SPAIN – 1852, 2r pale rose stamp – worth $8,500

1852, 2r pale rose stamp

1852 2 reales pale rose is one of the most interesting stamps from Dos Reales series. Its design is similar to the design of other philatelic items within this issue. The stamp depicts the head of Queen Isabella II, who reigned from 1833 for 35 years, and also contained the inscription “Correos 1852”. It was not used for foreign certified mail except for Portugal. The unused example of 1852 2 reales pale rose without gum, with 1997 CEM and 2010 Sismondo certificates, was sold by Cherrystone in September, 2012. Described by the auction house as “the high value of the 1852 series in perfect condition”, this stamp is considered as one of the greatest rarities of Spanish philately. The lot fetched $8,500.

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