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Form N – Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules, 1957

FORM N : Report of Strike or Lock – Out in a Public Utility Service

(Rule 73)

Information to be supplied in this form immediately on the occurrence of a strike or lock-out in a public utility service to the Asstt. Labor Commissioner (Central)for the local area concerned

Name of undertaking

Station and District

Normal working strength

Number of workers involved Directly Indirectly S

Strike or lock – out

Date of commencement of strike or lock – out


Was notice of strike or lock out given ? If so , on what date and for what period

Is there any permanent agency or arrangement in the undertaking for the settlement of disputes between the employer and workmen ? If any exists , particulars thereof

Any other information




4             5



























Note :

Col. (3) – Give the average number of workmen employed during the month previous to the day on which the strike or lock-out occurred. While reckoning the average, omit the days on which the attendance was not normal for reasons other than individual reasons of particular workmen. Thus days on which strike or lock-out occurs or communal holiday is enjoyed by a large section of workers should be omitted.

Col. (4)-If, say, 200 workers in a factory strike work and in consequence the whole factory employing 1,000 workers has to be closed then, 200 should be shown under “directly” and the remaining under “indirectly”. If the strike of 200 workers does not affect the working of the other departments of the factory, the number of workers involved would only be 200, which figure should appear under “directly” and column “indirectly” would be blank.

Col. (8)- Give the causes of the dispute as well as the immediate cause that led to the strike or lock-out.

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