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Section 249 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

249. Order for public examination under section 478

(1) Where an order is made for the examination of any person or person under section 478, the examination shall he held before the Judge provided that in the case of a High Court, the Judge may direct that the whole or any part of the examination of any such person or persons, be held before any of the officers mentioned in sub-section (10) of the said section as may he mentioned in the order. Where the date of the examination has not been fixed by the order, the Official Liquidator shall take an appointment front the Judge or officer before whom the examination is to be held as to the date of the examination. The order directing a public examination shall be in Form No. 112.


(2) The Judge may, if he thinks fit, either in the order for examination or by any subsequent order, give directions as to the specific matters on which such person is to he examined.

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