ITALY - 1859, 6b Black on yellow green

ITALY – 1859, 6b Black on yellow green – SOLD for $2,700

1859 6b Black on yellow green, a four-margin single tied to small piece being an extraordinarily rare used example of the most elusive of the Romagne values, attractive color and detailed impression, margins are large to extra large showing complete dividing lines at left, right and bottom, tied to the original piece by light lozenge grid cancel, margins have been added to the piece to make it square for appearance sake and in no way affect the stamp which is very fine and choice; the Six Bai Romagne is by far the rarest of all the used stamps from this Italian state; a select used example of this extremely rare value; signed A. Diena, E(nzo) Diena and accompanied by a 1985 Enzo Diena certificate (Scott #7; $8,000.00).

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