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84. Review of dependants’ benefit

(1) The amounts payable as dependants’ benefit in respect of the death of any insured person may be reviewed by the appropriate regional office at its own initiative, and shall be so reviewed if an application is made to that effect, under any of the following circumstances-

(a) if any of the beneficiaries ceases to be entitled to the dependants’ benefit by reason of marriage, re-marriage, death, age or otherwise, or

(b) if a fresh dependant is admitted to the claim for dependants’ benefit by the birth of a posthumous child, or

(c) if, after the previous decision as to the distribution of the dependants’ benefit was taken, some facts materially affecting such distribution come to light.

(2) Any review under this regulation shall be made after giving due notice by registered post to each of the dependants, stating therein the reasons for the proposed review and giving them an opportunity to submit objections, if any, to such review.

(3) Subject to the provisions of the Act and these regulations, the appropriate regional office may, as a result of such review, commence, continue, increase, reduce or discontinue from such date as it may decide the share of any of the dependants.

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