ICELAND – 1897, 3a on 5a green stamp – worth US.$.23,000

Iceland - 1897, 3a on 5a green stamp

3a on 5a green stamp, 1897 is one of the most remarkable Icelandic philatelic items from the “Posthorn & Crown Numerals” series. The example with the «3 prir» surcharges, either in small or large type, on the 5a stamp perforated 14 x 13 1/2 is among the rarest of all of Iceland’s issues. When found in large type, 3a on 5a Green stamp is incredibly valuable. This really fantastic philatelic item is being Iceland’s rarest mint issue with only one specimen known and was sold for $23,000 by Spink at its auction that took place in May, 2008.


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