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Section 317 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

317. Security by liquidator appointed by Court

(1) Unless otherwise ordered, every liquidator appointed by the Court in a voluntary winding-up, other than the Official Liquidator, shall, before entering upon his duties as liquidator, furnish security in such sum and in such manner as the Court may direct, for the due discharge of his duties as liquidator. The cost of furnishing the required security, including, any premiums which he may pay to a Guarantee Society, shall be borne by the liquidator personally, and shall not be charged against the assets of the company as an expense incurred in the winding-up.


(2) If it shall appear at any time to the Court that the security furnished by the liquidator is inadequate, the Court may require the liquidator to furnish additional security. Where the security furnished is excessive, the liquidator may apply to the Court for reducing the amount of security, and the Court may make such order thereon as it thinks fit.

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