ITALY – 1926, Nobile Trans-Polar flight vignette collection – SOLD for $1,050

ITALY - 1926, Nobile Trans-Polar flight vignette collection

1926 Nobile Trans-Polar flight vignette collection consisting of twelve items from singles to a full sheet of 20, all are mint or unused, the sheet is perforated and shows the inverted frame in position 16, other perforated issues include two singles and a two pairs, the pairs each have one with frame inverted, plus a vertical pair imperforate between, imperforated vignettes includes two horizontal pairs, one with double frame on both impressions, finally three imperforate horizontal pairs with gutters between, each shows the inverted frame variety from one of the panes but positioned so that it looks like one has an inverted center, in addition one has a double frame of the inverted frame impression, all but one imperforate pair and one gutter pair have o.g., those with gum are actually n.h., but all of the perforated stamps show slight ink adherence from the stacking of the sheets, very fine; an interesting and scarce specialized collection of the vignettes made for this Italian dirigible’s flight to the North Pole

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