FRANCE – 1869 Napoleon III lauré, 5 fr purple-grey – variety 5 and F in blue – worth US.$.7,500

1869 5fr Grey lilac on lavender, nicely centered with fresh color, couple partial strikes of Roubaix 1877 c.d.s., a little bit of wrinkling bottom left but better condition than usually … Read More

FRANCE – Green Ceres Stamp – worth US.$.17,250

his beautiful green 15-centimes stamp was also sold with Cherrystone. They offered it at their event in March 2007. The piece belongs to the series of 1849-1850 stamps. The lot … Read More

FRANCE – 10 Centimes Stamp – worth Us.$.21,000

This is a French postage dues stamp for which no advance payment was required for mail delivery. This French stamp issued in 1859 is considered the first postage dues stamp. … Read More

FRANCE – 1943, Fezzan Postage Dues, surcharged 5fr on 1L orange – worth US.$.21,850

During the French occupation, Fezzan and Ghadames issued their own postage stamps, which were discontinued due to the unification of Fezzan-Ghadames with Tripolitania and Cyrenaica in the United Kingdom of … Read More

FRANCE – Napoleon 10-centimes stamp – worth US.$.40,000

The stamps of this series rarely appear on philatelic auctions and are absent in almost all collections of French stamps. This piece showing the image of Louis Napoleon was sold … Read More

FRANCE – 1850, Stamp, 20 centimes – worth US.$.72,500

These pairs were released in 1850 and have been in circulation for 2 years. A large number of such inverted pairs survived, but only 2 unused pairs remained intact. These … Read More