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105. Further certificates

Where any question arises as to the correctness of any certificate by virtue of which an insured person claims, or is entitled to, any benefit under the Acts, he shall, on being so required in writing or otherwise by the appropriate office submit himself, with a view to obtaining a further certificate, to medical examination by such medical authority as the Corporation may appoint in this behalf. if the further certificate specifies the date on which the insured person is or will be fit to resume work, any certificate which is or has been issued by the insurance medical officer for the same spell of incapacity shall, to the extent to which it relates to any period after and including the said date on the further certificate, be deemed not to have been issued in accordance with these regulations and such further certificate shall, notwithstanding anything contained in these regulations, be deemed to be a final certificate issued under regulations 58 and 60.

Notwithstanding anything contained in these regulations, such further certificate in so far as it relates to sickness or temporary disablement, maybe issued at such interval and in respect of such periods as may be specified by such medical authority.

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