NETHERLAND – 1903, 25c lilac & black telegraph stamp – worth US.$1,300

25c lilac & black telegraph stamp is a truly extraordinary example of Netherlands telegraph stamps. These items were intended solely for the prepayment of telegraph fees. 25c lilac & black … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1905, 10g orange Queen Wilhelmina stamp – worth US.$1,450

10g orange Queen Wilhelmina stamp is one of twenty-seven major-type definitive Netherlands stamps that were issued between 1899 and 1924. It features the left-facing portrait of the young Queen Wilhelmina. … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1891, 2 1/2 g Princess Wilhelmina stamp – worth US.$1,471

These stamps are referred to by philatelists as the “Princess Wilhelmina Issue”. The item is engraved on unwatermarked paper, and is perforated 11 ½. One of the finest examples of … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1921, 7 1/2 g Marine Insurance stamp – worth US.$1,898

In 1921, the Netherlands, and its main colony, the Netherlands Indies, both issued Marine Insurance stamps. Only 5,216 of the Netherlands set were issued. A pair of 7½g Marine Insurance … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1913, 10g Independence Centenary stamp – worth US.$2,300

10g Independence Centenary stamp was issued to celebrate the centenary of Dutch independence. Never hinged and post office fresh example of this rare item appeared at Cherrystone auction that took … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1852, 10c dark carmine stamp – worth US.$2,900

10c dark carmine is one of the first Netherlands stamps that were originally released on January 1, 1852. 1852 10c dark carmine, plate 1A (“ghost” plate”), was sold for $2,900 … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1927, 7 1/2c dark violet stamp – worth US.$3,000

In 1927 Netherlands Post issued 7½c violet denomination stamp, featuring syncopated perforation Type D. This is one of the rarest of all Netherlands issues. It is also one of the … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1903, 1c lilac telegraph stamp with inverted value – worth US.$3,168

1c lilac telegraph stamp with inverted value is actually a forgery, but it is quite expensive nowadays. The stamp appeared for the first time in the 4th Ferrary auction in … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1867, 25c King William III stamp – worth US.$3,603

King William III stamp is one of the six new higher-denomination Netherlands issued 1867. This is the first stamp that was inscribed with the country name. It is engraved on … Read More

NETHERLAND – 1924, 15c on 17½c ultramarine & brown stamp – worth US.$4,750

1924 15c on 17½c ultramarine & brown, perf 11½x11, is one of the rarest Netherlands stamps. One of the finest, surviving examples of 15c on 17½c ultramarine & brown stamp … Read More