SPAIN – 1889, 4P carmine rose King Alfonso XIII stamp – worth $1,250

4P carmine rose King Alfonso XIII stamp is quite interesting Spanish philatelic item that features the Spanish king at age of four. Alfonso XIII was King of Spain from 1886 … Read More

SPAIN – 1854, 2c green Coat of Arms stamp – worth $1,500

2c green Coat of Arms stamp is one of seven definitive Spanish stamps that were issued during 1854. These philatelic items are typographed, unwatermarked, imperforate, and, except for the 2c … Read More

SPAIN – 1850, 10r green stamp – worth $1,700

10r green stamp is one of the first issues of Spain introduced on January 1, 1850. The item shows Isabella II, a Queen of Spain from 1833 until 1868, and … Read More

SPAIN – 1931, 10P unissued Republica overprint – worth $1,800

10P unissued Republica overprint, 1931 is one of the most interesting philatelic items of Spanish philately. The design of the stamp is made in brown colour and depicts King Alfonso … Read More

SPAIN – 1867, 25m blue and rose frame inverted – worth $4,000

25m blue and rose frame inverted is a remarkable Spanish stamp that was released in 1867. This a definitive issue denominated in Milesimas that shows Queen Isabella II who was … Read More

SPAIN – 1853, 2r vermilion stamp – worth $8,000

1853 2 reales vermilion stamp is one of the key rarities of Spanish philately. It should be mentioned that there are no examples of 1853 2r vermilion stamp with gum. … Read More

SPAIN – 1853, 3c bronze stamp – worth $8,500

3c bronze definitive stamp was released by Spain on January 1, 1853. All the items within this issue are typographed, unwatermarked and imperforate. The stamp features the Coat of Arms … Read More

SPAIN – 1852, 2r pale rose stamp – worth $8,500

1852 2 reales pale rose is one of the most interesting stamps from Dos Reales series. Its design is similar to the design of other philatelic items within this issue. … Read More

SPAIN – 1939, Planes and landscapes imperf stamp – worth $17,250

1939 Planes and landscapes set of two imperforated stamps are relatively modern rarity of Spanish philately. These stamps was prepared for issuance but never released. Only five examples from this … Read More