NORWAY – 1871, 2sk Posthorn blue stamp – worth $5,327

NORWAY - 1871, 2 sk Posthorn blue stamp

2 sk Posthorn blue stamp issued in 1871 is one of the rarest Norway stamps with a low denominations. The stamp design is made in blue colour and like other stamps from Posthorn series features a crowned Post Horn, with the denomination numeral in the center. The stamp is typographed, perforated 14 1/2 x 13 1/2, and printed on paper with WMK 160 – the Post Horn watermark. 2 sk Posthorn blue stamp with a perfect centering and featuring a greenish shade was auctioned by Skanfil’s Moldenhauer in November, 2018. The lot with Geir Flatheim certificate fetched $5,327.

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