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Section 19 – Employees State Insurance Corporation (General Provident Fund) Rules, 1995

19. Conversion of an advance into a withdrawal

A subscriber who has already drawn or may draw in future an advance under rule 14 for any of the purposes specified therein may convert, at his discretion by written request addressed to the accounts officer through the sanctioning authority, the balance outstanding against it into a final withdrawal on his satisfying the conditions laid down in rules 17 and 18.

Note 1 : The head of office in case of non-gazetted subscriber’s and the treasury officer concerned in the case of gazetted subscribers may be asked by the administrative authority to stop recoveries from the pay bills. When the application for such conversion is forwarded to the accounts officer that authority shall endorse a copy of the letter forwarding the subscriber’s intimation to the treasury officer from where he draws his pay in order to permit stoppage of further recoveries.

Note 2 : For the purpose of sub-rule (1) of rule 18, the amount of subscription with interest thereon standing to the credit of the subscriber in the account at the time of conversion plus the outstanding amount of advance shall be taken as the balance. Each withdrawal shall be treated as a separate one and the same principle shall apply in the event of more than one conversion.

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