SWITZERLAND – 1850, 5 Rp. Rayon I stamp – worth $293,000

5 Rp. Rayon I stamp

5 Rp. Rayon I stamp, 1850 is one of the first issues presented by Switzerland. This item features a horn above a red shield bearing the white Swiss cross. 5 Rp. Rayon I stamp was one of the first countrywide stamps to be put into circulation after cantons adopted the federal constitution in 1848. The items with completely framed cross are thought to be the rarest among these issues. One of the finest specimens of 5 Rp. Rayon I stamps, printed on blue (shades), wove paper, was auctioned for $293,000 by Rapp auction house in November, 2008. This extremely high price reflects both the importance and the beauty of this impressive philatelic item in particular.

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