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35. Certificates

(1) A certificate authorizing the public exhibition of a film shall be in one of the 2[Forms IV, IVA, V, VA, VI, VIA, VII or VIIA] set out in Schedule II according as the film is fit or ‘U’ for ‘UA’ or ‘A’ or, “S”, 15[or ‘UA’, or ‘V/ A’ or ‘V/ UA’ OR ‘V/ S’] certificate as the case may be.


(2) The certificate shall be signed for and on behalf of the Board by the Chairman or by a Regional Officer for the Chairman.


15[(3) The prescribed mark of the Board shall be a film copy of the certificate, that is, a trailer certificate, which shall be affixed to the film and always exhibited with it. The trailer certificate shall be for such duration as one can read it on the screen:


PROVIDED that Part I of the certificate shall be shown for a minimum duration of 10 seconds:


PROVIDED FURTHER that if there are no excisions or modifications ordered by the Board, Part II of the certificate need not be shown.]

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