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Rajya Sabha Petition cover letter

The Council of States (Rajya Sabha)

The petition of Rudolph D'souza - a NRI Professional, native of Udupi, Karnataka & Other members undersigned


Petition to Stop misuse of Matrimonial Dispute cases

That the India is the only country in the world in which where just on the basis of verbal statement of woman; entire family is put behind bar. That over 85% of acquittals (as per NCRB data) clearly suggest that there is emergency like situation that ought to be fixed by Lawmakers

That Acquittal rate in the NCRB statistics shows IPC 498A grossly misused than used and all other claim of Women organizations are false propaganda of no misuse of the Section is totally baseless. As no marriage has ever survived after 498A of IPC.

That the petitioner therefore prays for remedy to mitigate the sufferings of lakhs of Indian citizens, who through this law, have been unceremoniously exposed to the whims and fancies of corrupt, immoral unprincipled section of society, who for their own personal agendas do not hesitate in committing the worst possible crime under law, which is Misuse of Law. It is therefore prayed: