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41. Time limit in relation to certification of films

(1) After an application under rule 21 for the certification of a film, complete in all respects (including the proof of payment of fees) is received, the Board shall scrutinize the application within seven days from the receipt thereof.


(2) On receiving an intimation from the applicant that a clear runnable print of the film is available for examination, the Board shall, within 15 days there from refer the film for examination to an Examining Committee.


(3) The films may be referred to the Examining Committee in the order in which the applications are received:


PROVIDED that the Regional Officer may on receipt of a written request from any applicant, if satisfied that there are grounds for an early examination, alter the order of examination of the film after recording the reasons in writing.


(4)(a) In cases where the Examining Committee, after examination of the film, considered that a scrutiny of the shooting script is necessary or authenticity of the incidents depicted in a film of historical, mythological, biographical or legendary nature is to be verified, a provisional report to that effect shall be submitted. by the Regional Officer to the Chairman within a maximum of three working days after such examination.


(b) A written communication shall be sent to the applicant within a maximum of three working days following the receipt of the Chairman’s orders on the provisional report referred to in clause (a) and the applicant shall submit the script or the authentic sources on which the subject of his film is based within ten days from the date of receipt of such communication.


(c) In cases where the members of the Examining Committee after the examination of the film submit to the Chairman a provisional report indicating that expert opinion on subjects depicted in the film such as subjects relating to defense or foreign relations or any particular religion or law or medicine or any other subject, should be sought before the final report is submitted, the Chairman may after taking into consideration the circumstances of the case specify a time limit for obtaining the expert opinion and for the submission of the final report of the Examining Committee thereafter.


(d) In other cases, the script submitted by the applicant or the authentic sources furnished by him shall be scrutinized by the examining officer and the final report of the Examining Committee shall be forwarded by the examining officer to the Chairman within ten days from the date of receipt of the script or the authentic sources, as the case may be.


(5)(a) On receipt of the orders of the Board on the recommendations of the Examining Committee, in cases where sub-section (2) of section 4 is applicable, the communication to the applicant shall be issued within three days.


(b) The applicant shall submit his reply within fourteen days of the receipt of the communication.


(6) In cases where the film is not referred to a Revising Committee, certificate shall be issued or decision communicated within seven days.


(7)(a) In cases where a film is to be referred to a Revising Committee, a Revising Committee shall be constituted within twenty days from the receipt of the necessary documents from the applicant.


(b) The provisions of sub-rules (3) to (6) shall apply mutatis mutandis to the examination of films by the Revising Committee.


(c) When a film is referred to another Revising Committee or to the Board in terms of proviso to sub-rule (12) of rule 24, the time limit will be further extended on the lines of (a) and (b) of this sub


(8) The applicant shall surrender the cuts, if any, and the affected reels together with full particulars thereof, within a period of fourteen days from the date of receipt of the final orders of the Board under section 4:


PROVIDED that where the applicant applies to the Board that he intends to appeal against the orders of the Board, the Board may extend the period specified above for surrender of the cuts by such periods as it thinks fit, but in any case not beyond fourteen days from the date of disposal of the appeal or from the date of expiration of the period for filing the appeal in cases where no appeal is filed.


(9) The cuts and the affected reels shall be examined by the Regional Officer within ten days of the submission of the same.


(10) If the cuts are found to be adequate on the scrutiny of the relevant reels and all particulars necessary for the presentation of the certificate are fully furnished certificate shall be prepared and issued within five days of the deposit of a copy of the film or script, as the case may be, as required under these rules.


(11) If, however, the cuts are found to be inadequate on a scrutiny of the relevant reels, the Regional Officer shall record the same on the file and send within two days a further communication to the applicant for compliance with the orders of the Board.


(12) The applicant shall submit further cut to the Regional Officer within three days from the date of receipt of the communication.


(13) The Regional Officer shall again verify further cuts and the reels within five days of the receipt of the same and if the cuts are found to be adequate a certificate shall be issued.


(14) The Chairman may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, relax the time-limits prescribed by this rule for the performance of any act if he is satisfied that it is necessary so to do to avoid any undue hardship.


Explanation : In calculating the periods specified in this rule working days alone shall be taken into account and Sundays and other holidays shall be excluded.

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