U S A – 1869, 24c Declaration of Independence stamp – worth US.$.625,000

24c Declaration of Independence stamp

This impressive stamp commemorates the historic proclamation of independence of the United States. On July 4th, 1776, thirteen American colonies that were involved in a bloody war with Great Britain proclaimed themselves independent states. The Declaration of Independence is printed in two colors, green and violet, and can be rightfully called a miniature masterpiece. Artist John Smillie made an exquisite and highly precise copy of the similarly named painting by John Trumbull. The 24 cent stamp uses a G grill and comes with split grill, double grill or basic gum. An unused sample with an inverted center is currently valued at $275,000.

The unique block of 24c Declaration of Independence stamp with inverted center was offered by Robert A Siegel at its auction of William Gross’ collection in October, 2018. The lot fetched $625,000.

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