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FORM II: Supplementary Programme of Work and Scheme for Implementation in the Financial Year……………………… (SCHEME-WISE)

Continuing Scheme/New Scheme

[Rule 7(2): Section 18]

1. Description of the work or scheme to be implemented.

2. Area selected.

3. Manner in which the scheme or the work is to be carried out.

4. Justification regarding the suitability of the area selected for the work to be carried out.

5. Estimated expenditure.

6. Estimated receipts.

7. Physical targets.

8. Arrangements proposed for marketing of products indicating the existing arrangements.

9. A note. indicating whether (in case of scheme under which training is imparted) ex-trainees have also been absorbed in that particular craft. If not, how is it proposed to provide employment to candidates to whom training is sought to be imparted in the budget year? Average earnings of ex-trainees may also be indicated.

10. How is it proposed to co-ordinate the programmes being implemented by various agencies?

11. Reasons and full justifications for the supplementary programme or scheme. (Reasons as to why the items were not included in the annual programme or can not wait until the next annual programme must be given.)

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