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FORM B: Applications for the Grant/ Renewal of a Licence to Store Films

[Rule 32(2)]

1. *Applicant’s name


*Applicant’s calling


Applicant’s address


2. Situation of building in which film is to be stored:        



Town or Village


Locality______________ Survey No ____________________


3. Quantity of film proposed to be stored.


4. Form in which license is required.


5. Quantity of film already stored, if any, on the premises.


6. Do the premises fulfill all the conditions endorsed on the form ?


7. In what part of the building will the film be kept?

    How are the premises constructed?

    Are the premises used for other purposes and if so, for what purposes?


8. Remarks


Signature of applicant.


Postal address of applicant.


Date of application.

*In cases where the application is made on behalf of the company, the name and address of the company and the name of the manager or agents should be given. This application must be accompanied by a plan, in triplicate drawn to scale.

The plan should clearly indicate-


(a) the premises to be licensed, viz., film storage room, examination room, or scrap film storage room. The areas shall be distinctly colored or otherwise defined;


(b) the manner in which the conditions relating to the construction of the premises, prescribed by these rules, have been complied with;


(c) the location and type of the fire fighting appliances, and


(d) the surroundings.

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