U S A – 1869, 30¢ Shield, Eagle & Flags stamp – worth US.$.310,500

30¢ Shield, Eagle & Flags stamp

The Shield, Eagle and Flags stamp belongs to the 1869 pictorial issue that included ten items worth between 1 and 90 cents.
The 30 cent worth Shield and Flag piece with inverted flags is considered to be the rarest of the 1869 error stamp. The Shield and Flag design features the G grill and is available in several variations, including split grill, double grill and gum only. While an unused sample with inverted flags is valued at $210,000, a used example costs $65,000. An unused example of the 30¢ Shield, Eagle and Flags with flags inverted from the 1869 pictorial series fetched a record price of $310,500 at Robert.A.Siegel auction that took place in April, 2016.

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