ITALY – 1860, 1/2t Blue – SOLD for $2,900

ITALY - 1860, 1/2t Blue

1860 1/2t Blue, an attractive used example of the extremely rare “Trinacria”, three extraordinarily large margins plus a full ample margin at left, lovely blue color and possessing a nice sharp impression being one of the nicer executed positions with a strong distinct “T”, light vertical “Annullato” boxed handstamp at left, very fine and handsome single of this desirable stamp; this value was created by changing the plates for the first 1/2gr Rose to the new value by altering the “G” to a “T”, this stamp was in use for only four weeks before the central insignia of the Kingdom of Naples was erased and was replaced by the Cross of Savoy making the “Trinacria” a very rare stamp indeed; signed A. Diena and accompanied by his 1972 certificate (Scott #8; $11,500.00)

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