USA – 1c Deep Brown, Special Printing – worth $10,000

1c Deep Brown, Special Printing

1c Deep Brown, Special Printing (J8). Mint N.H., intense shade and razor sharp impression on fresh paper

The 1c, 2c and 3c are undoubtedly the rarest values of the American Bank Note Co. Postage Due Special Printings, although the sold quantities in the official records are relatively high. William E. Mooz, in an article on the 1c appearing in Chronicle No. 170, May 1996, offers evidence to support his theory that the actual number of true Special Printings sold was significantly lower than the reported figures. For the 1c, Mooz estimates 500 sold, but it is possible that as many as 400 purchased by G. B. Calman were destroyed. It is widely accepted that nearly 9,000 1c stamps sold as Special Printings were actually regular issues. As an indication of rarity, we have sold only three others in Mint N.H. condition.

With 1976 and 1995 P.F. certificates. Scott Retail as hinged

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