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Section 129 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

129. Expenses of preparing the statement

(1) Any person required to make or concur in making any statement of affairs of the company, shall submit to the Official Liquidator for his sanction, a statement of the estimated costs and expenses of the preparation and making of the statement, and shall, after the submission of the statement of affairs, submit his bill of actual expenses.


(2) Except by order of the Court, no person shall be paid out of the assets of the company any costs or expenses which have not been sanctioned by the Official Liquidator, nor shall such costs and expenses be paid until the statement of affairs verified by affidavit has been submitted to the Official Liquidator.


(3) Any person who has made or concurred in making the said statement and affidavit and whose bill of costs and expenses has not been allowed in full by the Official Liquidator, may, within 14 days of the notice of the order of the Official Liquidator disallowing any part of his bill, apply by summons to the Judge in Chambers upon notice to the Official Liquidator for sanction of the amount disallowed or any part thereof and the Judge may pass such orders thereon as may seem just.

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