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Section 31 – Employees State Insurance (Central) Rules, 1950

31. Preparation and submission of annual budget estimates

(1) The budget estimates of the Corporation for each financial year beginning on the first of April and ending on the thirty-first of March next shall be prepared by the Chief Accounts Officer in such form as the Central Government may, from time to time, direct and shall be submitted with his recommendations by the Director General to the Standing Committee for approval at a meeting of the Standing Committee to be held before the 1st of February of the preceding year.

(2) A copy of the budget estimates shall be sent to each member of the Standing Committee and of Corporation at least seven clear days before the meeting of the Standing Committee or Corporation at which these estimates are to be considered.

(3.)The Standing Committee shall consider and approve the budget estimates with such changes as it may consider necessary.

(4) The budget estimates as approved by the Standing Committee shall be placed before a meeting of the Corporation to be held before the twentieth of February of the preceding year.

(5) The budget estimates as passed by the Corporation shall be authenticated by affixing the common seal of the Corporation and shall be submitted to the Central Government under section 32, not later than the first of March next following.

(6) It shall be open to the Central Government to make such alterations in the budget estimates as may be considered necessary before according approval.

19[(7) The budget estimates as finally adopted by the Corporation and as approved by the Central Government shall be placed before the Parliament by the administrative ministry concerned in the month of March preceding the financial year to which the estimates relate and shall be published in the Official Gazette.

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