BERMUDA – Perot Provisional – worth US.$.115,000

The Perot Provisional stamp, or the Perot Postmaster’s Provisional of Bermuda, is the first printed stamp of Bermuda. William Bennet Perot, the postmaster of the town of Hamilton, always put … Read More

GREAT BRITAIN – The Penny Red – worth £.550.000

Millions of Penny Reds were printed between 1841 and 1879. There were flaws in one of the printing plates (No. 77) which meant that the perforations of the stamps were … Read More

BERMUDA – Perot Provisional stamp – worth $.210,000

The first stamps of Bermuda were produced by Hamilton Postmaster William B. Perot in 1848. They are known as the Perot provisionals and have Perot’s signature in the middle of … Read More