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Section 160 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

160. Official Liquidator’s right to summon any person in connection with the investigation

The Official Liquidator in a winding-up by the Court may summon any person whom he may deem capable of giving information respecting the debts to be proved in liquidation and may require such person to produce any documents in his custody or power relating to such debts and shall tender with the summons such sum as appears to the Official Liquidator sufficient to defray the traveling and other expenses of the person summoned for one day’s attendance. Where the person so summoned fails without lawful excuse to attend or produce any documents in compliance with the summons or avoids or evades service, the Official Liquidator may apply to the Court for the issue of a warrant for the apprehension of such person and the production before him of such documents as may be required, or for other appropriate orders.

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