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10. Submission of Application.-

Every application for a licensed Certifying Authority shall be made to the Controller,- the form given at Schedule-I; and such manner as the Controller may, from time to time, determine, supported by such documents and information as the Controller may require and it shall inter alia include- 

a. a Certification Practice Statement (CPS); 

b. a statement including the procedures with respect to identification of the applicant; 

c. a statement for the purpose and scope of anticipated Digital Signature Certificate technology, management, or operations to be outsourced;

d. certified copies of the business registration documents of Certifying Authority that intends to be licensed;  

e. a description of any event, particularly current or past insolvency, that could materially affect the applicant’s ability to act as a Certifying Authority;  

f. an undertaking by the applicant that to its best knowledge and belief it can and will comply with the requirements of its Certification Practice Statement; 

g. an undertaking that the Certifying Authority’s operation would not commence until its operation and facilities associated with the functions of generation, issue and management of Digital Signature Certificate are audited by the auditors and approved by the Controller in accordance with rule 20; 

h. an undertaking to submit a performance bond or banker’s guarantee in accordance with sub-rule (2) of rule 8 within one month of Controller indicating his approval for the grant of license to operate as a Certifying Authority;  

i. any other information required by the Controller.

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