GREAT BRITAIN – The Tyrian Plum – worth £.110,000

Great Britain – The Tyrian Plum

The 2d Tyrian plum was a stamp produced in Britain in 1910 with a portrait of King Edward VII. 24 million of these stamps were printed. The circulation of the stamps was delayed until the existing stamps had been used up, but during this time King Edward VII died and it was decided not to issue the stamps and almost all the stamps were destroyed. Only a few of these stamps exist today in private hands, so it is not possible to put a value to this stamp.

The two pence Edward VII 2d Tyrian plum was a postage stamp produced by Britain in 1910 as a replacement for the existing two colour 2d stamp of King Edward VII. One hundred thousand sheets, totalling 24,000,000 stamps, were printed and delivered to the post office stores for distribution to postmasters

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