire life time to bring up their son only to be left alone in pain forced to commit suicide by their daughter in laws through such acts like 498a; DV…

    Th ere is enough misuse than actual use for the needy..

  514. Please remove this rule or change it so that no one can misuse this act for their personal vengeance. Just because of someones non adjusting nature the whole family should not suffer; even old parents; sisters; children are suffering because of this act. The results of this act will be seen in very near future when no one will be willing to marry.

  515. I wish law makers use their common sense along with referring to the actual statistics related to dowry/domestic crime cases.

    – Dowry & domestic related laws should be gender neutral.
    -Investigat ion must be conducted before any arrests
    -Fal se allegations should be punished

  516. I do not oppose this law but if it is misuse than that women and all supporters should behind bars 3 years multiplied by number of members against whome she uses this law….
    Also police should invistige nabors and other relatives before macking arrest …
    Hope one day this law will be emended to STOP Misuse…







  518. I found to make my lawyer and relatives to believe that we have not taken a dowry. Even my in-laws had a doubt that i am capabable person when we did not demand dowry

  519. This draconian law is being highly misused by greedy; shameless; selfish and evil spirited people as instrument of blackmailing and tool of intimidation to trade relationships in pawn of alimony and thereby hiding their misdeeds; heartlessness and evil intentions.

  520. i think Most people like to misuse the law.Yes as many ppl suggest here Laws against men are being misused ever since C’mon ppl get together and join hands to make life for men and women easy.Wake up look where the world is going. If you cant get along move…. on why drag the poor family in it..Get a hold ppl!!

  521. I am being tortured by my wife and my in-laws.Whateve r mistakes she commits my in -laws say that it is all because of her childish behavior; there is nothing serious and they support her. since my marriage and i am not able to understand what should i do. Because of tension i feel heart pain. i do not have proper sleep. I have been dignosed for stomach ULCER. The doctor says you have taken a lot of pain killers due to which you have this problem.
    she says that she will get all of us murdered.
    I really do not know what should i do.

  522. I fully endorse that this completely one-sided law should go and more equal and better law should come. This is a tool in the hands of those women who want to harras the in-laws side for the various reasons.

    I am one of the sufferer who is rotting for 11 prime years of my life; struggling through this totally one sided law. Government has to wake up. Even media has to wake up.

    On the name of helping women; this law is only helping those women who always had some other; ulterior motive.

    Once my case is finished; whenever; I am going to dedicate my life fighting against this law.

  523. This is a violation of basic human rights!
    Prov e; then jail. I blame the idiots who framed the law and the stipids who passed the bill. Brainless idiots.

  524. We are living in the age which is worse than Mughal period with such laws. Trust me more than 99% cases are totally false and rest are partially. There should be a union of married men in India.

  525. Laws are very much necessary for a society to survive because all people are not of same physical/mental /financial status and the stronger one will always; by law of nature; will dominate the weaker section. This is something which is clearly visible in wild life.
    The basic motivation behind all IPCs are to protect the weaker section of the society. 498A is passed with a gross assumption that married women are the weakest one in a family and laws like this would help. Days were there (and still exists in some rural area) where women are practically helpless once in in-laws house.
    But such days are nearing to end – especially in urban societies.. and law such as 498A tend to be grossly misused. We need to come together and resolve and fill in the gaps to make sure the this law is not abused.

  526. i say not all men are bad. so many innocent and good men are being harassed and threatened to death by their wife’s family members. they too have male children and they will also get married to some girl. will they see that show; when their son is being tortured? removal of this section will get down the head weight of 498a fraudsters. arresting men without investigation and issuing non bailable warrant is devilish culture. even small children also getting stucked in this uncivilized act. i request honorable supreme court to abolish this barbaric and cruel 498a section from the pages of indian penal code and stop the games played by idiots in country

  527. 498a should be scraped immediately.
    life cannot be lived in constant threat that your parents ;sisters etc. can be put behind bars at one instance of wife’s complaint and that too without any real good reason.
    law makers should really rewrite the law which takes care of genuine cases .

  528. 1. DVA should be gender unbiased. Shuld be only for physical abuse not any other.
    2. It should not encourage livin relationships3. Alimony and maintainance should be gender unbiased.

  529. Section 498a is grossly misused by majority of money & power hunger daughter-in-law s. Over 98% of the cases filed for 498a r proven to be false. So just consider the pain and humiliation of the victims of this law.
    For each false complaint there are more than one women who are the victims of this law who maybe the mother-in-law or sisters or sister-in-law of the husband.
    I don’t know why they call it law to protect women. Women r using it as a weapon to terrorise the husband’s family into submission.
    I am not asking to scrap the whole 498a; what i am asking is to plug the loop holes in the law; and to ask for proof of harrasment; and also to make it bailable; and compoundable.

  530. This is a very bad law; which gives the women freedom to do anything they want. A 498A case has disturbed me and my parents completely.

  531. I support the scrapping of 498/DV/maintena nce laws. old laws and absurd and insulting to marriage institution and insult to marital relationship.

  532. Somebody has rightly said that this ACT is meant for SITAs; but grossly misused by SURPANAKHAs.

  533. I totally agree to what Shobha had stated. 498-A has been misused in totality.There are instances when recently at Kalyan (Dist.Thane) a two month old Baby has spent a night at Police Lock-Up.Husband ;Mother;Father; Husband’s Brother;his Wife & their Baby were arrested falsely under 498-A.The mother refused to leave her baby under someone’s care;as she was crying at the treatment meted out to them under the Draconian Law.Police officials were taken aback by such a event but were helpless as they are toothless under the Injustice being meted out by those who don’t care about the consequences.It eventually turned out that the estranged wife had an Illicit relation with her boyfriend before marriage and as she was not able to get along well with her Husband;she filed 498-A so that she would get herself free from her husband;as she felt that her husband would file for Divorce on such a ground.Naturall y she has asked for a hefty sum from her husband & said that she would withdraw the case against all the affected persons.What she forgot that 498-A is a non-compoundabl e one & she cannot withdraw the same.Now both are stuck up with the case.If 498-A is made Compoundable then there is possibility that the Trauma would be reduced a lot


  534. “Very good. Those people who are misusing this 498A they are Prostitute. Their parents are the “”Dalal&quo t; of their daughter. So 498B should come for the MAN. When we are saying MAN & Woman Are same.”

  535. All the Laws should be unbiased and there should be a mechanism where the investigation agencies should be made responsible for thier ommisions and commision .
    I do understand that women need to be protected but only those women who are really suffering but there are many black sheep who are misusing the laws made for women and these should be punished ( there should be provision for punishing the mischievious women and their supporters ) .
    G Singh

  536. Biased Law; except in India no where inthe World.
    This PWDV Act& 498A should be ammended immediatly other wise Fatherless children will play in all the Indian streets.

  537. All men have to be togather & need to fight against 498a.Why there is a no any rules/laws for security of men??I am victim of it.I can’t describe the situation me & my family have faced.I am ready to give interview any time..I am ready to become voluntary of any NGO; organization; institute which fights against such misuse.

  538. My son NAVEEN;innocent of any crime;has been arrested at midnight on 27.5.08 by police on false dowry complaint.

  539. My wife after 14 years of marriage; wanted to go away from me and put the 498A against me and my brothers and parents. Really; we are innocent and we never herrased her for dowry. Wantedly for sqeeging money from my family she alongwith her family members involved us in this case.
    K.Srik anth

  540. Lie Detector test or Brain Mapping test should be introduced as a prerequisite for filing 498A;so as to separate From False case being filed on Husband and family

  541. Not only the person who misuses this law but also all those crooked lawyers should be punished and barred from practicing for suggesting wrong ideas to already crooked mind.
    Lets start sharing the crooked Lawyers name to boycot them

  542. 498A is the most draconican ; most absurd and illdrafted piece of legislation; it is actually striking at the very roots of the indian family system that it was drafted to protect. A thorough revision of this IPC is a must if the judiciary wishes to maintain any iota of respect and diginity for itself in the minds of indian people in the very near future.

  543. it is high time that the lawmakers took notice of the misuse of section 498a and made necessary amendments to the section. in the long run it would completely wreck the institution of marriage and only close all doors of reconciliation between husband and wife.

  544. It is shameful to see how India is advancing.I really feel disgraced being an Indian.My parents and younger sister had to go through all this because of misuse of the idiotic law of 498A.

  545. agar 498a ka misuse band nahi hoga tou aur Amit Buddhiraja paida honge.

    Take it as my gaurantee…..

  546. Firstly; I would like to take the time in thanking you all for your valuable time.
    I am also a victim of this law.This law has been passed to destroy the indian husbands & their families.We are always going to remain backwards.The western countries have always been ahead of us and they will always remain ahead.If you are the judges/lawyers/ mp’s and police; it won’t be long when you too will be a victim of this law.Everyday is not sunday.If God was here; he too would have been a victim of 498A and Domestic Violence.Every four minutes a case is filed against the innocent families.It is as easy as ordering pizza.If you think for a second; how could every family-in-laws be bad.Lastly; by calling someone a criminal; he/she doesn’t become one; if India says so.That’s a different story and no comments on that.Where corruption lasts forever.
    I feel sorry for the innocent families who are suffering from this 498A & Dv act.Many of them have committed suicide inside the jails and outside.How long can you live in luxury; if the money was earned falsely; for your kind information it won’t last forever; and you are not going to live forever.You can bribe the po