ITALY – 1850, Lombardy & Venetia 5c yellow ochre – worth $78,099

1850, Lombardy & Venetia 5c yellow ochre

1850 5c yellow-ochre stamp is often described as “the ultimate rarity of Lombardy & Venetia”. There are only two known examples where the reverse shows parts of two further stamp impressions, inverted in relation to the original. This unique philatelic item was issued in the time of Lombardy-Venetia that once was a kingdom in the north of Italy. Although Lombardy-Venetia was a part of Austrian Empire at the time, the stamp is denominated in centesimi. A fresh example of 1850 5c yellow-ochre stamp was sold for $78,099 at Universal Philatelic Auctions sale that took place on Dec. 22, 2014.

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