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[Rule 33]

(To be submitted in duplicate)

[Report under rule 33 of the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules, 1983, regarding an alteration or alterations in a certified film.]


1. Name of the applicant:


2. Name of the film:


3. Certificate No. …………….. dated …………………


4. Particulars of alterations:


20[In the case of video films, instead of length and number of reels, duration in minutes and number of cassettes may be given.]

Reel No. Scene No. Description of the scene/ dialogue/ song length.

(Specify the exact alteration or alterations, length and the number of the reel or reels in which the alteration or alterations occurs or occur)



  The Chairman, Central Board of Film Certification through the Regional Officer at Bombay/ Calcutta/ Madras.*


I declare that the above particulars are true in every respect and are a full description of the alteration or alterations made in the film after its certification.



Address:                                                                           Signature of applicant


*Score out the word or words which are not applicable.

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