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37. Renewal of license

(1) A license may be renewed by the authority empowered to grant such a license:


PROVIDED that a license which has been granted by the Chief inspector may be renewed without alteration by an Inspector of Explosives duly authorized by the Chief Inspector in this behalf.


(2) Every application for the renewal of a license shall be made so as to reach the licensing authority at least 30 days before the date on which the license expires and, if the application is so made, the premises shall be held to be duly licensed until such date as the licensing authority renews the license or until an intimation that the renewal of the license is refused has been communicated to the applicant.


(2A) Every application under sub-rule (2) shall be accompanied by the license which is to be renewed together with the approved plans attached thereto, and the original treasury receipt showing the deposit of the renewal fee under the correct head of account.


(3) The same fee shall be charged for the renewal of a license as for the grant thereof:


PROVIDED that if the application for renewal is not received within the time specified in sub-rule (2) the license shall be renewed only on payment of double the fee ordinarily payable for the license.

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