USA – 3c Deep Brown, Special Printing – worth $16,500

3c Deep Brown, Special Printing

3c Deep Brown, Special Printing (J10). Original gum, lightly hinged, bright color and detailed impression, choice centering for this difficult issue

Although 436 copies were reported sold, it is believed that 100 copies were destroyed in the Calman lot. A thorough search of the marketplace, combined with conversations with dealers and collectors, has confirmed the extreme rarity of this stamp.

A review of Power Search reveals that this is the eighth example we have sold in the last ten years. Of the other seven, only one is sound with full original gum. The other six examples have been either without gum or had faults. This sound, finely centered copy with original gum should be considered one of the most desirable of all.

Signed in pencil J.M. Bartels. With 2006 P.F. certificate

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