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39. Maintenance of register

(1) The Board shall 1[maintain] a register in which shall be entered,-


(a) the name of every film examined under the Act;


(b) the name of the person applying for certificate;


(c) the name of the person or company producing or releasing the film;


(d) the name of the country in which the film was originally produced;


(e) the name of the place where the film was exhausted;


(f) the date of the examination;


(g) the names of the persons who examined the film;


(h) the result of the examination and of any further proceedings thereon;


(i) the number and date of the certificate issued, if any, together with a copy of any endorsement made thereon.


(2) For the purpose of enabling the Board to maintain such a register, the Regional Officers concerned shall each maintain similar registers in respect of applications for certification made to them and send to the Board a duplicate copy of every entry made in it, as soon as may be, after it has been made.


(3) A copy of the entries in the Register maintained by the Board made during any month shall be sent to all the Regional Officers during the next following months.

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