AUSTRALIA – 1909-1910, 2d rose and yellow-green Stamp – worth US.$.13,587

Australia - 1909-1910, 2d rose and yellow-green Stamp

The 1909-1910 2d rose and yellow-green is the only unused example of the postage due stamp in existence. This unique item was the part of John du Pont’s legendary stamp collection. After collector`s death in 2010, the unique 1909-1910 Australia 2d postage due was auctioned in the UK. Struck from Die II, it was offered without gum in fantastic condition. The item was sold by a London auction house for $13,587 on March 6, 2013.


  1. Hi, I am having an identical stamp, the 2 d Postage Due stamp.I would like to know the difference between Type 1 and Type 2.
    I would like to sell it after confirming which type it is.

    • check your stamp for all the signs water mark or print as per valuable stamps
      there are professional stamp evaluators for a fee you can check with them if you are confident

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