AUSTRALIA – 1914, 1p King George V Penny Red stamp – worth US.$.100,000

Australia - 1914, 1p red King George V stamp

1p red King George V stamp, 1914 is a rare Australian stamp that was printed with a sideways watermark, which is now considered as its unique feature. The current world record for a King George V Penny Red stands at $41,041, after a mint block of four sold at a 2001 auction. Even before the flaw was detected, King George V Penny Red was one of the most collected stamps. Should the anonymous collector decide to sell this Australia`s rarity, he will definitely get around $100,000.

Many are sending their Stamps to check thier stamps/collection and possible jackpot with sidewat watermark. so i am posting the Picture of Sideway watermark. Please check normal Watermark and sideway watermark.



  1. Sir , i have the 1 Penny Red King George V stamp above with the flaw/sideways watermarked. May I send the photo for valuation?

  2. I have a beautiful, red 1p King George V stamp with a sideways watermark I want to sell. Please contact me at: bearnroscoebff09@ if you know of any interested party. Thank you, Michael Ray

  3. I have that stamp exactly along with the watermark. I also have 1000’s of stamps from all over the world many rare old and vintage types of stamps.
    Contact me at: claxtonhall@

  4. I recently came across an old stamp collection at a local yard sale. There got to be over a thousand world states that were collected by the orignal owner who had passed away. In it i found alot of realky old looking stamps and thats when i found this gem. Just like the one shown above in the article AUSTRALIA – 1914, 1p King George V Penny Red stamp – worth US.$.100,000. I mean it is exactly identicle besides yhe cancelation marks. The cancelation marks on the one i have is more a sock on the nose type but still the sideways watermarks are present. I do I go about selling my Flawed 1penny red King George V that has been vauled at $100,000.00$ usd$. please let me kmow plus i have more like a stamp that has a queen i think its victoria it says postage on the top picture in thr middle facing left one penny at bottom an 4 coners have letters like top left A top rigbt R bottom lefy cant make it out cause of cancelation mark bottom right A. color is alnost a redish burgandy. it looks like it was cut out of a sheet instead rip out because the edges dont gave the ridgid tare cut out instaed it is straight without any ridging. dont know how old or anything about please help me out with the history and origin of this stamp.

  5. There are many similar stamps with different patters of RED and sideway watermark only certification proofs its value.

  6. I have ten of them. Don’t know what I should do. I inherited a book of rare stamps, and I went to an idiot appraiser. I Have a ton of Queen Victoria stamps.

    • Print mistake, Water mark or defect make it valuable not the stamp itself unless only few pieces survived. you can verify any stamp for the defects all which listed online. if you are sure then only take it to valuator.

  7. I have many rare stamps available with me and most of them are listed here as rare stamps too. If you are interested I’m happy to email them for valuation process. Anyone interested please contact me through email – Charuthakannangara@

  8. Hi there,
    Wish to understand the water mark image illustration, the left image is the actual one which should be on both sides of this stamp.The flaw seems to be in the right image which is purely inverted.Its an inversion of the left image, isn’t sir.Please help and oblige.

    • Please check updated watermark picture
      these are different types of watermarks on the stamp and valuable one is with sideway watermark.
      if you have other type of watermark that has less value. there are many more types of watermarks than above 4


  9. wasn’t it the story about one of the “c”s fell off the original watermark die, and the guy welded it back on but the wrong way, therefore the rare watermark had the sideway wm with the backward “c”? looking like C^R
    and therefore there’s also the version with the inverted “backward” “c” on it?
    i believe i heard the version sold or valued at 100k was normal watermarked,sideway, “backward” “c” but the possibility of finding the inverted backward “c” is unknown? lol confusing az… I remeber being a young lad and my dad sitting me down and telling me about this one,long story short, I would like to know more about the mystery surrounding this item… and double check my own copies that are left 😎

  10. Hi, have in possession a red Australian 1 penny stamp with sideways watermark.. among other stamps… how and where could I evaluate its potential value and avenues for sale? Best rgds

  11. i have 21000pcs of foreign stamps. contact me. i sell only the whole lot on cheapest price 1500$ the whole lot

  12. I have a 1 cent king george 1916 in real good condition and around 5 thousand other vintage stamps including many presidential stamps a z washington with a couple minor tears where should I try to sell?

    • These are very rare stamps because of errors or watermark, there are similar without it, common man think its the same so you have to certify before selling it.

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