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29. Validity of certificate

(1) A certificate granted by the Board under sub-section (1) of section 5A in respect of a film shall be valid for a period of ten years from the date on which the certificate is granted.


(2) Where in relation to the certificate of a film the period has expired a fresh certificate in 2[Form IV, IVA, V, VA, VI, VIA, VII or VIIA] set out in Schedule II, as the case may be, may be issued on an application made in this behalf and the same shall be dealt with as if it were an original application:


PROVIDED that a Regional Officer may, with the prior approval of the Chairman, dispense with examination of the film, if the application is for the issue of certificate in the same form in which it was issued earlier.


(3) An applicant for a fresh certificate shall be required to deposit copy of shooting script or verbatim commentary or tape recorded commentary of the film only in cases where at the time of making application for the initial certificate the same was not deposited.

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