USA – 5c Louisiana Purchase. Mint N.H – worth US.$.16,000

5c Louisiana Purchase. Mint N.H

enormous top sheet selvage with plate no. 2099, proof-like impression in intense Dark Blue shade, Jumbo margins

According to Johl (Volume 1), the Louisiana Purchase stamps were not popular with the public or collectors when they were issued — due to their larger size and unfavorable comparisons to the designs of the previous 1901 Pan-American stamps. As a result, fewer were saved.

With 1995 P.F. certificate for a block, with 1997 and 2008 P.S.E. certificates (Superb 98 Jumbo; not priced in SMQ above the grade of 98, $7,500.00 as 98). This is the only 5c Louisiana Purchase stamp to have achieved this grade in the P.S.E. Population Report

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