CANADA: 1868, 2c Large Queen on laid paper – worth US.$.250,000

2c Large Queen

This is one of the rarest stamps in Canada. The postage stamp was created and issued in 1868. Even so, the 2 cent Large Queen on Laid Paper was found in 1925 and until now there are only three copies of the original. All of them are in a used status. There are speculations that more copies or at least one sheet must have been printed and now they are lying in an unknown place. Perhaps there are some in antique stamp collections or another area.

The large Queen stamps, released in 1 cent, 2 cent and 3 cent values, were printed on wove paper. There were also 1, 2 and 3-cent options that were printed on the laid paper that was less attractive.

Daniel Eaton, a stamp seller from Vancouver, obtained the first 2-cent large queen on laid paper in 1986 from Stanley Gibbons based in London. Daniel sold it to another stamp seller in Los Angeles called George Holschauer for ninety thousand dollars.

The second copy was purchased by KasimirBileski in October 1950 for three thousand, eight hundred dollars.


    • Congratulations
      If you have it on laid paper and large in size.
      There are many printed on woven paper please check paper as well as size.
      If you are lucky then make it certified before announcing.

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