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FORM VI: Form of application for permission to open a new place of business or change the location (otherwise than within the same city, town or village) of an existing place of business under section 23 of the Act.

[Rule 12]

(Section 23)

Address _______________

Date _________________


Department of Banking Operations and Development

Reserve Bank of India.


Dear Sir,

    We hereby apply for permission to * open a new place of business / change the location at _____ of an existing place of business from _______ to _____  in terms of section 23 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949. We give below the necessary information in the form prescribed for the purpose.


Yours faithfully,


Signature _____________

1. Name of the banking company:

2. Proposed office: Give the following information:

(a) Name of city / town / village:

(in case the place is known by more than one name, the relative information should also be furnished)

(b) Name of locality / location:

4[(c) Name of :-

(i) Block:

(ii) Taluk / Thesis:

(iii) District:

(iv) State:]

(d) Status of the proposed office:

(e) The distance between the proposed office and the nearest existing commercial bank office together with the name of the bank and that of the centre/ locality.

@ (f) Names of the commercial bank and the number of their offices functioning within a radius of 5kms. together with the names of centers where these are functioning.

3. Previous applications:

Give particulars of applications, if any, previously made to the Reserve Bank in respect of the proposed place of business.

4. Reason for the proposed office:

State detailed reasons for the proposed office and give statistical and other data, as under, which may have been collected for the proposed office.

(i) Population of the place.

@ (II) Particulars of the command area (i.e. the area of operation of the proposed office)

(a) Approximate radius of   the command area.

(b) Population.

(c) Number of villages in the command area.

(iii) The volume and value of agricultural, mineral and industrial production and imports and exports of the area of operation of the proposed office as under: 

























(iv) If there are any schemes for agricultural, mineral or industrial development give details of the same and
their probable effect on the volume and value of the present production, imports and exports.

(v) If the existing banking facilities are considered inadequate, give reasons.

(vi) Prospects : Give, as under, an estimate of the minimum business which the banking company expects to attract at the proposed place of business within 12 months.

(a) Deposits: Amount in thousand of rupees.

(b) Advances: Amount in thousands of rupees.

5. Change of location of an existing office :

Give the exact location of the office which is proposed to be closed and of the place to which it is proposed to be shifted giving particulars of the new location as in items (2), (3), (4).

6. Expenditure:

State the amount already spent or proposed to be spent on staff, premises, furniture, stationery, advertising, etc., in connection with the proposed office. Also state the minimum income which the banking company expects to earn at the proposed office within 12 months.

7. Other particulars:

Any additional facts which the banking company may wish to adduce in support of its application.

* The portion not applicable to be struck off.

@ The information need be furnished only in the case of applications for centers with a population of less than one lakh.


   1. The words ‘office’ and ‘offices’, wherever they occur in this form, include a place or places of business at which deposits are received, cheques cashed, moneys lent or any other form of business referred to in sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Act is transacted.

    2. Item (5) to be replied to if the application is for changing the location of an existing place of business.

    3. If a banking company is unable or unwilling to supply full details in respect of any of the items, reasons for the omission may be given.

    4. The information asked for in items (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) is to be given separately for each office where the application relates to the opening of or changing the location of more than one office.

    5. In the case of change of the location of “administrative office” where no banking business is transacted or proposed to be transacted (such as “Registered Office, Central Office or Head Office”) only an application in the form of a letter need be submitted, indicating the reasons for the change .]

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