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Form G1 – Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules, 1957

FORM G1 : Submission of Returns

(Rule 56A)

Progress report on constitution and functioning of Works Committee for the

half-year ending 30th June l 3lst December, ___________________

1. Name and address of the establishment ___________________________

2. Name of the employer ________________________________________

3. (a) Number of workmen employed ______________________________

(b) Names of the Unions, if any _______________________________

(c) Affiliation of the Union(s) to the Central Organizations of workers __________________

4. If the Works Committee has been functioning-

(a) Date of its Constitution ____________________________________

(b) Number of workmen’s representatives (elected members) __________

(c) Number of employer’s representatives (nominated members) __________

(d) Number of meetings held during the half-year (with dates) ________________

5. If the works committee had not been functioning, the difficulties encountered in its constitution/ functioning.

6. General remarks, if any.

Date _____________________                                             

Signature of employer or his representatives             

Place ____________________ 

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