USA. #150 1870-71 10¢ Jefferson National Bank Note Printing

Estimated value : 600$ to 1500$
Quantity issued: 10,166,500 (estimate)
Printed by: National Bank Note Company
Method: Flat plate
Watermark: None
Perforation: 12

Nicknamed the “Bank Note” stamps, this series was printed by three prominent Bank Note printing companies – the National, Continental, and American Bank Note Companies, in that order. As the contract for printing passed from company to company, so did the dies and plates. Each company printed the stamps with slight variations, and identifying them can be both challenging and complex.

Because the pictorials were to be printed for four years, but were withdrawn from sale after a year, the National Bank Note Company still had three years remaining in their contract. The stamps they printed were produced with and without grills.

In 1873, new bids were submitted and a new contract was awarded to the Continental Bank Note Company. So-called “secret marks” enabled them to distinguish their plates and stamps from earlier ones.

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