BELGIUM – 1915, 5fr plum stamp – worth US.$.3,000

1915 5fr plum is a very interesting Belgium stamp that shows a portrait of King Albert I. Belgium 1915 5fr plum is one of the brightest of these issues. It … Read More

BELGIUM – 1916, East Africa occupation stamp – worth US.$.4,500

1916 East Africa occupation is one of the most striking Belgium occupation stamps. Used specimens are extraordinarily rare. In 1916, 5fr ocher & black with “Ruanda” handstamp and only few … Read More

BELGIUM – 1919, 25c Perron of Liege stamp – worth US.$.5,500

The Perron of Liege is the first post-war Belgian stamp that holds great value to this day. The Perron of Liege was a big stone column found in the city … Read More

BELGIUM – 1898, Belgian Congo Red and black center inverted – worth US.$.6,250

Belgian Congo stamp of 1898 red and black center inverted is one of the brightest error Belgian Congo stamps. 1898 red and black center inverted is a scarce variety which … Read More

BELGIUM – 1922, King Albert I error of color – worth US.$.19,545

1922 King Albert I 20c red error of color is one of the greatest philatelic items of Belgium. Albert I reigned as the third King of the Belgians from 1909 … Read More

BELGIUM – 1933, Orval Abbey semi-postal stamp – worth US.$.26,868

1933 Orval Abbey semi-postal stamp was issued on October 15, 1933. These stamps are very special due to the fact that they were released at the height of the Great … Read More

BELGIUM – 1849, 40c Epaulettes block of four – worth US.$.62,170

The epaulettes were the first stamps issued for public use in Belgium in 1849. These items feature the portrait of King Leopold I, the ruler of Belgium. This unique series … Read More

BELGIUM – 1920, Inverted Dendermonde stamp – worth US.$.130,000

Dendermonde is a small city in East Flanders that suffered heavy damage from the war. The Inverted Dendermonde is considered to be one the most expensive and one of the … Read More

BELGIUM – 1894, 10f Belgian Congo centre invert – worth US.$.141,529

1894 10f Belgian Congo centre invert is One of the most famous issues of Belgian Congo. This is an extraordinarily rare Belgian stamp, of which only around five examples survived. … Read More