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23. Database of Certifying Authorities.-

The Controller shall maintain a database of the disclosure record of every Certifying Authority, Cross Certifying Authority and Foreign Certifying Authority, containing inter alia the following details:

a. the name of the person/names of the Directors, nature of business, Income-tax Permanent Account Number, web address, if any, office and residential address, location of facilities associated with functions of generation of Digital Signature Certificate, voice and facsimile telephone numbers, electronic mail address(es), administrative contacts and authorized representatives; 

b.the public key(s), corresponding to the private key(s) used by the Certifying Authority and recognized foreign Certifying Authority to digitally sign Digital Signature Certificate; 

c.current and past versions of Certification Practice Statement of Certifying Authority; 

d.time stamps indicating the date and time of – 

i.grant of license; 

ii.confirmation of adoption of Certification Practice Statement and its earlier versions by Certifying Authority; 

iii.commencement of commercial operations of generation and issue of Digital Signature Certificate by the Certifying Authority; 

iv.revocation or suspension of license of Certifying Authority; 

v.commencement of operation of Cross Certifying Authority; 

vi.issue of recognition of foreign Certifying Authority; 

vii.revocation or suspension of recognition of foreign Certifying Authority.

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